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___________ is used as a unit to measure the capacity of something.
(A) Kilogram
(B) Litre
(C) Metre
(D) None

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Hint: Any physical quantity is measured by comparing it with some internationally accepted standards. Such standard quantities are known as units. The measured quantity is expressed using a number followed by its unit. There are different systems for measuring quantities.

Complete Step by step solution:
We measure the volume occupied by some fluid in terms of liters. The volume occupied by the substance will be the capacity of the container. Therefore we can say that a liter is used to measure the capacity of something.

The answer is: Option (B): Litre

Additional Information:
There are various systems of units namely the F.P.S system, C.G.S system, M.K.S system, and SI system. In the F.P.S system, the length is measured in Foot, mass is measured in a pound, and time is measured in second. Next, is the C.G.S system in which the length is measured in centimeters, mass is measured in grams, and time is measured in seconds. In the M.K.S system, the length is measured in meters, mass is measured in kilograms, and time is measured in seconds. The last one is the SI system. This is the internationally accepted system of units for measurement. It is called Systeme Internationale d'Unites' (French words for the International System of units) and abbreviated as SI. This system of measurements is a modernized form of the M.K.S system.

In the first look, we might choose option (D) thinking the liter measures the quantity of liquid. The amount of liquid contained in a container also measures its capacity. We know that the other two options do not measure the capacity of anything.