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Images are inverted in a pinhole camera because:
(A) Light travels in a straight line
(B) Images are always inverted
(C) Images get inverted when light travel through a hole
(D) There is no specific reason

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Hint An image formed by reflection can be real or virtual. A real image occurs when light rays actually intersect at the image, and become inverted, or turned upside down. A virtual image occurs when light rays do not actually meet at the image but appear to be met.

Complete step by step answer:
The light rays that come from the object get reflected from the plane mirror and reach our eyes. As they touch eyes our brain feels that the reflected ray is coming from inside the mirror. That is why the image of the object seems to be laterally inverted.

Such upside down inversion also occurs when you see yourself in a spoon on the concave side.
This phenomenon occurs obeying laws of reflection and laws of rectilinear propagation; which is light travels in a straight line.

Hence option A is correct.

Note Magnifying glasses are made of convex lenses. A convex lens can make objects look larger because it disperses the light. When objects are magnified, they are within the focal length of the magnifying glass. The focal length is defined as the distance between the center of the lens and its focus, the point where an object can be viewed clearly through a lens.