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Conductivity increases in the order of
(A) Al, Ag, Cu
(B) Al, Cu, Ag
(C) Cu, Al, Ag
(D) Ag, Cu, Al

Last updated date: 21st Jul 2024
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Hint: We have three elements Silver (Ag), Aluminium (Al), and Copper (Cu). We have to find the conductivity series. We know the given three elements are metals and are conducting in nature. We have to find the order in which the conductivity of the given metals increases.

Complete step by step answer:
The conductivity of a material is the ability of the material to allow current to flow through the material without any hindrance. We know that Silver exists in the purest form in nature. Metals conduct the best in their purest form. Hence Silver has the greatest conductivity among the three. Silver is followed by copper in this group. Copper has the second-best conductivity among the given three metals. Aluminium is also a good conductor but Aluminium falls only after copper in the case of conductivity, Aluminium has the least conductivity, Copper has more conductivity than aluminium and Silver has the maximum conductivity among the three.

The answer is: Option (B): Al, Cu, Ag

Additional Information:
Copper and Aluminium is used for making electric lines and other household electrical applications. This is because of the affordable price of copper and aluminium compared to metals like silver. Silver is used for making jewelry. Aluminium is used for making household vessels and utensils also.

Though silver has the maximum conductivity and the least resistivity, we cannot use silver for purposes like electric wires due to many other factors. Since silver is very expensive compared to other metals like copper and Aluminium silver cannot be used for purposes like electric lines etc.