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Average temperature of earth is
 A) $14^\circ {\text{C}}$
 B) $24^\circ {\text{C}}$
 C) $14^\circ {\text{F}}$
 D) $37^\circ {\text{C}}$

Last updated date: 18th Jul 2024
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Hint: First discuss the significance of earth temperature on the lives. Explain various reasons for temperature variance on earth. State the average temperature of earth and also show its conversion into Fahrenheit scale.

Complete step by step solution:
In the entire solar system earth is the only planet where there is life. So, the temperature of earth has a vital role on making the world survival for lives. The temperature of earth is not same everywhere, it varies from place to places changes in monthly intervals. There are various key factors governing the position of sun among them the rotational position of earth around sun is most important. The presence of clouds is also a big factor, for example in desert regions there is no cloud because it is extreme dry. So, in the daytime the sun rays can hit the surface without any blockage. So, there is a huge temperature difference between desserts from daytime tonight hours.
The average temperature of earth is noted as $14^\circ C$.
Thus, the correct option is A.

We can convert it Fahrenheit scale by the conversion formula $\dfrac{C}{5} = \dfrac{{F - 32}}{9}$
Where $C = $ temperature in Celsius scale
$F = $ temperature in Fahrenheit scale.
Here $C = 14^\circ $
So we get
$\dfrac{{14}}{5} = \dfrac{{F - 32}}{9}$
$ \Rightarrow F = 32 + 14 \times \dfrac{9}{5}$
$\therefore F = 57.2^\circ {\text{F}}$
So, the average temperature of earth in Fahrenheit scale is $57.2^\circ F$.
But it varies in different regions of earth. For example, the polar region remains cold throughout the year. The average temperature of this region is less than $10^\circ C$.

Note: In a particular day temperature lag happens. During noon the temperature remains maximum as the air absorbs heat from sunlight. On the other hand, the minimum temperature is obtained at midnight as most of the heat is lost then.