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JEE Main 2019 April 9th Shift 1 Physics Question Paper with Answer Keys and Solutions

Last updated date: 20th Apr 2024
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JEE Main 2019 Physics Question Paper with Solutions (9th April-Morning) - Free PDF Download

JEE Main 2022 is knocking at the door. It is the time for final revisions and previous year's question papers are a must solve at this time. JEE Main Physics 2019 Question Paper is discussed in this article with solved answers for helping the students with their preparation. Students can download and study the paper in the form of a pdf. JEE Main previous Year’s question papers must always be a guiding study material for the students as it will help the students in having a fair view of the JEE Main exam pattern and the type of questions being asked in the exam.

Vedantu provides the 2019 JEE Main Physics Question Papers on this page which can be downloaded for free. These question papers come along with the solutions in PDF format. Students can use these question papers for analysing their performance. These papers also explain the weightage of each chapter, which will help them to prepare for the JEE Main exam, accordingly. If students find any doubts while solving the questions, they can view the solutions directly on this page or can be downloaded in a pdf format through the link provided below.


JEE Main Quesion Papers


Text, Images, Videos and PDF


JEE Main

Academic Session:



English Medium





Date and Month:

9th- April


Shift-1 Morning

Available Material:

JEE Main Previous Year Question Papers with PDF

Competitive Exams after 12th Science

Question Paper with Solutions For JEE Main 2019 Physics (9th April-Morning)

Physics 2019 Question Paper Analysis

  1. The Physics Question paper consisted of 30 questions

  2. The paper was quite lengthy.

  3. 48 out of 120 marks were from the Mechanics Section.

  4. There were only 2 questions from Trigonometry.

  5. Another important chapter apart from Mechanics was - Electrostatic and Magnetism.

Important Chapters for Physics JEE Main 2022 

Tips to Crack JEE Main in The First Attempt

JEE Main is one of the major entrance exams of the country which is very challenging to crack on the very first attempt. The JEE Main exams are conducted for enabling students to study in the prestigious universities and institutions of India to learn B. Tech or B. Arch. To help students to crack this entrance exam on the first attempt. Here are some trustworthy tips that they can keep in mind while preparing for the JEE Main:

  • Download the JEE Main syllabus firsthand and get well acquainted with it.

  • Know the paper pattern and the marking scheme like the back of your hand to avoid unnecessary loss of marks. 

  • Download and use the study materials from trusted websites or sources. 

  • Do not engage in the use of multiple reference books for understanding the concept as it can create confusion. Stick to a restricted number of books to study while extending to other books for practice. 

  • JEE Main is not all about numerical-type questions only. Theory questions also hold a very important part of the question paper and to prepare for them, it is important to understand the concepts of the chapter. 

  • Make your notes and use them for revision. Revision notes save time for students as they do not have to flip through the entire textbook before the exams to take a last look at the important topics. 

Value the quality of studying done over the number of chapters or units covered. It is okay to leave some topics but study the chapters that you have stated properly so as to not miss any important concepts in them. 


Benefits of Solving JEE Main Physics Previous Year Question Paper

A plethora of benefits come along with solving the JEE Main previous year question paper. Here are some obvious benefits which students can explore:

  • Increase confidence and decrease anxiety

  • Helps in identifying the important and weaker section of the syllabus.

  • Helps in concentrating more on the important topics.

  • Improves the speed, accuracy, and time management.

Helps in identifying the trends of exam patterns followed over the years.



JEE Main 2019 Physics Question Paper with Solutions are one of the important and very useful study materials for preparing effectively for the national level entrance exam. Students can freely download the JEE Main 2019 Physics Question Paper. They will also find the answer keys which candidates can refer to know the correct answer. All in all, candidates can access and download the JEE Main 2019 Physics Question Paper with solutions from the links provided on this page. The solutions have been prepared by subject experts at Vedantu and will help candidates to attain the right approach in solving both conceptual or numerical problems. The solutions will further help JEE aspirants to prepare effectively for the upcoming competitive exam.

Year-Wise JEE Main Previous Year Question Papers

FAQs on JEE Main 2019 April 9th Shift 1 Physics Question Paper with Answer Keys and Solutions

1. What are the advantages of solving the Physics Question Paper of JEE Main?

Solving the Physics Question Paper with Solutions for JEE Main can prove to be very beneficial for the students as it not only helps them revise all the concepts and refresh their formulas but also helps them analyze their performance through this mock test. After knowing their strengths and weaknesses students can now work on these areas before the exam. Question papers for JEE Main also help the students to practice finishing their eczema before the time limit. Students who wish to solve the question papers for physics JEE Main can find them from the Vedantu website.

2. What are the most important units from the JEE Main Physics Syllabus?

The JEE Main Physics syllabus comprises a total of 21 chapters from classes 11 and 12. These chapters cover all the essential topics that may come as a question in the JEE Main question paper. Students must pay special attention to the chapters with more weightage in the question paper as these chapters can contribute a great deal to their good score in the entrance exam. Chapters like Electronic Devices, Optics, Thermodynamics, etc. hold the most weightage in the JEE Main Physics Syllabus and should be thoroughly studied. 

3. Where can I find all the relevant information about the JEE Main Physics Section?

To find the information about the JEE Main Physics Section, students can turn to the leading digital learning platform of the country, Vedantu. The Vedantu website provides free of cost, downloadable study materials for all types of entrance exams including JEE Main, and therefore students can easily access information and other resources for the Physics section of the JEE Main Question paper. Revision notes, Solutions of past years' question papers, exam patterns, application dates, etc. are all available in the hands of the candidates of JEE Main through the Vedantu website. 

4. Can I download the JEE Main Physics Question Paper with Solutions from the Vedantu website?

Various types of study materials are available on the Vedantu website for the students to download and use to prepare for their entrance exams like the JEE Main. Students can find Previous year's question papers, revision notes, solutions, etc., on the Vedantu website. 

To download the JEE Main Previous and past years question papers for Physics from the Vedantu website, students must follow these basic steps:

  • First, access the Vedantu official website from any web browser or download the Vedantu app from the App store. 

  • On the Vedantu website or the app, students can go to the menu bar and select the Competitive Entrance Exams tab.

  • On the tab which now opens, click on JEE Main which will open a page containing all the information about JEE Main that the students need to know before appearing for the exam. Here students can also find and download the required Question Papers for JEE Main

5. What are the three sections of the JEE Main Question Paper?

The JEE Main Question Paper consists of three sections each of 100 marks and 25 questions in them. The three sections of the JEE Main question paper are Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. All of these three sections hold equal importance for the candidate to get a good score as they all have equal marks distribution. However, the method of preparation for the sections and the three subjects differ and students must take extra care while studying for them. To learn more about the paper pattern for the JEE Main Question Paper students can view the same on the Vedantu website.