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JEE Main 2014 April 12th Shift 1 Maths Question Paper with Answer Keys and Solutions

Last updated date: 14th Jul 2024
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JEE Main Maths Question Paper with Answer Keys 2014 (12th April) - Free PDF Download

Joint Entrance Exam (main), commonly known as JEE mains, is the most important paper for an Indian student seeking admission to a prestigious engineering college (like IIT, IISc). It is mandatory to pass the JEE mains examination to get into most of the top engineering colleges in India. But the exam is not an easy one and competition is fierce. Being one of the toughest exams, students might face a lot of stress, tension, and confusion over various aspects, and above all the fear of the exam. Great study material on JEE mains will be a great asset to have in such circumstances, Also JEE mains previous question papers and sample papers are a great way to prepare for the JEE exam. Previous year questions papers and sample papers can help to boost the student’s morale and build confidence, which in turn will positively affect the performance in the exam. And as for maths examination practice is unavoidable these sample papers would help the students to practice to their heart’s intent. Vedantu, the number 1 online education platform provides various types of study material for the sake of JEE mains aspirants.

Free PDF Download of Online JEE Main 2014 (12th April) Maths Question Paper with Answer Keys on Practicing JEE Main Maths Question Paper 2014 (12th April) with Solutions will help students to score more marks in Joint Entrance Examination (IIT-JEE).

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Competitive Exams after 12th Science

JEE Mains 2014 Maths question paper

In the JEE Mains 2014 exam, there were a total of 4 sets of question papers (E, F, G & H). The whole paper consists of 90 questions. With 30 questions from each subject which includes Physics, Maths, and Chemistry. For each correct answer, the students were awarded 4 marks while an incorrect answer attracted a deduction of 1 mark. But for an unattempted question, no negative marking would be made.

The JEE mains 2014 Maths paper comprises questions from both class 11th and 12th. Out of the 30 questions in the maths exam, 11 questions of 44 marks in total were from class 11, and left 19 questions of 76 are picked from the 12 standard syllabi. JEE mains question papers are designed to test the students’ knowledge of the subjects included. Solving these question papers lets the student know about the exam pattern and difficulty level of questions that are going to appear. Students should thoroughly understand the topics included in the exam.

The Topics covered in JEE mains 2014 exam of maths are Binomial Theorem, Complex Numbers, Coordinate Geometry, Circle, Straight Line, 3-D Geometry, Trigonometry, Trigonometric equation, Differential, Calculus, Application of Derivatives, Functions, Limit of functions, Sets & Relation, Integral Calculus, Differential equation, Indefinite integration, Mathematical Reasoning, Matrix & Determinants, Quadratic Equation, Sequence & Series, Statistics, Height & Distance, and Probability.


To get admission to prestigious universities you need to take the JEE mains exam, but it is not easy to crack such an examination. With proper guidance by Vedantu and a little dedication towards cracking the exam will be a good combo to ace the JEE examination with ease.

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FAQs on JEE Main 2014 April 12th Shift 1 Maths Question Paper with Answer Keys and Solutions

1. Why should IIT JEE aspirants solve JEE Main 2014 maths Question Paper?

To Crack the JEE Main exam with a good rank requires a lot of practice and dedication from the students' side. Solving previous year's papers is the best way to prepare for this exam. It gives you a sense of preparedness and takes away the fear of exams. The students got aware of the difficulty of the exam and got used to the exam patterns. Maths is a subject that demands a lot of practice, this previous year's question paper will help a lot on the practice side.

2. Name the topics covered in JEE main 2014 Maths question paper

JEE main 2014 covered syllabus from chapters of both class 11 and 12. The topics covered in the Maths question paper of JEE main 2014 are:

  • Binomial Theorem

  • Complex Numbers

  • Coordinate Geometry

  • Circle

  • 3-D Geometry

  • Trigonometry and Trigonometric equation

  • Differential and Application of Derivatives

  • Calculus

  • Functions and Limit of functions, 

  • Sets & Relation

  • Integral Calculus

  • Differential equation

  • Indefinite integration

  • Matrix & Determinants

  • Quadratic Equation

  • Sequence & Series 

  • Statistics and Probability

The students can revise these topics with the help of reference books and previous question papers.

3. Where can I find JEE Main 2014 maths question papers with solutions?

Vedantu provides solved JEE Main 2014 math paper in a free-to-download PDF format. Vedantu is the number 1 online educator available in India and hence has become the first choice of many students for online JEE exam preparation. 

We here at Vedantu, provide various study materials such as sample papers, previous year question papers, important questions, etc. The Answer keys to these question papers are prepared by the subject experts who have years of experience in training students to crack IIT JEE and other competitive exams.

4. How to score well in JEE Main maths?

Undoubtedly, JEE mains paper is a pretty demanding one. To get a rank in such a national level examination one has to put in a lot of effort. The student should prepare in advance, They should have a well-structured strategy for the preparation of JEE exams. Here are some tips to fully prepare for the JEE main exam:

  • Develop your time management skills

  • Thoroughly cover all the important topics

  • Practice is the key, especially true in Mathematics.

  • Take regular revisions

  • Solve as many sample paper and previous year questions

5. Is maths in JEE main difficult?

Honestly speaking it is a purely subjective question, if the paper is tough or not depends on the person taking part in it. Though, students say that the JEE main is a moderate level examination covering three subjects maths, physics, and chemistry. Of these three subjects, Mathematics is considered to be the toughest and chemistry the easiest. So, the students have to give extra attention to mathematics, students can find various study materials to prepare for maths in JEE main from the official website of Vedantu.