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JEE Advanced Heat and Thermodynamics Important Questions

Last updated date: 28th May 2024
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Download Free PDF of JEE Advanced Important Questions of Heat and Thermodynamics on Vedantu

Get here the most reliable study material with the important questions for IIT JEE Heat and Thermodynamics to help you make your studying easier. These questions and solutions are prepared after a thorough analysis of previous years papers by our subject matter experts. The Heat and Thermodynamics important questions for JEE covers the entire syllabus giving appropriate solutions, shortcut techniques, tricks and various necessary formulas. Scroll down to get the Heat and Thermodynamics important questions for JEE advanced as free PDF downloads.


JEE Advanced Important Questions


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JEE Advanced

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Heat and Thermodynamics

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Chapter-wise Important Questions with PDF

Master the Concepts of JEE Advanced Physics Heat and Thermodynamics With Our Practice Papers

Want to improve your chances of success on the JEE Advanced Physics Heat and Thermodynamics exam? Download our JEE Advanced Physics Heat and Thermodynamics practice paper in PDF format. With targeted questions and in-depth solutions, you can identify and address any areas where you need improvement. Start practicing today and see the difference!

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About Heat and Thermodynamics Important Questions JEE Advanced Provided by Vedantu

Thermodynamics is an essential chapter for JEE Advanced as well as JEE Mains. This chapter is important and available in both Chemistry and Physics. In Physics, this concept is more extensive and logical and covers many small topics. You can go for the numerical portion which can help you earn better marks and good weightage in JEE Advanced. Further, with good marks and weightage, your list of getting into the best colleges will also turn broader. And, your confidence for multiple entrance exams boosts in this manner. 

If you are preparing for the country's toughest test, then Vedantu’s entire team is with you. Just hold our material and your path will be a lot easier. 

Few tips by subject matter experts of Vedantu to prepare thermodynamics for JEE Advanced test. Let’s check them out: 

  • Instead of long notes, it is a good idea to prepare short notes during the preparation of the chapter. Short notes are more helpful and you can easily use them at the time of revision towards the end.

  • Do not get distracted by unimportant topics and make sure you stick to the syllabus. 

  • You should try to resolve papers of previous years to get familiarity with the type of questions that are asked in the actual examination.

  • Make sure you mug up all the laws provided in the chapters and interpret them logically. Do not forget to gain clarity on conceptual questions as there are fair chances of getting questions on the transfer of heat.


Important Questions for IIT JEE Heat and Thermodynamics - Important Concepts

Heat and Thermodynamics is a vast subject. It is important to know what you are studying and its importance before jumping into the chapter. The Heat and Thermodynamics chapter is very important as every year 2 to 3 questions can always be expected from this chapter.

Here are a few important concepts that need to be covered while preparing for this chapter:

  • The first law of thermodynamics

  • The second law of thermodynamics

  • The relation between Cp and Cv

  • Adiabatic process and

  • The efficiency of the Carnot engine

  • Isothermal process

  • Isobaric process

Heat and Thermodynamics Important Questions For JEE Advanced - Benefits

These questions are prepared by experts who have spent years in the field of teaching. The answers are also elaborative and self-explanatory allowing you to understand the shortest way to solve these problems with utmost accuracy. These problems help you to learn time management skills and also help you to analyze and work on your preparation levels helping you to perform extremely well in the exams.

FAQs on JEE Advanced Heat and Thermodynamics Important Questions

1. Is Heat and Thermodynamics a topic crucial for JEE Advanced?

Thermodynamics is really an essential chapter for both JEE Advanced and JEE Mains. The chapter is available in both Chemistry and Physics. There is only a minor difference, in Physics, thermodynamics study is combined with Heat in the form of a chapter. It is a very difficult chapter and needs a good amount of practice.

2. Which JEE Advanced chapter is the most crucial from Thermodynamics? 

Here we can classify a few important topics for JEE Advanced Thermodynamics section:

  • Chemical thermodynamics,

  • Chemical bonding and molecular structure,

  • General organic chemistry,

  • Electrochemistry,

  • Coordination Compounds,

  • Atomic structure,

  • p-Block Elements,

  • Haloalkanes, 

  • haloarenes and Phenols,   

  • Biomolecules and Polymers, etc.

3. How many laws are studied for thermodynamics?

There are three essential laws of thermodynamics chemistry. The first law is about the heat that is added to a system via an external source. The second law is the complete change in the entropy in any provided system plus its surroundings would always increase in the ongoing process. The third law is about the temperature around a perfect crystal turning to zero.

4. How can I get to know the general equation of a hyperbola in thermodynamics? 

Conic sections standard forms of equations are: 



Hyperbola with horizontal transverse axis


Hyperbola with vertical transverse axis


Parabola with horizontal axis

(y-k)2=4p(x−h) , p≠0

Parabola with vertical axis

(x-h)2=4p(y−k) , p≠0

5. Can I expect to clear the thermodynamics subject for JEE Advanced with the help of NCERT only?

No, NCERT is solely not sufficient for completing the syllabus of thermodynamics for  JEE Advanced. The reason is JEE Advanced appears with conceptual concepts and questions of such level that you cannot expect to clear with the help of merely NCERT.  It is suggested to go for a source like Vedantu as here you will get detailed material for your preparation.