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JEE Advanced Live Classes for 2022 By Vedantu

Last updated date: 29th May 2024
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What is JEE?

JEE (Joint Entrance Test) is an all-India examination held by the National Testing Agency (NTA) that will commence in 2022. The JEE exam is divided into two parts: JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. Students who desire to attend one of the country's IITs must take JEE Advanced.

What is JEE Advanced?

JEE Advanced (previously IIT JEE) is the JEE examination's second part, which is normally held following the JEE Main test. For engineering students, it is a vital test (especially for those who are seeking admission to premier engineering institutes such as IITs). IIT Kharagpur, IIT Bombay, IIT Roorkee, IIT Madras, IIT Kanpur, IIT Delhi, and IIT Guwahati are among the seven Indian IITs that conduct the JEE Advanced test on a rotational basis.

IIT Bombay will host the JEE Advanced 2022 exam.

About Vedantu

Vedantu is India's leading online learning platform, allowing students to learn LIVE from some of the country's best-curated professionals. The calibre of Vedantu's professors is its USP. It boasts over 500 teachers who have taught over 40,000 students in over 1000 cities across 30 countries for over 1 million hours. Vedantu was founded by IITian friends who are also instructors, with a combined experience of over 13 years and over 10,000 pupils. A teacher and a student can interact in real-time using Vedantu's online tutoring platform. There are both individual and group classes offered.

The Long Term Course from Vedantu is designed to be a complete course that covers the whole NCERT syllabus for IIT-JEE 12th and is geared toward a child's best performance in the Final JEE examinations.

This course will be given by JEE-certified professors with a track record of generating excellent outcomes. Because Vedantu is an online course, we have some of the best JEE teachers from all around the country teaching it.

JEE Advanced Live Classes 2022 by Vedantu

Live courses for JEE Advanced (2022) - Students are increasingly turning to online exam preparation, such as for JEE Main. In light of the current pandemic, JEE Advanced live sessions are a practical way to learn. Because of the rigorous schedules that students have as a result of school, JEE Advanced online instruction is also a realistic choice.

Online JEE Advanced tutoring from Vedantu is the first step toward online JEE Advanced preparation. The study resources listed below are available in online tutoring for JEE Advanced courses and might substantially aid you in your preparation.

  • Recorded Videos for JEE Advanced.

  • Concept Videos from  Live JEE Advanced Classes.

  • Mock Tests and Question Banks for JEE Main and JEE Advanced.

  • All India JEE Advanced Test Series.

  • Live Online Doubt Sessions.

Vedantu is the best online JEE advanced tuition. A teacher and a student can interact in real-time using Vedantu's Live courses tutoring platform. There are both individual and group classes offered. A teacher may use two-way audio, video, and whiteboarding technology on Vedantu to give individualised education, allowing both the instructor and the student to see, hear, write, and participate in real time.

In addition to traditional classroom lectures, Vedantu offers the finest online course for JEE Advanced to help students prepare for the test effectively. Attending JEE Advanced live sessions (2022) has the benefit of allowing students to set their own study hours and study from the comfort of their own homes. Students must prepare extensively in order to pass the test, and JEE Advanced live lessons are crucial in this regard. In this essay, we'll go over the best way to study online, as well as online study preparation tips and other crucial JEE Advanced guidelines.

Vedantu's JEE Advanced Online Classes vs. Classroom Classes

Students must pick between enrolling in IIT JEE online coaching or attending classroom lectures when studying for the entrance exam. Students are also unclear if taking IIT JEE online would help them pass the exam. Well! All of these worries are reasonable, but students must select a coaching program that fits their schedule. Many kids who are still in high school, in Classes 11 and 12, join up for coaching. The school day goes from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Students must also arrange a time for homework and self-study, but owing to a shortage of time, many are unable to do so.

Above all, even if someone opts for classroom instruction, they will have to travel 1 to 2 hours from one side to the other. You may utilise your travel time for class and study from the comfort of your own home if you take an online program.

Vedantu's mobile applications may also be used to help students prepare for JEE Main and JEE Advanced Online Coaching. JEE Main and JEE Advanced Online Coaching mobile applications are very handy since they can be utilised at any time and from any location, which is quite convenient for students. These applications include recorded classes, e-books, online exam series, and mock examinations in a range of subjects.

Vedantu offers online lectures for JEE Main and JEE Advanced, as well as applications that allow students to join in live sessions according to their schedules.

Vedantu's Live Classes Have Many Advantages

The JEE Advanced online tutoring provides the same concepts that academics teach in the classroom.

The online coaching classes at Vedantu are equipped with telecommunication technology that enables users to see lectures in real time. All classroom lectures, on the other hand, are filmed and made available as videos that may be seen at any time.

Question sessions with topic professors, JEE Advanced mock tests, and online test series are all included in online tutoring, and they are all very helpful in exam preparation.

Tips for Online Coaching for JEE Advanced

Students who are unfamiliar with online learning may find it challenging to participate in online classes. Below are some really useful JEE resources for students. The most important guidelines for preparing for an online course are as follows:

  • Choose a quiet location where you can take an online course with no outside distractions.

  • Examine recorded videos for any topics about which you are unsure.

  • Take practice tests and online quizzes.

  • To learn about the topics that will be covered in the test, consult the official JEE Main syllabus.

  • Examine JEE Main and JEE Advanced previous year question papers to get a sense of the exam's format and difficulty level.

  • As you finish the last revision rounds, keep note of your progress. This will allow you to evaluate your existing status and design a more effective approach for studying for the JEE Main and JEE Advanced exams.

FAQs on JEE Advanced Live Classes for 2022 By Vedantu

1. How successful is Vedantu's online JEE coaching?

Due to its multiple benefits, Vedantu's online tutoring is growing increasingly. If students prepare enough and are motivated to pass the test, they may undoubtedly pass JEE Main with online guidance.

2. How can Vedantu help students improve their results on the JEE Advanced?

Vedantu is the most popular Ed-tech portal in India. Vedantu's major purpose is to provide students with a high-quality education while also creating curiosity and a drive to study in them. It also promotes and supports the concept of studying from the convenience of your own home in order to enhance your grades. As a consequence, experiencing LIVE online, two-way interactive sessions may be beneficial to students in helping them pass the JEE Advanced. Students are also offered doubt-solving workshops to help them comprehend concepts better. For the JEE Advanced paper, students may also obtain solved previous year's question papers, practice papers, and mock tests to help them enhance their marks.