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JEE Advanced Integrals Important Questions

Last updated date: 17th May 2024
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JEE Advanced Important Questions of Integrals

JEE Advanced is the next level for the students who clear the first round of the exams which is JEE Mains. This entrance exam is basically a computer-based exam with multiple-choice types of questions. As the exam date is approaching, students need to prepare for it with more effort. The best way to improve is by solving the important questions. Vedantu offers a repository of important questions to help you in JEE Advanced examination.


JEE Advanced Important Questions


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JEE Advanced

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Chapter-wise Important Questions with PDF

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Integrals Important Questions for JEE Advanced

Our experts have drafted solutions to the important questions in an easy and understandable language to make it easier for the students to learn with ease. They have given the graphs in a clear way for each and every topic wherever is required to support the solutions perfectly. Our subject matter experts who have years of experience have prepared these solutions to the important questions. These will help students in the last-minute preparations as well. Students can download the solved PDF of the important questions.

Benefits of Solving  JEE Advanced Integrals Important Questions

Solving important integral questions can be really beneficial for several reasons:

  1. Understanding Concepts: Integrals are super important in calculus. By solving these questions, you really get to understand integral concepts better, like definite and indefinite integrals, integral properties, and different ways of integrating.

  2. Improving Problem-Solving Skills: JEE Advanced questions are often tricky. Working on integrals helps you improve your problem-solving skills, making you better at tackling tough problems overall.

  3. Better Exam Prep: JEE Advanced loves asking integration-related questions. Practicing these important integral questions helps you get familiar with what might show up on the exam, making you more confident and ready.

  4. Scoring Higher: Integral questions can give you a lot of marks if you approach them right. Mastering them can really boost your JEE Advanced score.

  5. Enhanced Math Thinking: Integrals need you to think creatively and use lots of different math concepts. Solving these questions helps you think critically and apply different math techniques effectively.

  6. Prepping for Higher Studies: A good grasp of integrals is super important for higher studies in math, physics, engineering, and related fields. Mastering integrals at the JEE Advanced level sets you up nicely for future academic adventures.

About Integrals

The term integration refers to the summation of a given discrete data. This integral is calculated to find the functions which will then go on to describe the area, displacement, volume that is often the result of a collection of small data, and which is impossible to be measured singularly. Thus in calculus, the idea of the limit is utilized in the place of algebra and geometry. The study of limits helps us in finding out the result of the given points on a graph and how they gradually get closer to each other until they reach the distance of almost zero. There are two kinds of calculus;

  • Differential Calculus

  • Integral Calculus

The study of integration will help one to solve the following types of problems;

  • To figure out the problem function in cases where the derivatives are given. 

  • To figure out the area of the graph of a given function when certain constraints are provided. 

These two types of problems give rise to the field of “Integral Calculus”. This involves definite and indefinite integral. In calculus, integrating a function or differentiating a function is linked with the use of the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. 

This page will provide the candidates with important questions on the topic of Integrals. This topic is very important for the candidates who plan to apply for the JEE advanced examinations. The practice of these questions will help the student realize the question paper patterns and develop the skill of time management. It will also help them to figure out the areas they might be lacking in, and thus prepare accordingly and effectively for the exams.


In conclusion, mastering integral calculus is key for JEE Advanced success. By solving important integral questions, you're not only honing your skills, but also gaining confidence for the exam. Remember, practice makes perfect. So keep tackling those integrals, and you'll be well-prepared to ace the JEE Advanced!

FAQs on JEE Advanced Integrals Important Questions

1. Are Integrals important for JEE?

Yes, the topic Integrals is very important for the JEE advanced examinations. This is because the students who plan to take up engineering courses as their undergraduate course, need to have a very strong knowledge of the given topic.  In the JEE Advanced examination, the candidates can expect 3-4 questions directly from this particular topic with an approximate weightage of 12 marks allotted for this topic. Every aspirant is well aware of the fact that every question plays a very vital part in increasing the marks of the candidates. And so, it is not wrong to state that the chapter on integrals also plays a vital role in increasing the ranks of the candidates. To help the student prepare for the exam, the website of Vedantu provides them with the relevant study materials and important questions.

2. Where to access the important questions for Advanced applications of integrals?

The students can easily access the important questions for the topic of integrals from the website of Vedantu. The candidates can simply download the important questions in the pdf format for free and save them for accessing them offline. The website makes sure that all the materials for the candidates are updated regularly so that the student is not left behind on anything. The practice of these questions will help the candidate in improving their skills and developing their time management skills. Apart from this, these also help the student come to terms with the question paper pattern and how the answers are to be written.

3. What are the types of integrals?

The different types of integrals are as follows;

  • Definite Integrals the definite integral is a term used to refer to the integral that contains definite limits, that is, the upper limit and the lower limit. The definite integrals have another name, are Reimann integrals. 

  • Indefinite Integrals: indefinite integral is a term used to refer to those integrals that don't possess defined upper and lower limits. 

For more such information on the given topic, the student can refer to the website of Vedantu. Here they can access all the important questions and materials that will help them immensely in their preparation for the exam.

4. What are the applications of integrals?

The topic of integrals is not just limited to the field of mathematics. They also find their application in the subject of physics. The application of integrals in the field of Mathematics is as follows; 

  • It is used to find out the center of mass of a given area that has curved sides. 

  • The integrals also find their application in finding the area between two given curves

  • Integrals also help to find out the area under a curve.

  • An understanding of integrals will help one to find out the average value of a given curve. 

To gather more information on this topic, the students are advised to visit Vedantu and refer to all the important questions. This will help them improve their skills and knowledge on the given topic.

5. What type of questions are asked in the JEE Advanced examination?

The questions set for the JEE advanced examinations are mostly multiple-choice types. The students are not to expect very straightforward questions. The questions asked in the examination will test the analytical and problem-solving skills of the candidates. The main subjects covered in the question paper are Physics, Chemistry, and Maths. To solve these questions, the student should not just be thorough with the concepts from each topic, but they should also learn time management skills. To help the student overcome these obstacles, Vedantu provides the candidates with the required study materials that will help them prepare for the exam.