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JEE Advanced Complex Numbers Important Questions

Last updated date: 29th May 2024
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JEE Advanced Important Questions of Complex Numbers

Find all the Important questions Complex Numbers JEE Advanced provided by Vedantu to help you understand the concepts better. These questions are created with great care and effort by our math experts. It aims at giving proper support for studying and then revision for all the chapters in the syllabus for JEE Advanced. Scroll down now and get yourself the Important questions Complex Numbers JEE Advanced available as free PDF downloads.


JEE Advanced Important Questions


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JEE Advanced

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Complex Numbers

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English Medium



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Chapter-wise Important Questions with PDF

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Complex Numbers Important questions JEE Advanced

The Complex Numbers chapter has the following important concepts as a part of its chapter. If you are confused as to where to start from, then it is advisable to start from these chapters. Approximately 2 - 3 questions tend to be asked either directly in this chapter, or it will be imbibed in other sums as a part of the application-based sums.

  • De Moivre’s theorem and roots of unity

  • The geometry of Complex Numbers

  • Square root, representation, and the logarithm of complex numbers

  • Conjugate, modulus, and argument of complex numbers

  • Integral power of IOTA, algebraic operations, and equality of complex numbers

JEE Advanced Complex Numbers Important questions - Advantages

The chapter Complex Numbers is more of an application-based chapter. Although no direct question can be expected, a lot of numerical questions could be expected in which the various rules of complex numbers need to be applied for solving the sums. Solving the Complex Numbers Important questions for JEE Advanced helps you to learn to solve all kinds of difficult problems in simple steps with maximum accuracy. Also solving the same first and then cross-checking for the right answers will help you to get a perfect idea about your preparation levels.

JEE Advanced asks most questions from the chapter Complex Number as it is an important chapter but no worries, Vedantu helps you in solving the most difficult questions from the chapter Complex Numbers, which can be asked in JEE Advanced. This will help you in understanding the difficulty level of many questions that could come up in your upcoming JEE Advanced. 

A brief into Complex Numbers

Firstly, a Complex Number is an amalgamation of topics Coordinate geometry and Vectors. Once you learn to visualize and practice these topics you can easily solve the problems of complex numbers. 

Secondly, to master yourself in Complex Numbers, you should have a conceptual understanding of-

  • The square root of complex numbers

  • De Moivre’s Theorem

  • The logarithm of a complex number

  • The geometry of a complex number

  • Modular inequalities

  • Vector representation

  • Complex conjugate

Every year JEE asks approximately 1-4questions from Complex Numbers. These questions can be direct or indirect. The whole weightage of the Complex Number chapter in JEE Advanced is 7-8% and thus, it is important for the students to practice the topics more. Practicing the questions on coordinate geometry and vectors can clear your ideas in Complex Numbers. You need to analyze the difficulty level of the problems based on complex numbers.

Complex Numbers is the most fundamental chapter to be asked in JEE Advanced and thus, it needs the preparation likewise. Students need to keep the concepts in mind, read the question, analyze the difficulty and solve the problem with a calm mind. These questions seem to be difficult but they are quite easy when it comes to the solution.

FAQs on JEE Advanced Complex Numbers Important Questions

1. Where can I get the JEE Advanced important questions of the previous year along with the solutions?

You can visit Vedantu App for previous year’s questions. There, you will find all the JEE-related material. These solutions are done by our professionals who are experts in mathematics. For solutions no payment procedure is required, you can freely sign up for the website or log in to the app and can create a free account. Once you are done with the sign-up process you can download the question paper along with the answer pdf and clear your doubts without giving a second thought.

2. Is it required to prepare all the topics from the chapter Complex Numbers?

JEE Advanced covers all the topics every year and we cannot assume which topic is important and which is not. Complex Number is a fundamental topic and every student puts their time and energy into this topic as it contains much weightage. Reaching the Advanced level is another motivation to learn and practice more. Thus, why take risks, click on each topic, understand the concept easily, and search out more questions for practice. This way will be easily able to cover all the questions.

3. What is the advantage of the Complex Number chapter in JEE Advance?

Complex Number is an application-based chapter and the questions can be direct or indirect based on the properties and rules applied for solving the problems. These sums can be easily solved with a maximum accuracy level. Solving an important complex number for the JEE Advanced exam helps to solve each kind of question as you get to know the difficulty level. Once you solve the questions and practice them daily, you will find even difficult questions easy. This is how it benefits the students in preparation.

4. Are there any video lectures available where solutions are explained?

Yes, video lectures are available in the Vedantu app and you can visit the website or can log in to the app for the same. Once you logged in you can click on the link of a particular topic and can watch the video of our professionals in mathematics. You will find the quick and easy learning by our math experts and master every concept thoroughly. You can also download the lectures through Vedantu App. These lectures are completely free and no cost is involved.

5. The complex number chapter is quite tough to understand, how to practice for it?

Nothing is difficult if you have a proper understanding of the concept. Every small or big chapter, easy or difficult chapters needs an understanding level. To make the Complex Number easy, you need to watch conceptual lectures or read the conceptual theory of the same with our expertise. They will help you to analyze where you lack and where the problem is. We provide knowledge that helps in strengthening your basic concepts. Thus, students are suggested to use the Vedantu app and learn the concepts thoroughly.