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JEE Main and Advanced Preparation Tips

By Arihant JainFebruary 05, 2020
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IIT JEE Mains and Advanced Preparation Tips Straight from The Toppers

For JEE aspirants the journey from the very first day of IIT preparation to the test day is like walking in a Park. Only the park is The Jurassic Park. Every second spent on JEE preparation is a secured investment for a good JEE rank. Many JEE Aspirants are pumped up at the dawn of their JEE preparation but soon lose interest and finally feel it is out of their capacity to achieve a good JEE rank. To all the super amazing JEE Aspirants out there if you have seen a dream of top rank, only you can achieve it! At Vedantu we always ask our students one question: “If not you then who?” To boost your JEE preparation we have put together a list of JEE Main and Advanced preparation tips by toppers!

Importance of Basics

Super-Obvious! Right? We have heard this at least a zillion times. All of our teachers at some point of time or every time, lecture us on the importance of the basics for IIT preparation. As the advice is given so many times we simply don’t take it very seriously. Okay then let’s think of it in this way: If you go for a mountaineering trip to let’s say, Mount Everest and you straight-away attempt to learn hiking before even knowing how to hold your trekking stick, will you ever succeed? No!

Similarly, the first JEE preparation tip to ace at integral and differential calculus or organic chemistry is crystal clear basics. NCERT Books should be your Bible and to solve questions of the same, Vedantu provided NCERT Solutions for Physics, Chemistry, and Maths. Also, one IIT preparation tip by Vedantu Master Teachers for JEE aspirants is to keep an ‘SCFR Table’. The SCFR stands for Subject, Chapter, Formula/Topic and Reference (Formula Page Number, Book name etc). Under these tabular headlines mention the chapter name, topic name, the formula or concept you want to memorize and page number or book name. Refer it whenever you feel like taking a break from your IIT JEE Main Preparation time table.

How to never lose your focus!

All the aspirants preparing for the JEE or any competitive exam have the same syllabus to cover in the equal interval of time. Isn't It? Then why is it that some students achieve their goal while others wonder where did they go wrong? The mantra to success in your JEE Main and Advanced preparation strategy is, in fact, a formula where determination and focus are the key elements. However, while studying it is super easy and natural for your mind to think about a million things other than IIT JEE Mains preparation. So how can you tackle this focus problem? We call it the get-out exercise. In which, students write down all their thoughts that pop-in while studying, be it Why does a round pizza come in a square box or Why isn’t 11 pronounced “onety-one” etc. Get all of those thoughts out on a paper. Once you are done it will be easier to concentrate on the subject at hand.

Revision is Super Important

As they say “Practice Makes a Man Perfect” similarly revision makes a student perfect even the hardest concepts. Many JEE Aspirants do not include revision in their timetable for IIT JEE Advanced preparation strategy or even if they do, it is mostly ignored over the urgency of learning new topics. This is the gravest mistake any JEE Aspirant can commit! Revision is dull and boring as they are a repetition of the same old topics. Vedantu offers revision notes for all the subjects in a highly interactive manner. You can try it on your own and see the difference. However, it is during a mock test you realize how easily you are able to apply concepts knowledge and solve problems.

Frequent Mock Tests

Never overlook the importance of Mock tests is common IIT preparation tip from toppers. Often students suffer from a variety of fevers right before school or tuition time on test days and feel the healthiest 5 mins later. Every one of us has suffered from exam fevers every now and then, but during JEE preparation we simply cannot afford it. JEE Main Mock Test and JEE Advanced Mock Test not only helps us evaluate our progress in a crowd of 50-100 students but also help us revise and modify our IIT preparation accordingly. Moreover, while JEE preparation subject-wise mastery is required to stand out in terms of rank and percentile. Never use mock tests to compare your IIT JEE preparation with other students, instead compare with your previous test scores and beat your previous self. Also, initiate after paper discussion with your teacher or a friend to find that one mistake which can cost you a lot of JEE marks.

Increase your Speed

JEE is a time sensitive exam hence it is safe to conclude that including concept knowledge, the test aims to measure the calculation speed of the candidate. Speed in the exam is achieved by continuous practice, frequent revisions, and endless mock tests. Hence one of the most important JEE Main preparation tips would be to enhance the speed of calculation from the very beginning. How can we achieve speed is to maintain a timesheet for specific subject topics so that it is easier to mold your IIT Main and Advanced preparation plan accordingly.

Time & Stress Management

“The Textbook Problem” time and stress management while JEE preparation. How do we go around this problem? Talking about Time Management, the first JEE preparation tip is to start putting together your timetable for JEE preparation from the very start of your IIT preparation and continuously modify according to your learning curve. Now, one way to customize your timetable for JEE preparation is to calculate the estimated time required for you to learn a particular topic. Then count the number of topics in that subject and multiply them to get total learning hours for that subject. Accordingly, for every subject count the learning hours and divide them according to your JEE preparation time(which could be one year, two years etc). Once you are done you have formed a customized timetable and also set a goal for yourself to achieve.

About stress management, talking about your IIT preparation problems with your friends, parents or teachers will reduce 80% of your total stress and you would be shocked to learn the solution to your problem was always easy, only if you could have opened up earlier!

Include these IIT JEE preparation tips in your learning routine and let us know how impactful these JEE tips have been for you!