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IIT Kanpur: Eligibility, Admission Process, Cut-Off, and Previous Year’s Trends

Last updated date: 20th Apr 2024
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An Introduction to IIT Kanpur

The Indian Institute of Technology is one of the noblest institutes offering courses in India. It has several centres to offer this course and to impart knowledge to the students. Among those, IIT Kanpur is one of the first colleges established in India. IIT Kanpur college was established in the year of 1959. It has 60-plus years of experience in enriching students' knowledge and providing valuable education in multiple disciplines. 


The IIT Kanpur was created with the assistance of a consortium of nine US research universities as part of the Kanpur Indo-American Programme (KIAP) under the act of Parliament. The IIT Kanpur offers around 60 courses with 6 streams. IIT Kanpur offers four-year B.Tech programs in Aerospace Engineering, Biological Sciences and Bio-engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and B.S. Programs in Pure and Applied Sciences, Earth Science, and Economics.


IIT Kanpur provides students with a platform where knowledge of science and technology plays a greater role and it offers a liberal undergraduate education. IIT Kanpur provides its students with a chance to opt for more than 50% of courses that are outside the department they have chosen for themselves. Of these courses provided by the institute, more than 25% of courses come under the branch of management and humanities and social sciences. 


This allows students the freedom to develop a wide knowledge base encompassing diverse disciplines. IIT Kanpur understands that the undergraduate degree is a starting point in a student’s higher education and aspirations. Therefore, the institute encourages its students to explore their interests further so that they can make an informed decision about what they want to do later in their careers.


IIT Kanpur gives great importance to extracurricular activities, recreational and managerial. The institute understands that both are an integral part of the educational experience. All these activities are coordinated by students as they are involved in all the decision-making bodies, including the administration of academic programs, hostel management, and even disciplinary matters. Refer to our official website for a detailed explanation.


IIT Kanpur - Highlights

Founded in

December 1959

Type of University

Public Technical University


"From darkness, lead me to light"


K. Radha Krishnan

Number of courses

Above 60

Application mode



IIT-JEE Entrance test

Teaching mode

Full time/ Online



Recognised by









(As per 2021)

5th in Engineering.

6th in NIRF.

72nd in Asia.


Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh


IIT Kanpur - Courses

IIT Kanpur offers around 60 plus courses in different disciplines. Particularly at the undergraduate level, it provides various kinds of courses for the students. Most of these courses offered by IIT Kanpur are four-year duration. IIT Kanpur includes streams of Engineering, Business and management studies, science, Humanities & social sciences, IT & software, Design, Arts (Fine/ Visual/Performing), Banking, Finance, and Insurance in their study brochure.


IIT Kanpur Courses Eligibility


  • Material science and engineering

  • Biological sciences and bioengineering

  • Applied Mechanics 

  • Engineering Science (Energy, Environment & Climate

  • Engineering Science (Mechanics) (Multidisciplinary Programs)

  • Manufacturing engineering

  • Computer science and engineering

  • Chemical Engineering

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Civil Engineering

  • Aerospace Engineering

  • Metallurgical Engineering

Qualifying Exam: JEE Advanced

Eligibility criteria:

Class 12 with Physics and Mathematics as compulsory subjects and Chemistry/ Biology/ Biotechnology as an optional subject, with 75% aggregate (65% for SC/ ST candidates)

Duration: 4 years


  • Earth Science

  • Chemistry

  • Economics

  • Physics

  • Mathematics and Scientific Computing

Qualifying exam: JEE Advanced

Eligibility criteria: Class 12 with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, language & Any subject

Duration: 3 years


Admission Process

The admission process of IIT Kanpur is quite transparent and varies from one course to another. The courses of IIT Kanpur are widely unique and provide structured knowledge for the students. Let's move on to the admission process.


As the IIT Kanpur offers different courses in different streams, the admission process may vary from one department to another. Each department has a set of rules and steps. In general, the notifications for various courses have been specified on the official website. But few courses need to get admission only after clearing the entrance test.


B. Tech

Clearing the Entrance Test JEE Advanced


Clearing the Entrance Test JEE Advanced


For getting admission in the undergraduate courses, the student’s prior eligibility is to clear the board exams of Class 12 and should get an aggregate of 60% in the streams of Physics, Maths, Chemistry, Biology, etc. Based on the students' course, they need to clear the JEE mains, JEE advanced, and JOSAA (Joint Seat Allocation Authority). Based on the ranks in these competitive exams, they will allocate the students' seats to their respective courses.


The seats have been allocated to the students based on the highest rank of the entrance tests. After this process, the counselling process is followed by the next step in which students need to go through the online and offline application process. The counselling has a selection process which has the following criteria:

  • Should pass 10+2, with Physics and Mathematics as main subjects.

  • Students must have Chemistry/Biology/Biotechnology as their additional subjects.

  • Should get above 75% marks in 12th Board, 65% for Scheduled caste and tribes.

  • With the cut-off of the particular course based on the norms of IIT Kanpur.

The next process is about filling out the application form. Every student who has cleared the entrance test and made the eligibility criteria, they are allowed to fill out the application form available on the official website of IIT Kanpur. It is the last and crucial part of the IIT Kanpur admission process. In the application form available on the IIT Kanpur website, students need to fill in their academic qualifications, personal details, the course which has been opted for, etc. 


By following the instructions given in the application form, students need to fill up the payment details that have been made online or offline. If online, you need to submit the receptor number, or if offline, submit the challan number. The website provides an acknowledgement number or the reference number that the application has been completed and submitted successfully.


The list of the documents to be uploaded was given as follows:

Students need to upload scanned images of the following:

  • The recent photograph (file size 10Kb – 200Kb) should either be in colour or black and white with 80% face visible, including ears against a white background.

  • The candidate’s signature (file size: 4kb - 30kb).

  • Category certificate or caste certificate (SC/ST/OBC/EWS etc.) (file size: 50kb to 300KB).

  • The PwD certificate (file size: 50kb to 300kb) in jpg/jpeg format.

  • Duly verified result awaited attestation form (file size: 50kb to 500kb).


IIT Kanpur - Cut-Off

The cut-off is a breakthrough point from where the selection process starts. It is of different kinds based on marks, category, rank in the entrance test, availability of seats, and many more. The IIT Kanpur cut-off has been regulated by JoSAA (Joint Seat Allocation Authority). As JoSAA regulates the whole admission process, it fixes a cut-off point at each level of counselling. Also, scholarships like America-based, sports, scholarships, etc. were taken into consideration.


If we observe the strategies of the IIT Kanpur cut-off, we have two different trends. It also varies from department to department. The Kanpur IIT college has released the notification that the cut-off has been done based on the seven rounds of counselling. One is in the fifth round, and one is in the sixth round of counselling which has a significant part.


Cut-Off for B.Tech/BE in IIT Kanpur: 2020 and 2021

The cut-off for B.Tech/BE in IIT Kanpur shows the closing ranks for the previous years pertaining to various branches of IIT Kanpur. Following this, candidates can seek admission to the respective engineering branch of the institute. This cut-off will help students estimate the closing ranks for the current session of IIT Kanpur. The cut-off for B.Tech/BE in IIT Kanpur is usually  published after the JoSAA counselling is completed. 


Here is a table containing branch-wise IIT Kanpur cut-off for B.Tech/ BE courses for 2021 and 2020 to provide a fair idea. 



IIT Kanpur Cut-off rank 2021

IIT Kanpur Cut-off rank 2020

Aerospace Engineering



Biological Sciences and Bioengineering



Chemical Engineering



Civil Engineering



Computer Science and Engineering



Electrical Engineering



Materials Science and Engineering



Mechanical Engineering




IIT Kanpur BSc Cut-off Trends in 2020 and 2021 - Previous Years Trends 

The cut-off trend has been set at around 6 rounds of counselling, category wise. The allocation of seats may vary from one category to another. Given below is a table showing the cut-offs for the years 2020 and 2021 for the BSc courses offered by IIT Kanpur.



IIT Kanpur Cut-off rank 2020

IIT Kanpur Cut-off rank 2021

BSc. Economics



BSc. Mathematics and Scientific Computing



BSc. Physics



BSc. Earth Science







Like this, the cut-off trends may vary from department to tour department, category to category, year-to-year.


Given below are factors that affect cut-off trends in IIT Kanpur:

  • Available seats

  • The total number of applicants

  • The number of students category-wise

  • Trends of previous years

  • IIT Kanpur Rankings of entrance exams like JEE Advanced and JEE Mains


IIT Kanpur Scholarships

The IIT Kanpur always steps forward to provide financial support to the students. They believe that the crisis may not affect the students' education and career. That's the reason they provide scholarships at different levels.


The scholarships provided by IIT Kanpur are of two types. One is the donors' scholarship. It is based on the merit scored by the students. It is for all categories under specific eligibility criteria. They verified thoroughly and provided scholarships to underprivileged students. 


At the same time, the second one is a free basic message scholarship. It is for the students who belong to SC and ST categories, and their parent's income level should be below 4.5 lakhs. These students provide scholarships in the form of mess bills and provide nominal amounts of pocket money.


IIT Kanpur - Placements

The IIT Kanpur placements are prestigious and understood across different engineering sectors along with the core disciplines. Each stream has a specific percentage of campus placements, and around 80% to 85% of students are hired in the placement drive. It is one of their milestones for further success and makes the IIT Kanpur stand against other competitive institutes.


The IIT Kanpur provides placements for Btech Biological sciences and bioengineering, Applied Mechanics, Engineering Science (Energy, Environment & Climate, Engineering Science (Mechanics) (Multidisciplinary Programs), Manufacturing Engineering, Computer science and engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, etc.


The placement session commences in December of every year at IIT Kanpur. The pre-placement session, however, begins from mid-August and goes on to the end of November. 


Students at IIT Kanpur are offered internships across diverse sectors such as Financial Services, Automobile, Government Advisory, IBM, E-commerce, Media & television, Logistics, etc. 


Some of the most prominent recruiters of IIT Kanpur are Graviton Trading, QuantBox, Google, ICICI Bank, Flipkart, Microsoft, Intel, Infosys, Oyo Rooms, Jaguars, IBM, Jumio, Zomato, Quadeye, Uber, Myntra, and others which provide coveted internship opportunities to students of IIT Kanpur.


IIT Kanpur also organises summer internships for students every year. Companies such as Bharat Petroleum, Yes Bank, TCS, ITC Limited, Mahindra Finance, Deloitte, Star Lab, Accenture, Barclays, Bosch, EXL, Capital One, Early salary, KPIT, and others offer internships with stipends ranging from INR 50,000 to INR 90,000.  


Refer to the table below to have a fair idea about the placement statistics in IIT Kanpur



Statistics (2021-22)

No. of companies participated


No. of placement offers


No. of offers accepted


No. of PPOs


No. of PPOs accepted


No. of students placed


Highest International package

287,550 USD

Highest Domestic package

INR 1.2 crore per annum

Top recruiters

Graviton, ICICI Bank, Microsoft, Rubrik


What’s New at IIT Kanpur?

According to recent media reports, till day 4 IIT Kanpur accepted 773 offers out of a total of 940 offers during placement sessions 2021-22. Apart from Indian candidates, IIT Kanpur is also inviting candidates from foreign nationals for admission to PhD, MTech, and MS programs which will commence from January 2022. IIT Kanpur has extended its boundaries and now has collaborations with some of the World’s finest institutes and universities such as Imperial College of London, Deakin University, Melbourne School of Engineering, etc. 


During Phase 1 of the placement session, 2021-22 IIT Kanpur received the highest international package of INR 2.8 crore per annum and the highest domestic package of 1.2 crores per annum. 


Being a student of one of the IITs in India is a privilege and a matter of pride for any IIT aspirant. So, study hard with determination and head over to our website for important study materials, updates, and guidance to pave your way to your dream IIT.

FAQs on IIT Kanpur: Eligibility, Admission Process, Cut-Off, and Previous Year’s Trends

1. Is there any placement fee associated with the recruitment procedure at IIT Kanpur?

No, not at all. And the ID card has a separate placement to sell which doesn't charge any fee from the students. It invites companies to have a placement drive and recruit students free of cost. The recruitment process is one of the points of pride of IIT Kanpur. Check out the official website of Vedantu or download the app for further details.

2. How about the infrastructure of IIT Kanpur?

The IIT Kanpur campus is very spacious and well designed with all required facilities. The laboratory and the libraries are very spacious and fully equipped. Some of the campus facilities are- Cafetaria, Gym, Hospital/ Medical Facilities, incubation centre, WiFi Campus, Shuttle Service, Auditorium, A/C classrooms, convenience store, well-maintained hostels separately for boys and girls. Boys’ and Girls’ hostel provide single occupancy as well as shared rooms and are on campus. The IIT Kanpur also has a fascinating library that is well-equipped air-conditioned and has computers enabled with high bandwidth computers networks that are accessible to students round the clock. This library consists of 274, 362 books and 1995 journals. The campus is also proud of its available lab facilities such as Aircraft structures lab, Biomaterial Processing, and Characterization Lab, High-Temperature Fuel Cell Lab, and many more. 

3. What is the rank of IIT Kanpur in the world?

The rank of IIT Kanpur in the World is 293 based on the survey of QS world university rankings. But if we consider the Continental level, it is in the position of 59 among the Asia continent.

4. Are the hostels of IIT Kanpur comfortable?

Yes, of course. The IIT Kanpur campus offers around 11 hostels that are cleanly maintained under his condition. Each hostel has individual rooms and sharing rooms -the mass facility, private bathrooms, clean and environment, Heisenberg, 24x7 security, etc. The hostels of IIT Kanpur are in campus hostels which will save you travelling time and money. The hostels are well-equipped with student engaging facilities and activities such as a Reading room, a Mess facility, and sports amenities like a basketball court, football field, badminton court, computer centre, and canteen. 

5. Does IIT Kanpur offer any admissions through recommendations?

No. The IIT Kanpur offers admission through the sequential procedure with the transparent method. They never encourage recommendations.