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JEE Advanced Rotational Motion Important Questions

Last updated date: 24th May 2024
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JEE Advanced Important Questions of Rotational Motion

Get all the Rotational Motion important questions for JEE Advanced here on Vedantu. These questions and solutions are curated by our subject-matter experts to aid you in your study process. The Important questions of Rotational Motion for JEE Advanced help you to identify and practise sums you might have missed during your study process. Scroll down now and get all the JEE Advanced Rotational Motion Important questions as free PDF downloads to enhance your study process.


JEE Advanced Important Questions


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JEE Advanced

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Rotational Motion

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Chapter-wise Important Questions with PDF

Master the Concepts of JEE Advanced Physics Rotational Motion With Our Practice Papers

Want to improve your chances of success on the JEE Advanced Physics Rotational Motion exam? Download our JEE Advanced Physics Rotational Motion practice paper in PDF format. With targeted questions and in-depth solutions, you can identify and address any areas where you need improvement. Start practicing today and see the difference!

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About JEE Advanced Rotational Motion Important Questions provided by Vedantu

In our everyday life, we see different objects that go through Rotational Motion. We can understand it with the instance of a cylinder that is rolling down an inclined plane. This cylinder pursues both rotational and translational motions. In Rotational Motion, the particles of the body pursue a circular path with a plane that is perpendicular to its axis. And, its center will be on a similar plane. So, we are able to define Rotational Motion in the form of a circular motion of an object along with an axis. The axis may be in both forms unfixed or fixed. A fan is an instance of a fixed axis and a spinning top is an unfixed axis. 

In translation or linear motion, an object is moved by the time it gets any external force. This external force is applied to Rotational Motion that is known as torque. It is simple to open a door by moving on the edge far from the hinges as compared to moving in the middle. Hence, the torque is a force that is examined under rotational dynamic. 

IIT-JEE is considered among the toughest entrance exam competitions to get admitted into different IITs for varied technical academic platforms. It is classified into two crucial phases, JEE Advanced and JEE Main for which around 1 million students appear. Let's check how to prepare and how to gain your confidence for the exam. 

Rotational Motion important questions for JEE Advanced - concepts covered

JEE is one of the toughest and most competitive exams. It needs a lot of determination and consistency in order to crack it. Also, everyone cannot take up the JEE Advanced exam. Only those who have cleared the JEE Mains are allowed to take up the exam.  As the exam is conducted across the nation, the syllabus cannot exactly be standardized. Here is a list of a few important concepts in the chapter. You can start by studying these chapters and move on to other concepts in this chapter. 

  • Angular velocity,

  • Angular acceleration,

  • Perpendicular axis theorem,

  • Parallel axis theorem and

  • Formulae for moment of inertia of different objects like ring, disc, cylinder, thin road


Important Questions Of Rotational Motion For JEE Advanced - Benefits

JEE Advanced being a competitive exam has no norms on the way questions are formed. The questions might look simple but are undoubtedly tricky. They test your concepts and application of logic. Therefore it is very important to obtain every kind of study material available and prepare with maximum care. The Rotational Motion important questions for JEE Advanced is without a doubt a very reliable study material to score high marks.

Thus, you are a few clicks away from preparation for your dream exam preparation.  Just click on Vedantu and your destination will seem closer to you. These notes are prepared by the industry’s experts. When you have the best resources with you, then you only need to show the best level of dedication from your end and the success will all be yours. We wish you a stroke of luck in your future endeavors!

FAQs on JEE Advanced Rotational Motion Important Questions

1.  Is Rotational Motion crucial for JEE Advanced?

Rotation is considered one of the most crucial topics of mechanics. This topic requires a good comprehension of previous topics such as NLM, Kinematics, and more. Thus, you should ensure to have a good grasp over the earlier learned topics namely, Center of Mass, Worm, Power, and Energy, and Momentum. Thus, the Rotational Motion section is important without an ounce of doubt. 

2.  What are the topics covered under Rotational Motion? 

Under the Rotational Motion, there are varied crucial topics. The list comprises the Rotational Motion chapter; Angular acceleration, Angular velocity, Parallel axis theorem, and Formulae for moment of inertia of different objects like a cylinder, thin road, ring, disc, etc. By covering these topics, you are ahead of gaining a good score in your examination. I hope this suffices to answer your query. 

3. What if I get AIR 1 in JEE Advanced?

It is one of the biggest achievements if you attain AIR 1 in JEE Advanced. Therefore, after having achieved success in the engineering field, your path becomes smoother to get into one of the top IITs of your choice. With this, you will always be having a tag of the AIR 1 holder. Not only will you be able to get through a good college, but you will also be able to find a good job in the future. 

4. Is it possible for me to skip the Rotational Motion section?

This chapter builds the base for the upcoming chapter named rotation. Moreover, this is really crucial for JEE preparation. So, it is suggested that you do not skip this specific chapter. In Mechanics also, circular motion concepts will appear repeatedly, so it is advised for you not to skip this chapter. Exams are totally unpredictable, those questions also come in your exam that you skipped at the time of preparation. So, you should make sure to cover everything from your syllabus. 

5. Where can I get a free download of Rotational Motion questions?

Vedantu is the most authentic platform to download Rotational Motion’s important questions. All the questions are set by the team of professionals. You will be able to comprehend what is rotation physics and find its detailed definition. Their material will clear all the concepts regarding rotation, for instance, rotation of a steady body, each body particle moving within a circle, etc. Try Vedantu once, and you will refer it to your peers as well for their benefit.