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JEE Main Important Questions (2023): Sequences and Series


JEE Main Important Questions of Sequences and Series

Mathematics is such a subject that needs conceptual understanding. To do that, you have to practice a lot to remember all the formulae because these are very important to solve any problem. And, when it comes to the IIT JEE exam, Maths holds sheer importance. Practising Maths alongside other subjects (Physics, Chemistry) as much as possible will help you to secure the best possible rank in the JEE Mains exam.

This article contains a list of JEE Main 2023 Important Questions about Sequences and Series. These questions were created specifically to aid you in your preparation for the upcoming JEE Main 2023 Exam. To help students obtain a better knowledge of the subject, all of the questions are accompanied by easy step-by-step solutions prepared by experts at Vedantu. All of the important concepts and equations are covered on this page. Not only will answering these questions assist applicants to gain a thorough understanding of the subject, but it will also provide them with a competitive advantage.

Let us begin by solving the JEE Main 2023 Important Questions of Sequences and Series.

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JEE Mains Maths Chapter Sequences and Series Questions with Solutions

Aspirants who are preparing for JEE Main should practice a lot of sample question papers and previous years question papers. Keeping this in mind, we have provided a bunch of Maths important questions for JEE Mains in the following. You can download these chapter-wise JEE Mains important questions Maths and at any time you want as it is provided in PDF format. Besides, we also provide JEE Main Maths important questions with solutions which have been solved and crafted by our highly dedicated subject matter experts. 

Important Questions of Sequences and Series

These important questions have been taken from the crucial chapters of CBSE Class 12 Maths syllabus such as Complex Numbers, Permutation & Combination,  Application Of Derivatives, Height & Distance, Statistics, Binomial Theorem, Vector, Limits, 3-Dimensional Geometry, Definite Integrals, Area Under Curve, Trigonometric Equations, Indefinite Integrals, Probability, Straight Lines, Circle, Hyperbola, Determinants and Matrix, Sets & Relations, Parabola, Differentiability, Mathematical Reasoning, Differential Equations, Sets & Relations, Progression & Series.

If you want to score really well in the IIT JEE examination, then you should always opt for these important questions and its chapter-wise solutions solved by our in-house experts. Download the PDF file and practice at any time, any place.

Important Questions for the JEE Main Sequences and Series are Available for Download, here at Vedantu.

Mathematics can be termed as a subject that requires the most practice from the students, the more practice a student does, the better a student will get in mathematics. And for practice, students are required to solve as many questions as possible. And hence, Vedantu provides you all the required material for the practice, you can find the important questions for the JEE main, unit 07 sequence and series, here at Vedantu.

If you are looking for the important questions of unit 06 of the JEE main Mathematics, which is “Binomial Theorem and its Simple Applications”, follow this link

JEE Main Binomial Theorem and Its Simple Applications Important Questions (

A Brief Idea of the Contents of the JEE Mains Mathematics subject.

Many important topics are covered in the mathematics subject of the JEE main, which are divided into a total of 16 chapters, and unit 7 from it is Sequence and series, which includes the topics such as Arithmetic Geometric Progression

you can find the important questions for unit 7 of JEE main mathematics which is Sequence and Series here at Vedantu for a free download.

Preparation Tips for JEE Main 2023

For the JEE main examinations, we have covered all of the important Sequence and series questions. Let's look at some study strategies that will help you ace your examinations.

  • One of the most critical aspects of your JEE preparation is to get started as soon as possible. The more time you have, the better prepared you will be.

  • Always have a thorough understanding of the course material.

  • Ideally, break the course into smaller modules based on their importance.

  • Make a reasonable schedule. Set aside time to study and revise, and you'll be able to cover all of the crucial topics on time.

  • Make sure you leave enough time for revisions.

  • Always jot down the important points such as formulas and key points of the chapter. 

  • Instead of rote learning, build a thorough knowledge of all fundamental and advanced ideas.

  • On a routine basis, students need to practice answering questions. This will assist them in improving their speed and accuracy.

  • Practice as many mock tests and previous year questions as possible.

  • Between study sessions, take a little break.

  • Maintaining healthy physical and mental health as its an equally important factor in excelling the exams.

We hope to have helped you out with your queries. Solve the questions and practice the tips given here and you will definitely ace the JEE main exam.

We wish you well in your JEE Main examinations!

FAQs on JEE Main Important Questions (2023): Sequences and Series

1. Which topics are covered in the seventh unit of the JEE Main Mathematics, “Sequence and Series”?

A total of Five topics are given in Unit 7 “Sequence and Series”, of the JEE main Mathematics Exam, these topics are, “Arithmetic and Geometric Progressions”, “Insertion of Arithmetic”, “Geometric Means between two given numbers”, “relation between A.M and G.M sum up to n terms of special series – Sn, Sn2, Sn3”, and lastly, “Arithmetic – Geometric Progression”.

The free PDF that Vedantu provides includes the important questions from all the subsections of the JEE main Mathematics unit 7 “Sequence and Series”.

2. Should I study all the topics included in the JEE main Mathematics unit 7, “Sequence and Series”?

Yes, the only thing logical for the students of Mathematics to do is to study all the topics included in a particular chapter, in as many details as possible, and the chapter of Sequence and series, is no exception. All the concepts of mathematics are interrelated, therefore if you skip one topic, you will have trouble understanding the other topic, for instance, if you skip the topic of “Arithmetic and Geometric Progression” you will have a real hard time understanding the topics that follow, which is Insertion of arithmetic.

3. I have already done enough practice for the JEE main mathematics Sequence and series; do I still need important questions?

Well, in the case of Mathematics there can never be enough practice. The more practice a student does, the better he will become at mathematics. Therefore, if you have already done enough practice for the unit 7 sequence and Series for the JEE main mathematics, you will still be required to solve the important questions for the same. The important questions will also help you in revision, also the questions that Vedantu provides for a free download are designed by keeping in mind all the aspects of the JEE Main Mathematics.

4. Where can I Find the important questions for JEE main mathematics unit 07 Sequence and Series?

Now that you have landed at Vedantu you are not supposed to look any further for the JEE Mathematics Unit 07 Sequence and Series, important questions, because Vedantu has covered everything for you. Vedantu provides you with the important questions for JEE main Mathematics for a free download in a PDF file format so that you will also have the access to the important questions for offline viewing. The important questions for the JEE main mathematics “Sequence and series” are prepared according to the exam pattern, and even more than that the PDF comes with the complete solution. Due to this, students can compare their answers after solving the questions.

5. What are the features of the JEE Main mathematics “Sequence and Series” Important questions, provided by Vedantu better than the others?

There are many features in the JEE main Mathematics, “Sequence and series”, important questions provided by the Vedantu, some of these features are: -

  1. It is absolutely free for download; therefore, all the students can take advantage of it.

  2. The Important questions are designed by the expert teachers, who possess years of experience, and hence the questions for “Sequence and series” are in line with the real exam, and will provide the students with the same level of difficulty as the of the final exam of JEE main Mathematics.

  3. Most importantly all the questions are solved by our expert teachers, therefore students will be able to check not only their answers but their methods as well.

Hence, the JEE mains Mathematics important questions for sequence and Series provided by Vedantu will be of great help to the students.