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JEE Main 2023 Hydrogen Revision Notes


Importance of Hydrogen Revision Notes - JEE Main

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in this universe, and also it is the third most abundant element on the earth's surface. It is also the simplest element having only one electron in its orbit around the nucleus, containing only one proton. This element exists as a diatomic molecule, which means H2 in its elemental form. The main global concern related to clean energy makes it so essential to study the concept of hydrogen separately from that of other elements. This concern can be succeeded to a greater extent by the use of hydrogen as an energy source.

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Class 11 Hydrogen Revision Notes

Firstly, it is said that hydrogen is the lightest atom, with only one electron. Also, the loss of this electron results in an elementary particle, the proton. Furthermore, this is a unique characteristic property of hydrogen. Moreover, hydrogen contains three isotopes, which are called protium, deuterium, and tritium. Only the tritium is radioactive among these three isotopes. Besides, it resembles both halogens and alkali metals. Most notably, because of its unique properties, it has occupied a separate position in the periodic table. Also, it cannot be found in the atmosphere of the Earth in its free state.

The hydrogen is prepared from the dihydrogen from petrochemicals by the water-gas shift reaction on the industrial scale. Furthermore, the H-H bond of dissociation enthalpy of the dihydrogen is highest for a single bond between the two atoms of any element. Moreover, this property is used in a hydrogen torch, which is ideal for welding. In addition to this, the reducing reaction of dihydrogen leads to the formation of water, hydrogen halides, ammonia, methanol, and more compounds. On the other side, heavy water is the other important compound formed by the electrolytic enrichment of normal water.

Sub-Topics Covered Under Hydrogen

Let us look at the sub-topics that fall under the Hydrogen topic, as listed below:

Position of Hydrogen in the Periodic Table - This particular topic highlights hydrogen and its position in the periodic table

Hydrides - This topic defines the hydrides and their different types

Dihydrogen - This topic teaches about dihydrogen in detail

Properties of Dihydrogen and Preparation - The topic explains the overview of the preparation of dihydrogen and its properties

Water - This is the one that explains water, its structure, and its physical and chemical properties

Hydrogen Economy and Heavy Water - This topic covers heavy water, is as safe to consume, its uses, and the hydrogen economy

Hydrogen Peroxide - This topic describes hydrogen peroxide, its preparation method, its uses, and its structure.

Preparation Tips of JEE Main Chemistry

Let us look at some of the important preparation tips of JEE Main chemistry.

  • NCERT Books: Following NCERT Chemistry books is not enough to answer all the questions asked in JEE Main Chemistry. You have to read the books of other writers as well for the holistic JEE Main preparation. But it’s being said that they are the most solid material for building the fundamental blocks of all the chapters included in the syllabus. 

  • The student must particularly pay attention to the highlighted or important exercises represented in these NCERT books. It is because they are the key to knowing basic theories of chemistry and pave the way for the students to know concepts that they will come across in higher-level chemistry texts like Atkins. It is also recommended to get more details of these books, practising as many NCERT Chemistry Exemplar questions.

  • As we all know, it is essential to understand the JEE Main Chemistry syllabus, including the important chapters, which will help the students in preparation for JEE Main accordingly. Furthermore, they can also download the Revision Notes of JEE Main Chemistry in PDF format at the end of the post.

Weightage of Hydrogen in JEE Main 

Hydrogen is one of the most important topics of Inorganic Chemistry for JEE Main like Chemical Bonding. Every year there are 1-2 questions asked from the chapter on Hydrogen. 

Most Important Books for JEE Main Chemistry

Students can refer to the following books to prepare for JEE Main Chemistry.

Names of the Books

Authors’ Name

Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations

R.C. Mukherjee

Concept of Physical Chemistry

P. Bahadur

Organic Chemistry

O. P. Tandon

Physical Chemistry

P. W. Atkins

Organic Chemistry  

Morrison and Boyd

Concise Inorganic Chemistry

J. D. Lee

These six books of Chemistry are the most recommended reference books for JEE Main. Some of the books cover the complete syllabus of Chemistry for JEE Main, while some cover sections like Physical or Organic or Inorganic Chemistry. Students are suggested to go through the revision notes of chemistry for JEE Main of all the chapters available on Vedantu, as it will help them with quick last-minute revision. 

Why to Choose Vedantu?

In this present competitive world, many new platforms are coming up with new thoughts and implementations. But, Vedantu, at its earlier stages itself, has come up with good forecasting on how the current world is adapting the digital solutions even for students.

Let us check out a few advantages that students will get by choosing their learning platform as Vedantu.

  • Students can get the entire information in terms of their Academics

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FAQs on JEE Main 2023 Hydrogen Revision Notes

1. List Out the Concepts of Hydrogen?

The concepts of the hydrogen chapter are as follows:

  • Isotopes, properties, uses, and preparation of hydrogen

  • Position of hydrogen in the periodic table

  • Hydrogen as a fuel

  • Classification of hydrides - covalent, interstitial, and ionic

  • Physical properties and chemical properties of both water and heavy water It is very important for students to carefully read all these topics and have clear concepts so that they perform well in the JEE examinations.

  • Structure, reactions, preparation, and uses of hydrogen peroxide

2. Where Can I Get the Hydrogen Revision Notes?

You can get the complete information regarding the revision notes of Chemistry from Vedantu. All these revision notes are prepared by top experts as per the guidelines so that students following them recall the concepts easily and build stronger concepts. Moreover, it also provides study material and sample papers to help the students improve their performance. Vedantu provides you with all the latest updates as well the information that you will need for the examinations. You can also get information from other sources. 

3. Explain the Uses of Hydrogen?

Hydrogen can be used for many reasons, like manufacturing, fuels, and more. Some of those can be listed as follows:

  • It can be used for the synthesis of vanaspati fat and ammonia and many other products

  • It is used as a rocket fuel

  • Also, it is used in the fuel cells of hydrogen

Thus, in many different fields, hydrogen is an essential element that is utilised for smooth functioning and manufacturing purposes. Therefore, every student must carefully study the chapter and understand the uses of hydrogen. 

4. Explain the Importance of the Revision Notes?

Revision notes are very important for every student because they have many advantages when used. Students can gain much knowledge with the help of the revision notes. They can get many unknown tips and logic that need to be followed during their exams. The revision notes summarize the most important formulae, concepts, in the form of notes of hydrogen which you can read for the preparation of the competitive exams like NEET, JEE . They help in recalling each chapter very easily in a small duration.

5. How can Vedantu help me in the preparation of the Chapter Hydrogen?

Vedantu is the country's leading platform for online education. It provides courses for all schools as well as competitive examinations. Vedantu provides detailed revision notes for Hydrogen. These notes help the student recall the chapter, study the concepts as well as strengthen their base. Now, you can easily avail these notes anywhere, anytime with the Vedantu application. All you need to do is download the application in a few clicks and you can simply look for the courses and get detailed revisions notes for every chapter.