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Carbon Dioxide Formula

Last updated date: 25th Feb 2024
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What is the Molecular Formula of Carbon Dioxide?

Carbon Dioxide is a colourless acidic gas. Carbon dioxide molecules consist of a carbon atom which consists of a covalently double bond with two oxygen atoms. Carbon dioxide is released by all the aerobic respiration. C is what the chemical formula of carbon is written as, which is the non-metallic chemical element present in  Group 14  of the periodical table. And O is the chemical formula of Oxygen. The length of the bond between carbon-oxygen is 116.3 pm. Carbon dioxide can soluble in water and forms carbonic acid. The molecular configuration of carbon dioxide is 1s22s22p2. Carbon dioxide exists in hexagonal form and face-centered diamond-cubic structure. 

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What is the Chemical Formula of Carbon Dioxide?

Carbon is a non-metallic chemical compound with atomic number 6. Carbon is a tetravalent compound, which can accommodate 4 electrons to form a covalent bond. The carbon has the capacity to establish bonds with other atoms easily. This can establish multistable covalent bonds with suitable atoms. The best know form of carbon in the atmosphere is diamond and graphite. Next to oxygen, carbon is abundantly found in the human body. Further, carbon dioxide(CO2) is the fourth highest chemical present in the entire universe.  Carbon is the sixth element present in the periodic table. CO2 is what the carbon dioxide formula is.  Carbon dioxide has an acidic odour and generates a taste like soda water in the mouth.  

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What is the Formula For Carbonic Acid? 

Carbon dioxide can dissolve in water and forms an aqueous solution. So, carbon dioxide is present in the rivers, lakes, groundwater, ice caps, petroleum, and natural gases. Carbonic acid is a weak acid because the ionization with water is incomplete.  Carbonic acids are formed by dissolving carbon dioxide in water. 

CO2             +  H2O    ⇌       H2CO3

Carbon dioxide  +  Water  ⇌  Carbonic Acid

Uses of Carbon Dioxide

1. Carbon dioxide is used as a coolant for wastewater management systems. 

2. Carbon dioxides are used to form dry ice, which is used for refrigeration.

3. Carbon dioxide is used as a fire extinguisher since it can control the spread of fire due to its non-flammable characteristics. 

4. Carbon dioxide plays an important role in photosynthesis, which is predominant for starch preparation. 

5. Carbon dioxide is used to produce soda water and carbonated soft drinks. 

6. Carbon dioxide is widely used in food and oil processing companies 

7. In the medical field, up to 5% of carbon dioxide is combined with oxygen to stimulate breath in serious conditions. 

FAQs on Carbon Dioxide Formula

1. What is Carbon Dioxide Used For?

Ans: Carbon dioxide is used for inflating life rafts and life jackets, foaming rubber and plastics, blasting coal,  a refrigerant in fire extinguishers, immobilizing animals before slaughter, promote the growth of plants in greenhouses, and in carbonated drinks. 

2. Why is CO2 Important For Humans?

Ans: Carbon dioxide is not poisonous, it won’t hurt human beings. CO2 plays a vital role in the environment and helps human breathing mechanisms. Carbon dioxide plays an important role in internal respiration in human beings. During the internal respiration of cells, oxygenated blood is transported to body tissues and carbon dioxide is carried away from cells and tissues. This carbon dioxide acts as a guardian for the pH of the blood, which is predominant for the survival of human beings.  

3. What is the Chemical Formula of Carbon Dioxide?

Ans: Carbon dioxide is a colourless acidic gas. Its density is 53% higher than the dry gases. CO2 is what the formula for carbon dioxide is. Carbon dioxide chemical compound composed of two oxygen atoms and one carbon atom.