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JEE Main Important Questions (2023-24): Environmental Chemistry


JEE Main Important Questions of Environmental Chemistry by Vedantu

The JEE Main Examination for the year 2023 is a computer-based exam. This exam is conducted by the  National Testing Agency. The students who aspire to pursue theory under graduation courses from top universities and colleges in India register and sit for this examination. The JEE Main examination is the first phase for the Joint Entrance Exams of the IIT.

This examination takes place in three phases. Paper 1 is for the students who plan to pursue B Tech courses in their undergraduate. Paper 2 A is for those students who plan to apply for the B. Arch course, while Paper 2 B is for those who plan to pursue planning courses. 

It is a standardized examination and is conducted in different states of the Indian continent. The JEE main exam is held at the undergraduate level and offers successful candidates with admissions into the best engineering and technical colleges in India.

Therefore, to assist the student in the preparation of the exam, the website of Vedantu has taken upon itself to provide the candidates with the best materials and questions that will help and assist the student in every step.  

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Important Questions of Environmental Chemistry

As JEE Main 2023 is drawing closer, each minute slipping by is valuable for the JEE Main aspirants. Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry, all three subjects have equal weightage in this exam. There are a total of 75 questions from all three subjects and for each subject, 100 marks are allotted. The PDF below consists of the chemistry important questions for JEE Main. JEE Main aspirants may download it for free, and make a self-assessment by solving the JEE Main Environmental Chemistry Important Questions Chemistry.

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Important Topics for JEE Main Environmental Chemistry 

Enlisted below are the major topics of JEE Main addressed in the chapter Environmental Chemistry. It is vital to have a broad understanding of the syllabus in order to fully comprehend the topics.

  • Pollution: Types, Causes and Effects

  • Air Pollution: Causes and Effects

  • Acid Rain: Composition and Effects

  • Harmful effects of Acid Rain

  • Greenhouse effect and Its Causes

  • Depletion of the ozone layer

  • Causes of Depletion of Ozone Layer

  • Emphasis On Water Treatment

Preparation Tips for Success in JEE Main

We have covered all of the crucial questions concerning Environmental Chemistry for the JEE Main examination. Let's take a quick look at some study methods that will help you ace your exams.

  • Make a study plan that allows you to cover both difficult and simple topics.

  • Rather than trying to jam too much into one day, go over one topic again before moving on to the next.

  • Allow yourself some rest period in between study sessions to recover.

  • Exam success necessitates both relaxation and hard work.

  • Time for preparation should be given according to the level of understanding of each subject.

  • Make a note of key terms, formulae, and chemical reactions.

  • It is critical to review the questions from the prior year.

  • Set realistic objectives for yourself. Completing the task ahead of schedule may give you a sense of success, which may motivate you to do even better the next time.

  • When preparing for the JEE schedule, avoid having many books and materials for the same subject.

  • Students planning to take the JEE Main exams should review the entire syllabus.

  • Answering the various types of questions on the exam will be simple if you grasp the foundations.

  • Make problem-solving a part of your daily learning routine.

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Advantage of JEE Main Chemistry Chapter Wise Questions with Solutions

Practicing Chemistry while preparing for JEE Main, it is recommended by teachers that aspirants should take as many mock tests as possible. Chemistry JEE Main important questions cover the vital topics from all three sections namely, Organic, Inorganic, and Physical, along with chapter-wise solutions. The PDF provided below contains JEE Main Chemistry Important Questions solved by subject experts at Vedantu that will help students to excel in exams.

Most JEE Main aspirants aim to score high in both JEE Main and Advanced, to meet the cut-off percentiles required to get admission in one of the top-ranked universities. Chemistry JEE Main important questions covering all important topics for this year are included in the PDF. Mostly, the difficulty levels vary for JEE Main questions. For Chemistry, nearly half of the questions can be categorized as Difficulty Level 1. Of the rest, a greater number of the questions are of Difficulty Level 2 and a few questions can be expected to be of Difficulty Level 3. To get admission in an IIT JEE Main and JEE Advanced, both are required to be cleared by an aspirant.  Download the PDF to get a better understanding of the types of questions one may get in JEE Main from Chemistry.

FAQs on JEE Main Important Questions (2023-24): Environmental Chemistry

1. What is the weightage of Environmental Chemistry in the JEE main examination?

In the JEE main examination, a total of at least 2-3 questions are asked from the topic concerning Environmental Chemistry. These questions together carry a total weightage of 6.6 percentage. As the aspirants are well aware that all the questions in the examinations carry equal importance as they help in increasing and boosting the ranks and percentage of the candidate. Therefore, it is not wrong to state that the topic concerning Environmental Chemistry also has equal importance as any other topic. The website of Vedantu provides the students with the important questions available on these chapters, which the candidates can download and save in PDF format. 

2. What is Environmental Chemistry?

Environmental Chemistry refers to the chemical and biochemical phenomenon that takes place in our nature.  As we are aware that the planet earth is the accumulation of various minute substances and particles. These react to form new particles. Thus, it is deduced that the planet earth is a closed system and all the energy that is exerted comes and leaves the planet, where the mass often stays behind in the planet. This concludes and proves that all the elements on this planet are recycled continuously within the environment.  

To attain more insight into the chapter, it is advised that the students should visit the website of Vedantu to access the important questions. This will help the students to prepare for the exam. 

3. Where to access the important questions for the topic Environmental Chemistry for JEE Main?

The important questions for Environmental Chemistry can easily be downloaded from the website of Vedantu. These can be downloaded in PDF format and can be accessed offline as well. The website makes sure to update all its materials so that the student does not lack behind on anything. The practice of these questions will help the student get an idea of how the questions are set in the question paper. It will also help the student figure out the areas that they might be weak in, and thus prepare accordingly. The website also provides other study materials that will add to the preparation of the candidates. 

4. What are the reservation criteria for JEE Main?

The reservation criteria for the JEE Main exams is as follows; 

  • For the candidates from the OBC background, the total reservation is 27 percent.

  • The SC Candidates applying for the exam have a 15 percent reservation

  • ST candidates applying for the exam have a 7.5 percent reservation.

  • PwD has a 5 percent reservation.

  • GEN-EWS candidates have a 10 percent reservation

  • Women candidates have a 5 percent reservation. 

  • To get more information about the JEE Main examination, the students can visit the website of Vedantu. The information is updated regularly so that the student is in touch with the latest trends concerning the exam.

5. What is the exam pattern for JEE Main paper 1?

The exam pattern for the JEE Main Paper 1 follows the given guidelines;

  • The mode of the id computer-based offline exam where the students will be asked to mark their answers on an already downloaded answer sheet.

  • The exam will be for 3 hours.

  • The questions in the paper will be covering the subjects- physics, chemistry, and Maths 

  • The question paper will consist of objective-type questions as well as numerical-based questions. The student should be able to answer both to secure good ranks.

  • There will be a total of 90 questions where. This will be divided into two parts, where section a will consist of 20 questions and section b will consist of 10 questions. 

  • The candidates are given the liability of attempting any 75 questions, which will add up to 300 marks. They are supposed to answer 20 questions in section a and any 5 questions from section b from each subject, that is Physics, Chemistry, and Maths.