IEEE Full Form

The term IEEE stands for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. With it’s headquarter located in New York, it is said to be one of the well-known engineering institutes in recent times. This wonderful association of technical officers works well on advancing different inventions for the well-being of mankind. Furthermore, IEEE conducts conferences to elevate the standard of professional excellence. 

The full meaning of IEEE, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers was established on 1st January 1963. The huge institution comprises of 1000 employees along with excellent technical mentors. In the beginning, there were two different entities, the Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE) and the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE). After merging these two entities, IEEE was formed.

The board of management consists of an Executive Director and other senior executives. Right now the president of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is Karen Bartleson, from January 2017.

What are the Prominent Areas Where IEEE Mainly Focuses On?

  •  Information Technology

  • Electronics and Communication Engineering

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Computer Engineering

What is the Area of Function of IEEE?

This significant association of the engineers commits to elevating the standard of innovation and technical perfections to bring changes to the level of human life. This non-profit organization claims to introduce improvements to technical gadgets and services. The experienced engineers work day and night to develop the implementation of science to bring advancement in human life.

What is the Importance of IEEE?

In introducing development in the well-being of mankind, technological advancement plays a significant role. Without constant experiments and inspections, it is next to impossible to invent new ways of scientific innovations. IEEE abbreviation plays a substantial role in maintaining the development of technological experiments and that results in useful inventions in the field of science. 

Is there Any Way to Join IEEE? What are the Benefits of Joining IEEE?

Yes, you can join the meaning of IEEE for sure. To join this reputed institution, you will have to earn your membership. If you join this prestigious engineering institute, then you can get severely benefitted. The membership will allow you to access the available information. Else, you will be able to attend the local events organized by the full meaning of IEEE, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Apart from that, the IEEE group will enable you to,

  • Create a professional profile by focusing on your achievements.

  • Take part in different discussions of your interest

  • Get connected to several technology officials and professors

  • Collaborate on various projects and share them with groups.

All in all, people wish to join IEEE to get familiar with the extraordinary advancement of scientific technologies.


1.  Will You Have to Pay for Joining IEEE?

There is a one-time free trial only for the members. The authority will allow you to download three IEEE write-ups for a free month. After that, you will have to get your subscription of $46 per month. With your subscription, you can download 25 IEEE articles uninterruptedly.

2.  What are the Exciting Facts About IEEE?

The most exciting event about IEEE is that you can pronounce the term IEEE as an ‘eye’. This reputed nonprofit entity works for introducing development to mankind. IEEE is popularly known for its brilliant contribution to elevating the base of electronic industry and computer science.

3.  How Many Members does IEEE Possess?

IEEE comprises nearly 40,000 members form 160 different countries. Due to this large number of members worldwide, IEEE is believed to be the largest yet the best scientific association that deals with technological advancement in the world.