MD Full Form

Knowing The Different Meanings Of The MD Full Form
Often have we come across the abbreviation MD. There are two full forms that md stands for. The first one being the Doctor of Medicine and the second one is Managing Director. 

The following paragraphs hold more information about the md full form and meaning. You will also learn about careers and how can they be of importance to you.

MD: Doctor of Medicine 

The md full form has its roots in the Latin word Medicinae Doctor. Its meaning is Teacher of Medicines. This is the highest medicinal degree which is earned by the MBBS degree holders to achieve distinction and recognition in both the fields of medicine and surgery. It is no doubt a Doctoral Degree conferred to physicians in countries like the US and Canada.

An aspirant can earn this degree from any of the recognized medical colleges or universities. After securing the degree, you can practice as a licensed doctor privately, serve in the army or government and private hospitals. This is one of the most crucial and rewarding jobs.

MD: Managing Director

Another full meaning of md is the Managing Director. An MD holds one of the senior-most positions in an organization. There are lots of responsibilities that he has to shoulder and is the bridge between the employees and the higher authorities of the company.

Job Role and Duties of a Managing Director 

Since an MD holds one of the topmost positions in a company, his functions are crucial and essential. Some of his duties are as follows:

  • An MD has to abide by all the rules and regulations set by the board of directors.

  • One of the most important responsibilities would be to administer the workplace and be the leader of the employees.

  • He is also responsible for motivating the employees and appreciating their excellent work.

  • The higher authorities also seek his assistance in making important decisions.

  • The MD would also be answerable to them for all the profits and losses incurred by the company.

  • The MD is also expected to maintain transparency about his loyalty and honesty with the company owners.

Therefore, the md full forms will help you to understand how vital are the two roles. 


The following FAQs will enlighten you further about the two full forms of the md acronym. You can look up for more referential information which might interest you to take up the job of a Managing Director or pursue your studies to become a Doctor of Medicine. All these pieces of information will be extremely beneficial to you.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: What is MS and MD in Medical?

Ans: MS is a postgraduate degree in general surgery while the MD is the postgraduate degree in General medicine. MD is non-surgical but there are some branches where surgery can be part of MD. There are various branches where an MBBS graduate can pursue MS or MD.

Q2: Can Md Doctor Do Surgery?

Ans: MD is non-surgical but there are some branches where surgery can be part of MD. There are various branches where an MBBS graduate can pursue MS or MD

Q3: How long is an MD Course?

Ans: The duration of the Doctor of Medicine course is 3 years of study including the successful completion of an exam that covers both theoretical and practical elements. The examination for M.D. is held at the end of 3 academic years which includes 6 academic terms.