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NSTSE Exam Sample Paper 1

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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NSTSE Exam Sample Paper 1 With Answers - Free Pdf Download

NSTSE exam Sample Paper 1 with answers presented in this article. Students are advised to download the same and use it for preparational study for their NSTSE exam


Solving sample papers plays a vital role while preparing for the National-level Science Talent Search Examination (NSTSE). 


The experts at Vedantu recommend solving as many sample papers as possible to crack the exam. One can avail of the NSTSE Sample Paper 1 on Vedantu’s site. Provided by our experts, it is the best way to understand the NSTSE exam pattern and solve relevant questions. This NSTSE Sample Paper 1 is solved by our Science experts who are dedicated to training students for such contests.

NSTSE Exam Sample Paper 1 - Benefits of Studying the NSTSE Sample Paper

Students appearing for the NSTSE examination are required to practice this NSTSE Sample Paper 1 and gain the following benefits:

  1. NSTSE is a national-level examination, and thus the school students must acknowledge the standard level of the same. Preparing their studies with the NSTSE Sample Paper 1  will act as the blueprint for their upcoming NSTSE question paper.

  2. Students can also manage their time efficiently by practicing the NSTSE Sample Paper 1. 

  3. Students will also be able to revise perfectly before the NSTSE examination with the help of the NSTSE Sample Paper 1. 

  4. As we provide the solved NSTSE Sample Paper 1, this will also act as an answer bank for the students, where they can know the correct answers for each question. 

NSTSE 2022-23 - Important Dates and Events 


Important Dates



NSTSE Exam Schedule

Offline mode will be held on December 12 and 16, 2022

The online exam will be held on December 18, 2022.

NSTSE 2022-23 - Application Process

Check out the following process of the NSTSE application process:

  1. Students are required to visit the official website of NSTSE. 

  2. They need to click the tab which says online registration of individual students for the NSTSE exam. 

  • Then click on the tab ‘Register’.

  • Now select your class and name of the Olympiad from the mentioned list. 

  • Thereby after selecting the option, continue to the further page. 

  • After filling in the school details tap ‘Submit’.

  • After which do the online payment process.

NSTSE 2022-23 - Syllabus

The NSTSE Question Papers are suitable for students who are following CBSE / ICSE / ISC and various other State Board syllabi. There is not much difference in the syllabus, thus the students can go ahead with their respective classes' Science syllabi. 


NSTSE 2022-23 - Exam Pattern

Students appearing for NSTSE will encounter a different set of question papers for their respective classes. The questions appearing in NSTSE are objective-type with no negative marking for wrongly opted answers.

Class 1

Class 2

Classes 3 to 10

No. of Questions










NSTSE Exam - Features 

Study the following tabular structure to get an idea of the features of the NSTSE examination:



Skill-based Exam

NSTSE is such an exam which tests the skills and science knowledge of the candidates. 

This is a recognition exam for all Indian students

NSTSE helps the students to their own standard in science knowledge, and they can take career decisions accordingly.


The NSTSE exam is affordable, and accessible to all students after they register from the school. 

NSTSE Results 2022-23

Students participating in the NSTSE examination will be on their edge waiting for their results after the examination. They are required to visit the official website and check their results at the determined date and time. 

NSTSE Result Date

March 2023 (Tentatively)

Hope the students have benefitted from this article NSTSE Exam Sample Paper 1.  Students are required to download the free-to-download NSTSE Sample Paper 1 and take note of the other important discussions of the NSTSE examination which is discussed in the article quite in precision. 

FAQs on NSTSE Exam Sample Paper 1

1. How can I get the NSTSE Sample Paper 1  free of cost?

NSTSE Sample Paper 1  or the previous year's question paper are provided in this article in the form of a free-to-download pdf. Students are only required to fill in their contact details for verification purposes and the download will start automatically. 

2. What are the eligibility criteria for the NSTSE exam?

Students from Classes II to X are eligible for NSTSE. While XI and XII students can apply for this exam with PCB or PCM subject combination. 

3. Can I rely on the questions provided in the NSTSE Sample Paper 1?

Yes absolutely. The questions in this sample paper are prepared by the expert team at Vedantu, keeping in mind the pattern and style of NSTSE. Students can thus rely completely on the questions and answers of the NSTSE Exam Sample Paper 1. 

4. How many students appear for NSTSE every year?

Nearly 10 million students appear for NSTSE every year.

5. Will I get common questions from the NSTSE Exam Sample Paper 1?

Students can expect common or similar questions but they must not rely on the sample paper completely as it is only for practice purposes, but they can no doubt revise with this NSTSE Sample Paper 1 well.