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National Standard Examination in Junior Science Mock Test: 2023-24

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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NSEJS Mock Test- Exclusive Question From New Pattern

For any student who is preparing for a national level competitive examination like NSEJS, the time must be dedicated to the preparation of the exam and must include spending time in solving the mock test papers. Mock tests as the name suggests is similar to the actual paper format and the most important consideration in this is the time limit. The candidate preparing must solve the paper within the time limit allotted for the examination. Only then they will prove to be helpful to assess and improve their solving skills. 

Mock Test Papers For NSEJS 2022

With the advent of technology, there is access to education and exam papers which has been very useful for students in helping them gain knowledge and being able to find answers for their doubts. Today there are many online platforms that give access to the mock test papers. Students can register and attempt them online. It will also give the students an idea and feel of the exam. The mock tests will also help the students to interpret the difficulty level and they can prepare accordingly.

NSEJS Mock Tests 2022 - Exam Pattern

Students must have a thorough idea of the exam pattern before they sit to prepare for the same. Find below an overview of the NSEJS 2022  exam pattern.


Exam Duration

Total Marks

  • Physics

  • Chemistry

  • Biology

2 hours 


NSEJS Exam Syllabus: 2022-2023

The NSEJS assessments cover the subjects of physics, mathematics, chemistry, and biology, and students are required to study all courses up to and including the class 10 as well as all classes below it. The NSEJS article is published in two languages: English and Hindi. NSEJS Syllabus is listed below.

Syllabus Subject-wise

Subject Topics


  • Light- Concave Mirror, Deviation Through Two Plane Mirror, T.I.R, Shadow

  • Sound- Echo, Node & Anti Node

  • Electricity

  • Work, Power, Energy- Efficiency & Power

  • Magnetism, Gravitation

  • Simple Harmonic Motion- Simple Pendulum

  • Fluid- Floatation

  • Force

  • Heat- Radiation, Anomalous Behaviour of Water, Thermal Expansion

  • Rectilinear Motion- VelocityMotion, Newton’s Laws Of Motion

  • Unit Dimension

  • Electrostatics- Ohm’s Law, Coulomb’s Law, Combination Of Resistance, Potential


  • Permutation & Combination

  • Arithmetic Progression

  • Area Of Parallelogram & Triangles, Similar Triangles

  • Circle

  • Geometric Progression

  • Linear Equation In Two Variable

  • Number System

  • Quadratic Equation

  • Quadrilaterals

  • Ratio & Proportion

  • Trigonometry


  • Acids, Bases, And Salts

  • Analytical Chemistry

  • Metals And Non-Metals

  • Mole Concept

  • Carbon

  • Study Of Gas Laws

  • Equivalent Concept

  • Periodic Table And Periodicity In Properties


  • Biodiversity- Chordates, Monera, Non-Chordates

  • Biotech- GMC (Genetically Modified Crops)

  • Control and Coordination- Endocrine System, Nerve conductor, Sympathetic Nervous System

  • Cell Biology- Cell Organelles, Types of Cell

  • Human Health & Diseases- Immunity

  • Reproduction- Asexual Reproductions

  • Heredity and Evolution- DNA Fingerprinting, DNA

  • Microbes in Human Welfare

NSEJS Mock Tests 2022 - Benefits of Solving Previous Year Exam Papers

Solving Previous Year Exam Papers give the students a number of benefits. They are: 

  1. Students can get an idea of the structure Question Paper

  2. The more students practise previous year exam papers, the more they understand the difficulty level of the NSEJS Exam.

  3. The students are able to time themselves according to the time duration of the NSEJS Exam.

  4. The students are able to build confidence for appearing in the exam.

NSEJS Exam 2022-23 Stages

Stage 1:

Across 80000 students from all over the nation take the exam each year in an effort to be selected for the merit list, from which about 300 students are selected based on merit. All students with the same scores at this location are eligible to take the 2nd level or stage 2 test if the final rank is tied.

Stage 2:

Qualified applicants must achieve the 50% cutoff on this more difficult section of the exam, often known as the MAS, in order to move on to the second stage of the application process (Minimum Admissible Score). For the top 35 competitors in the Indian National Junior Science Olympiad, a two-week programme is available (INJSO). The International Junior Science Olympiad is then chosen, and a group of six people is chosen to represent India on that team (IJSO).

NSEJS 2022 - Last Minute Preparation Tips

Appearing for your NSEJS Exam can be scary. This is why Vedantu brings you tips that can aid you in scoring well in the Exam.

  1. Be thorough with the NSEJS Syllabus. 

  2. Go through the Exam structure and pattern.

  3. Identify your tough spots and work on them more.

  4. Take help of relevant books for concept clarity.

  5. To become more efficient in your preparation, create and follow a time table.

  6. Take regular breaks.

  7. Practise sample papers and time yourself.

FAQs on National Standard Examination in Junior Science Mock Test: 2023-24

1. Is negative available in the marking scheme in NSEJS?

Yes, there is negative grading on the NSEJS exam.

2. How many marks is needed for NSEJS in order to be considered for INO?

Students must achieve a score in the 70s or 80s to move on to the next level.

3. What are the Topics Included in the Mock Test Papers for NSEJS?

The mock test papers are a way of helping you gain an idea about the actual exam. And the topics included are the same as the syllabus for the National Standard Examination In Junior Science. Mock test papers will also help you be thorough with the syllabus and fully prepare you for the D-Day.

4. How early should I start preparing for NSEJS 2022?

You should start preparing for NSEJS 2022 as early as possible if you have made an intention to appear for the exam. Ensure that you have enough time to cover the syllabus and revision. Setting aside time to prepare with the help of mock papers is essential.

5. How do I apply for the NSEJS Exam?

To fill out the NSEJS test application form, you must visit the official website. There, you'll get all the information you require. NSEJS is open to participants from all regions of India because the requirements for eligibility are simple. The prerequisites for eligibility are as follows:

  • Birth date that falls within the range of January 1, 2007, and December 31, 2008, inclusive. i.e., 13 and 14-year-old students.

  • The application form is simple to fill out. Basic information is all that the form asks for. To avoid errors and losing the chance to apply, one should properly complete the application.