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NSEJS Exam Sample Paper 2

Last updated date: 23rd Feb 2024
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NSEJS Sample Papers With Solutions

Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics are the subjects for which multiple-choice questions will be included in NSEJS exam papers for 2022–2023. Students who are preparing for the IAPT NSEJS 2022–23 exam should spend at least 2 hours answering questions and clearing doubts with the help of Vedantu’s expert teacher who suggests that you practise  from prior years' examination papers.

Solving NSEJS exam sample paper 2 plays a vital role while preparing for the National Standard Examinations in Junior Science (NSEJS). The experts at Vedantu recommend solving as many sample papers as possible to crack the exam.

One can avail the NSEJS sample paper 2 on Vedantu’s site. Provided by our experts, it is the best way to understand the exam pattern and solve relevant questions with solutions. This NSEJS sample paper 2 is solved by our Vedantu’s science wizards  who are experts in training students for such contests.

Download Free Previous Year’s NSEJS Sample Papers

To access free NSEJS sample question paper for free of any classes you can directly download from the list given below:


PDF Link

IOQJS 2021-22 Part I Question Paper with solution

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IOQJS 2020-21 Part II Question Paper with solutions

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NSEJS 2019-20 Question Paper with Solution

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NSEJS 2018-19 Question Paper with Solution

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NSEJS 2016-17 Question Paper with Solution

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NSEJS 2015-16 Question Paper with Solution

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Benefits of NSEJS Question Papers 2022-23 Solution

  1. By solving the IAPT test questions, students can figure out the key subjects from which questions will be posed in the NSEJS 2022–2023 exam.

  2. Knowing the difficulty level of the National Standard Examination in Junior Science in 2022–23 is made possible by completing the NSEJS Question Papers from the previous year.

  3. To evaluate students degree of preparation, they are encouraged to complete the IAPT NSEJS papers during the exam period. Students can practise speed problem-solving in this method.

  4. The high-weightage and low-priority chapters are made clear to students as they prepare by studying the NSEJS question papers from the previous year. The statistics can be used by students to plan their study strategies.

NSEJS Question Paper 2022-23 Pattern

  • For every incorrect response, a mark will be deducted of -1, while a mark will be added of +3 for each correct response.

  • The NSEJS 2022–23 exam papers will include 80 multiple-choice questions. 

  • Only two languages will be used to prepare the NSEJS 2022–23 question papers: English and Hindi.

  • There will be four sections: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology, each worth a total of 20 marks.

How to Prepare for NSEJS 2022-23?

In addition to completing the NSEJS question papers from the previous year, students can improve their exam performance by taking a few more steps. These NSEJS study suggestions support achieving high exam scores.

Make a Study Timetable- Maintaining a study schedule helps students be more productive because it motivates them to finish the NSEJS Syllabus 2023 on time.

Make Notes- Vedantu provides notes that are prepared on particular themes. These notes make it easy to remember the notion and subject matters. Without worrying about large textbooks, students may carry these notes on phone or tablet effortlessly and review the syllabus while on the go.

Syllabus For NSEJS Exam Sample Paper 2





Acid, Base and Salt

Bio- Diversity

Heat and Thermodynamic

Permutation and Combination

Study of Gas Laws



Arithmetic Progression

Analytical Chemistry

Control and Coordination

Work, Power and Energy

Geometric Progression

Periodic table and properties


Light and sound



Health & Disease


Number System

Mole Concept



Linear Equation

Equivalent Concept

Heredity and Evolution

Types of Motion

Quadratic Equation

Metals and  Non-Metals

Unit Dimension

Ratio & Proportion

FAQs on NSEJS Exam Sample Paper 2

1. Who is eligible for NSEJS 2022-23?

Students appearing in Class 10 and below are eligible for NSEJS 2022-23.

2. What is the syllabus of NSEJS 2023?

In short, NSEJS exam syllabus 2022-23 important topics and chapters from Class 10 and  Class 10 of science.

3. Does Vedantu offer course and study materials for the NSEJS exam?

Yes, Vedantu offers courses and free study material for NSEJS exam.

We offer NSEJS exam sample paper solutions for all the Class 10  for more information visit our official website of Vedantu.

4. Is Scientific calculator allowed in NSEJS?

No, Scientific calculators are not allowed.

5. Do students have to register themselves every time they appear for the NSEJS Exam? 

Students may only register themselves once. There is no need to re-register for the second or third stage if you pass the NSEJS exam.