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NSEJS Mock Test Paper 1 2022

Last updated date: 12th Jul 2024
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NSEJS Mock Test Paper 1 - Download PDF

National Standard Examinations in Junior Science (NSEJS) aspirants must practice well as the exam witnesses fierce competition. Applicants should take online NSEJS Mock Test Paper 1 to get familiar with the exam pattern and to improve their speed, accuracy and problem-solving abilities. Curated by experts after thorough research and analysis of the past year’s questions, NSEJS Mock Test Paper 1 is composed of relevant questions that mimic the difficulty level of the Olympiad question paper.

This article rounds up NSEJS Mock Test Paper 1, the latest NSEJS exam pattern, and preparation tips.

NSEJS Mock Test Paper 1 by Vedantu

  • After thorough analysis of NSEJS previous year papers and deep research, experts curate the NSEJS exam Mock Test Paper 1.

  • The  Mock Test Paper 1 of NSEJS Olympiad are based on the latest syllabus and examination pattern.

  • The difficulty level of our mock tests matches the difficulty level of the NSEJS question papers. Practising sample papers should be a active part of the preparation stratey to ace the NSEJS test.

  • Solving mock test papers allows students to develop a better perspective of the variety of questions that are asked in the exam.

  • For NSEJS books, aspirants can refer to the NCERT textbooks. Students can easily access the NCERT textbooks from our website.

NSEJS Exam Mock Test Paper 1 - Benefits of Solving NSEJS Mock Test 1

  • NSEJS Mock Test Paper 1 gets you acquainted with various types of questions that can be expected to appear in the exam. It helps you in better understanding the level of questions that can comprise the NSEJS question paper.

  • It aids in getting insight into the level of preparation which can be used to improvise the overall approach.

  • Solving NSEJS Olympiad Mock Test Paper 1 gets you familiar with shortcomings which you can improve upon to score better in the exam.

  • The NSEJS exam mock test helps in striking the perfect balance between speed and accuracy. It also aids in improving time management skills.

NSEJS 2022-23 Exam Pattern

  • The NSEJS paper is held for a total of 216 marks.

  • The NSEJS question paper is composed of multiple choice questions.

  • The Set A comprises 48 questions while the Set B comprises 12 questions.

Get more information about the NSEJS 2022 exam pattern from the table below-


Set A

Set B

Type of Questions

Multiple Choice Questions 

Multiple Choice Questions 

No of Questions



Marks for Correct Answer



NSEJS Olympiad Preparation Tips

  • Put equal emphasis on Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Go through the NCERT textbooks and get familiar with all the fundamental concepts.

  • Students can consider making short notes of the important concepts for quick revision before the NSEJS test. Revision is of paramount importance so revise all the concepts you study. 

  • Go for online/offline classes to get proper guidance and increase your chances of acing the NSEJS 2022 exam.

  • Prepare a time-table and stick to it. Allocate daily goals and accomplish them. Schedule break times as it helps in refreshing your mind.

  • Have a dedicated schedule for solving the NSEJS Mock Test Paper 1 and analyzing them properly. It gives an insight into the shortcomings which can be worked upon for increasing the chance of clearing the NSEJS exam.

Incorporate solving NSEJS Mock Test Paper 1 in your exam preparation strategy to score better in the exam. Get yourself familiar with the examination pattern and division of marks as discussed in this article. Make use of the NSEJS Olympiad preparation tips to gain advantage over your competitors.

FAQs on NSEJS Mock Test Paper 1 2022

1. What are the benefits of solving NSEJS Mock Test Paper 1?

Solving NSEJS Mock Test Paper 1 familiarizes you with the difficulty level of the exam and the type of questions that are asked in the exam. It exposes you to your strengths and weaknesses which you can use to get a better strategy for the exam. It also helps in improving speed skills you that develop a fast pace for the D-Day.

2. Is NSEJS exam tough?

NSEJS Olympiad is highly competitive and a great number of students appear for it. To ace in the exam, students need to be dedicated, disciplined and hardworking. Form a proper study schedule and divide your time so that all the subjects are covered. Revise all the concepts on daily and weekly basis so as to retain everything you read.

3. Can a class 10 student appear for NSEJS paper?

To be eligible for National Standard Examination in Junior Science 2022, students need to be in class 10 or below. Students can be from any school board, CBSE, ICSE, or state board. It is must to have an Indian passport to pass the eligibility criteria.

4. Is calculator allowed in the NSEJS 2022 test?

Yes, some times of calculators are permitted in the NSEJS 2022 Exam. Certain criteria is marked by the IAPT-

  • Calculator should not offer a graphing mode.

  • The display must not have more than three rows for functions such as Matrix mode.

  • Integration option should not be available.

5. What is the best book for NSEJS?

Students should consider NCERT textbooks as the primary source for National Standard Examination in Junior Science. Additionally, for Mathematics, aspiring students can refer to R.D Sharma.