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NDA 2 2018 Question Paper PDF Download

Last updated date: 16th Jul 2024
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Your Ideal Companion For Preparation

The National Defense Academy exam was created for the benefit of military personnel to demonstrate their knowledge of military history. The test is divided into two papers, so it doesn't stress the student out too much.

Solving and practicing NDA 2 question paper 2018 will help the candidates to understand the types of questions they are going to face in the exam. They can also evaluate the difficulty level of the exam and take preparation accordingly. It will help them to understand the level of their exam preparation as well. By solving the NDA exam papers, candidates can identify their strong and weak areas in which they can improve for better marks. Candidates can download NDA 2 question papers 2018 pdf for free at

All You Need to Know About the Exam

National Defense Academy test questions are divided into two parts: general questions, and mathematics. The first section will cover general information about all levels of society during the past few decades. These questions are relatively simple but will test your knowledge if you haven't studied much on this subject matter. Questions in this section should be able to be answered with a wide range of answers. The next part will have mathematical questions. These questions will range from trigonometry to calculus. You should be good at math and logical thinking to clear this section.

The National Defense Academy exam will test your knowledge of military history. These questions will be similar to the Civilian Personnel Exam. 

The National Defense Academy exam is administered by the Union Public Service Commission(UPSC). The UPSC is the highest executive body of the Indian Government. Its purpose is to manage government affairs and make sure they are handled properly. They make decisions for the country based on what they believe will be best for it in terms of resources, time, etc. They are also responsible for creating new policies for India as well as changing existing ones based on current situations or problems that arise within India or abroad.

FAQs on NDA 2 2018 Question Paper PDF Download

1. How to ace my NDA exam?

The National Defense Academy exam is a high-stakes test for students who are vying to get into the academy. It's one of the toughest exams you'll take, but it certainly isn't impossible to ace. To make sure you're ready, check out our downloadable study guide!

It includes: 

  • intense math and science quizzes 

  • painstaking essay questions  

  • challenging diagrams and charts - an exhaustive glossary of military vocabulary.

The study guide is designed to maximize your learning time, so don't fret if you've already given up on the exam. Vedantu has a huge collection of previous years' question papers and sample papers that will help you prepare for the upcoming NDA exam.

2. How can I become an officer? 

To get into the National Defense Academy, you have to score a very high mark in the entrance exam. The NDA has been around since 1885, so it's been quite a long time since it's been this difficult to get into the academy. Only about 40% of people who take the exam will get in. That being said, there are still ways to get into the academy. Many students get in through the entrance exam. The entrance exam requires an immense amount of preparation, so get started early!

3.  How much time should I study?

There is no real answer to this question. Everyone's study time is different depending on many factors, including previous knowledge of the subject matter and the amount of practice the students received in high school. It's important to find out what type of student you are to find out how much time you should spend studying. Some students are visual learners who do better with diagrams and charts while others are auditory learners who perform better when hearing or reading information. Some students will try to learn everything they can about the subject matter, while others may take a more laid-back approach depending on how confident they feel about taking the exam.

4. What is the NDA Math paper about?

The National Defense Academy entrance exam is divided into two parts: Math and General Studies. Each has a separate time allotment and is meant to be scored differently. The math section requires a considerable amount of work and is much harder than the general studies section. The math section covers algebra, geometry, calculus, trigonometry, probability, statistics, permutations/combinations, etc. This will require studying on your own or with the help of a tutor before the exam. You need to know how long it takes you to solve problems because you'll have enough time during the exam to solve them all correctly.

5. What is the NDA General studies paper about?

The National Defense Academy entrance exam is unique in that it's not a multiple-choice test. Every question requires you to answer a question, not simply give the right answer. There are no right answers! This makes the general studies section much more difficult because it requires you to mentally solve a problem and understand what you're working with at the same time. Some students will opt to study their general studies material until they feel fully prepared while others will focus on improving their math skills or simply get out of this section as quickly as possible.