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NDA 1 General Ability Test Question Paper 2018

Last updated date: 16th Apr 2024
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NDA 1 2018 General Ability Test Question Paper PDF Download

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Vedantu provides all the question papers. It is a very helpful site for those who are appearing for competitive exams. The site provides all the model papers of various competitive examinations. These papers are designed to help students understand the pattern of exams and time management.

Solving and practising NDA 1 General Ability Test question paper 2018 will help the candidates to understand the types of questions they are going to face in the exam. They can also evaluate the difficulty level of the exam and take preparation accordingly. It will help them to understand the level of their exam preparation as well. By solving the NDA exam papers, candidates can identify their strong and weak areas in which they can improve for better marks. Candidates can download NDA 1 General Ability Test question papers 2018 PDF for free at Vedantu.

Vedantu’s General Ability Test Question Paper PDF NDA 1 2018

The NDA General Ability Test Question Paper PDF Download has been uploaded on the website. The purpose of this document is to provide you with a resource that will help and guide you for your upcoming exam and also serve as a reference that can be accessed from time to time. This file contains all the questions from the NDA General ability test paper.

The NDA paper is divided into two parts. One is Maths and the other part is General Aptitude. The NDA exam has been designed to assess the candidates’ overall mental ability. The paper will contain questions from the English language, analyzing data, mathematical reasoning, general awareness, and specific topic-based knowledge. The candidates have to attempt 150 questions in two and half hours for GAT(General Aptitude) and almost 120 questions in the next two and half hours. 

There are two sections:

1) General Aptitude (GAT)

2) Mathematics

This question paper contains questions from all the above-mentioned sections of the exam.

FAQs on NDA 1 General Ability Test Question Paper 2018

1. What is the National Defence Academy exam?

The National Defence Academy exam is a three-hour objective type test. The exam includes sections on Mathematical Ability, English Language Skills, and General Knowledge. There is also an Objective Reading Comprehension Section in the exam. This section is based on passages from various articles, notional diagrams, and photographs that are related to various disciplines namely Security Studies, Strategy and Policy, Defence Economics, etc. Successful candidates will be offered admission to National Defence Academy (NDA) in Khadakwasla near Pune for three years of study leading up to an undergraduate university degree in engineering or management or sciences or social sciences.

2. Is the National Defence Academy exam tough?

As far as we know, the National Defence Academy has a no-compromise approach towards its students and if anything is proved otherwise by any of its students, they are expelled. 

It is an institute filled with aimless youngsters who aspire to serve the nation through their jobs. If any boy or girl wants to pursue a career in defence, whether as a soldier or an engineer then it is recommended for them to join the National Defence Academy.

3. How to prepare for the NDA exam?

You should start practising by trying to time yourself on questions that have been asked in previous entrances as well as those from other sources to get used to how much time each question will take and the pressure of finishing in time. It is recommended you read the questions carefully. Read them again and again. Most importantly, you must be able to understand what they are asking without any prompting or help. To do this, read them out loud (some people suggest reading out loud will help with a student-like sound). If you hear any question asking about something that you know is not correct, then underline that part of the question immediately; If you don't hear anything incorrect then DO NOT underline it.

4. How can I ace my NDA exam?

NDA exams are notoriously challenging with high stakes. The "what if you fail" scenario is enough to make many students want to reconsider their career choices. But, by preparing for the NDA exam, you can improve your chances of passing and getting your dream job!

At PrepNDA, we have a full suite of practice exams, flashcards, and detailed explanations so you can pass your exam. We have comprehensive study plans to help you reach your goals. You can even take a free diagnostic test to get started!

Set a plan for success: There are many different ways to study for the NDA exam. No matter what works best for you, make sure you have a study plan that suits your needs and allows you to focus on your studies from beginning to end. Some students prefer studying a little bit each day while others prefer longer sessions once or twice a week.

5. How will Vedantu help in my NDA exam?

If you are preparing for your exams, checking the content of Vedantu at least once might be very helpful. It will provide you with some information about almost all the topics covered in your exam syllabus. If you are not sure what something is, just type it into the search field. This will search for that word or phrase in Vedantu's database and bring up a list of articles that contain that term. You can also browse through all the articles if you know exactly what you want to read about before stumbling across an article by accident that contains something relevant to your exam topic.