NDA Exam Date 2020

NDA Entrance Exam Date 2020

NDA 2020 exam dates have been changed owing to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. It was originally scheduled to be conducted on 19th April 2020. But then it was postponed. The new NDA exam date is 6th September 2020. In this article, you will know all the important information related to NDA exam dates - the revised date, the revised result date, date of interview, etc. Read the article till the end to know more about the revised NDA exam dates.

NDA Exam Dates: Postponed 

The UPSC had to postpone the NDA exam that was originally scheduled to be held on 19th April 2020. It was not possible for UPSC to conduct any exam because of the increasing case of Coronavirus and the consequent lockdown of the entire country.

The UPSC agreed to meet and conduct a high-level meeting on 20th May in order to review the situation. The UPSC still did not find it prudent to go on with the examination after May 20, 2020. However, the UPSC became hopeful after seeing the relaxations allowed by the Central and State governments. The lockdown that was implemented all across the country on 24th March is now getting lifted in a phased manner under the close monitoring of experts. All sectors are resuming their normal operations. Keeping a view of this development, the UPSC decided to meet again and fix a new date for the NDA exam. 

On the 5th of June, the UPSC officials met to review the situation. In this review meeting, some very important decisions were made. Yes, the new NDA exam dates were finally announced. At the same time, the structure of this year’s NDA exam was tweaked a little. Click here to learn about the new NDA Exam Pattern. 

The NDA exam 2020 dates have been revised. This was done in the review meeting on June 5th. Here are the updated details - 

NDA Exam Revised Dates 

NDA Old Exam Date

19th April

New Revised Date for NDA Combined Exam 

6th September 2020

Revised SSB interview date

To be announced


There will be a common exam for both NDA 1 and NDA  2

Regarding NA Exam 

The Naval Academy Exam is actually the NDA exam. Therefore the date for NA exam is the same as above

So, you will have to take the NDA Exam on 6th September 2020. This year, there will be no NDA I and NDA II but a combined NDA exam followed by the SSB interview. The commission has also said that the revised dates are subject to alteration as well.

NDA (I) & NDA (II) Exam Have Been Combined 

Every year, the UPSC conducts the NDA exam two times a year. However, this year, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the UPSC was unable to conduct the NDA (I) exam on time. As a result, it had to be deferred till the 6th of September 2020. So, if that happens there will be little time to conduct the NDA (II) exam properly and in an organised way. 

So the commission has decided to combine both the exams. One single combined exam will be conducted for the NDA  NA (I) and the NDA & NA (II) aspirants.

Reading Between The Lines 

The combination of the NDA (I) and NDA (II) exams is actually bad news for the NDA (I) aspirants. Yes, the revised NDA exam dates are a ray of hope. But due to this combination, the NDA (I) aspirants will be able to take the NDA examination only one time this year. Every year, the UPSC conducts the NDA exam twice and many NDA 1 aspirants sit for the NDA (II) exam too. That will not be possible this year. Consequently, the competition will also become more fierce. 

You Can Still Apply For The NDA Combined Exam To Be Held On 6th September 

It is true that the last date for the NDA (I) form submission has been crossed. So, any candidate who has not applied for the NDA (I) exam will be thinking that he/she cannot sit for the common exam. The good news is, the NDA(II) exam application submission window is yet to be opened. You can submit the application form of NDA (II) till 30th June. This way, you can sit for the common NDA exam on 6th September. 

NDA Exam: Some Revised Details At A Glance 

Revised NDA exam date

6th September 2020

Nature of the exam 

Common exam for both NDA 1 and NDA 2 aspirants

When did the UPSC revise the annual calendar

5th June, after the situation review meeting

NDA (II) last date for application submission

30th June

Total NDA exams to be held in 2020

Only one

Nature of the NDA exam dates

They can change depending on the circumstance

NDA Exam: Brief Details 

To join the Indian Army, you need to enrol yourself in the National Defence Academy. In order to be accepted by the NDA, you need to pass the NDA exam. The NDA exam is also necessary if you want to join the Indian Navy or the Indian Air Force.

The NDA exam is held in two parts - the written exam and the SSB interview. The written exam has two papers - Maths and General Science. You need to be adept in class 12 Maths in order to pass the Maths paper. There will be 120 questions in the Maths paper. Each question will carry 2.5 marks. Each incorrect answer will cost you ⅓ of 2.5 marks - that is - 0.83 marks. You need to be aware of the incidents happening in the world in order to pass the GAT exam. You might also want to reignite the knowledge of school-level geography, history and English. There will be 150 questions in the GAT paper. Each of them will carry 4 marks. Each incorrect answer will cost you ⅓ of 4 marks - that is - 1.33 marks. You will get 2½  hours for each of the paper.

If you pass the exam, you will be called for the SSB interview. The interview will be of 5 days. There will be psychological tests like picture perfection, thematic apperception test, group tests. At the same time, your physical fitness will be judged too. In the concluding days, you will have to face the Interview Officer and the whole of the SSB board. So, be prepared and stay calm.

So, To Wrap Up

So, the NDA (I) aspirants will be getting only one chance this year. Therefore, it is necessary for them to work harder and smarter and leave no stones unturned. If you fail to crack the exam this year, you have to wait till April or May of the next year to appear for the NDA exam again. But you know what? If you prepare in an organised way and be sincere, you can crack the exam this year itself. After all, it is made by the UPSC. The questions prepared by the UPSC follow a certain pattern- there are no harsh surprises. You need to know the fundamentals of each of the Maths chapters. You can’t ignore history or geography too and be aware of the latest happenings around the world. Now, that the NDA exam dates have been announced, go get ready and prepare for the big day.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is the NDA exam postponed?

Yes, the NDA exam has been postponed because of the Coronavirus pandemic. The UPSC officials met on 20th May 2020 to assess the situation. Later on their second situation assessment meeting on 5th June, they announced a revised date.

2. What is the revised date for the NDA exam?

The NDA exam date has been revised to 6th September 2020.

3. What are the changes in this year's NDA exam structure?

This year, the NDA exam will be held only once. The NDA (I) exam and the NDA (II) exam have been merged. The UPSC will be organising a common exam on 6th September for both the NDA 1 and 2 aspirants.

4. Can I still apply for the common NDA exam to be held on 6th September?

Yes, the application for the NDA(II) exam is still to be closed. You can apply for the NDA (II) exam and sit for the common NDA exam.

5. When is the last date for the NDA (II) application submission?

The last date for the NDA (II) form submission is 30th June.

6. What does this change mean for me?

If you are an NDA (I) aspirant, then that means, you will only be able to sit for the NDA exam only once this year. There will be no separate NDA (II) exam. So this basically increases the competition. However, consider yourself lucky that the exam is actually going to happen.

7. Is there any change in the exam pattern?

No, apart from the fact that there will be only one NDA exam this year, no additional change has been incorporated. The exam pattern, marking scheme, syllabus - everything remains the same.