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KCET 2017 Physics Question Paper with Solution

Last updated date: 23rd Apr 2024
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Karnataka CET 2017 Previous Year Question Paper for Physics - Free PDF Download

The Karnataka Common Entrance Test (KCET) is a stepping stone to prestigious undergraduate programs. Conquering the Physics section is crucial. If you are aiming to tackle the KCET 2017 Physics exam, this resource by Vedantu is here to help. This comprehensive guide provides the actual question paper from 2017, along with detailed solutions. By working through these questions, you wll gain valuable insights into the exam format, assess your understanding of key Physics concepts, and identify areas for improvement. So, get ready to ace your KCET Physics with Vedantu's expert guidance!

KCET 2017 Syllabus for Physics

The topics covered in Physics in KCET 2017 are listed below.

  • The behaviour of Perfect Gas and Kinetic Theory of Gases.

  • Physical World and Measurement.

  • Thermodynamics

  • Oscillations and Waves.

  • Practical Oriented questions.

  • Kinematics

  • Gravitation

  • Properties of Bulk Matter.

  • The motion of the System of Particles & Rigid Body.

  • Laws of Motion.

  • Work, Energy and Power.

Advantages of Solving KCET Previous Year Papers

Solving KCET Board previous year papers will be advantageous for the students in the following ways.

  • Solving a countable number of KCET board previous year papers will help the candidates to identify the important topics.

  • While solving these papers of the last years, candidates can know those questions which have been frequently repeated in the past years.

  • Also, it is highly recommended to the candidates to improve their speed and accuracy on the question-solving skill, which can only be attained by solving such previous year questions.

  • If possible, candidates can also opt for solving the previous year questions after the topic completion for a better apprehension of the topic.

  • To reduce the pre-exam jitters and to gain self-confidence, candidates must solve all the question papers related to the previous years and the mock test papers available on Vedantu.

Preparation Tips For KCET 2017

  • Firstly, candidates preparing for KCET 2017 are required to go through the KCET 2017 syllabus thoroughly, specified by the Department of Pre-University Education of Karnataka State.

  • It is better for the candidates if they chalk out a proper and effective study plan, which will help them keep track of their preparation progress.

  • To abstain from forgetting the topics or key points, candidates must do the timely revision to keep all the information updated in their minds.

  • Candidates must also not forget to solve the previous year's sample papers, mock test papers and question papers, which acts as a great source of preparation material for the challenging exams like KCET.

  • Short breaks between the study hours and adequate sleep must be taken, and students should also rejuvenate to keep mental fatigue at bay.

Steps to Download the KCET Previous Year Question Papers

  • Click on the KCET previous year question paper link provided on this page.

  • Then, candidates will be redirected to a new page where they are required to enter their mobile number or email address.

  • After successful submission, the candidates will be redirected to the page where they get the respective KCET previous year paper download link both to the mobile and email address, if provided both the details.

  • By using the same link, candidates can download the question papers and answer keys in PDF format for the ideal preparation of KCET 2017.

Courses Offered Through KCET

The courses mainly involved in the KCET are:

Health Sciences

  • BSc (Agriculture)

  • BSc (Horticulture)

  • BSc (Sericulture)

  • BSc Agri BioTech

  • BSc (Forestry)

  • BFSc (Fisheries)

  • BHSc (Home Science)

  • BSc (Agri Marketing & Co-Op)


  • BTech (Agri Engg)

  • BTech (Dairy Tech)

  • BTech (Food Technology)

  • BTech (Food Science &Tech)

  • BPharma

  • 2nd-year BPharma Lateral Entry course

  • Pharm-D

Why Choose Vedantu?

From the official Vedantu website, students can download many of the state's Question Papers like Karnataka CET Question Papers of the years from 2012-2018. Suppose you want to pursue the UG courses such as Engineering, B. Pharma (1st and 2nd years), Pharm-D courses and farm science courses in Karnataka's top colleges. In that case, you must go through the old exam papers to get the best score in the exam.

The KCET solved Question papers can be downloaded for free with the available links from Vedantu. By revising them, you can reduce the fear of facing the exam and gain confidence. It will also help the students to attempt the maximum questions in the KCET exam. The expertise team of Vedantu has posted all these Question papers of KCET with answers in PDF. Besides, you can also check the latest All India Entrance Exams alerts. You can go through the site, search and collect the KCET Previous Papers for all subjects.

The Answer Key for KCET 2017 Physics Question Paper

KCET Answer Key 2017 for the subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Biology and Chemistry for the Common Entrance Test or Karnataka CET 2017 Question Paper solution for the CET available in the official website of KCET. The paper was held on 2nd, 3rd, 4th May of 2017. Lakhs of students attempted the exam to get into various undergraduate programs in private and government universities and into professional courses in Karnataka.


The KCET 2017 Physics question paper with solutions provides valuable insights into the exam pattern and important topics. Key areas to focus on include mechanics, electromagnetism, optics, and modern physics. Analyzing the paper helps in understanding the weightage given to each topic and the difficulty level. Pay attention to numerical problem-solving skills and conceptual understanding. Practice previous years' papers to familiarize yourself with the exam format and improve time management. Understanding fundamental concepts deeply is crucial for success in this subject. Keep revising and practicing regularly to excel in the KCET Physics exam.

FAQs on KCET 2017 Physics Question Paper with Solution

Q1. How to Download the Final Answer Key for KCET 2017?

Ans: Following are the steps to download the KCET 2017 answer key:

  • Candidates are required to visit the official website of KCET 2017.

  • Search for the KCET 2017 section.

  • Click on the Answer Key Link.

  • Find the Answer Key of KCET 2017 PDF format. 

  • Download the KCET Answer Sheet.

  • Calculate the expected marks.

Q2. Mention the Exam Details of the Physics KCET 2017 Question Paper.

Ans: The Physics paper is given for 60 marks. The time duration was for 1 hour and 20 minutes (80 minutes). The answer key for the Physics paper of Karnataka CET is available on the official website of the KCET Board. You can also check the Karnataka CET Physics Answer Key 2017 from Vedantu.

Q3. Write About the Karnataka CET 2017 Preliminary Key.

Ans: The Karnataka CET Board Preliminary Key and the Official Final Key will publish at Karnataka CET official website. The KCET Preliminary Key has been updated on or after 05.05.2017. Candidates can Estimate their Marks with the help of this preliminary Key. Also, the students can use marks for Rank Prediction. Candidates are advised to check the Preliminary Key only from the Official website. The Final Key is used to calculate the Rank and Score. To get the Preliminary Answer Key, the candidate must log on to the website and click on the Appropriate Paper Code.

Q4. Explain the 2017 KCET Cut Off.

Ans: KCET Cut Off has been determined depending on the appeared candidates count, the difficulty level of the exam, previous year cut off, the performance of the candidates in the exam and finally, availability of seats. A separate merit list has been prepared for Dental, Medical, Engineering, and Architecture streams based on the specific college and the branches.