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Summarization Meaning

Summarization is considered to be the act of summarizing. Summarization was first used in the year 1865. Some of the synonyms of summarization are abstract, the breviary, brief, capsule, conspectus, encapsulation, etc. Summarization is used to express the essential facts or ideas of a long paragraph in a short form. Many of us might have seen the small paragraph that is behind every storybook, that's the summary of the whole book. In that paragraph, the facts and main ideas of the book are mentioned. In English grammar, summarizing plays a vital role so, students need to focus on this part more in order to secure good marks in the exams.

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What Is Summarizing?

Summarizing is considered as a process of taking information from a comparatively longer chapter, theory, or write-up and creating a smaller version of it that covers all the facts and main points of the original version. An example of summarizing is to write a three to four sentence description that covers all the main points of a story or poem.

How Students Get Benefited From Summarizing?

Summarizing helps students to learn the technique of taking out the most important ideas from a text. They also learn to ignore irrelevant information that is present in the text, and students with these skills are capable of integrating the central ideas in a meaningful way from any theory or conceptual write-up. Students who are learning how to summarize, improve their memory abilities, and become more skillful in the process. Summarizing strategies is adopted in almost every area of studies or industry.

Why Use Summarizing?

  • It acts as a great help for students to learn how to determine essential ideas and find out different details that can support those ideas and make them more useful.

  • It helps the students to improve their focusing skills so that they can focus on phrases and keywords from the assigned long text. They focus on parts that are worth noting or remembering.

  • A student learns how to convert a large text into a small text. The short text has to comprise all the main points that are in the long text for a proper and concise understanding.

How to Use Summarizing?

As we all know, summarizing is the process of converting a larger text into its shorter version by retaining the main ideas from the larger text in the shorter version. This chapter of summarizing is an important one. Students learn how to summarize a big text into a smaller one by understanding the following steps.

  • Read the text to be summarized carefully to understand it.

  • Keep in mind the purpose of the text by reviewing specific questions such as:

  1. What was the author's purpose for writing this text?

  2. What is the student's purpose for summarizing it?

  3. Is the student summarizing to support his/her points?

  4. Is the student trying to criticize the text through summarizing before collecting the main ideas?

  • Collect the relevant information that is matching your purpose in order to be effective in summarizing.

  • Try to extract the main ideas from the long text, which seems relevant.

  1. Main ideas can be found in topic sentences.

  2. Try to distinguish between the main points and the subsidiary points.

  3. Try to delete all the unimportant sentences that are not necessary.

  4. Try to find synonyms of some words but don’t change the meaning of the sentence. 

  •  The structure of the text must get changed after collecting the main ideas from the larger text.

  1. Try to identify the relationships that exist between words and sentences. You have to express these relationships in a different way while summarizing. 

  2. Try to change the grammar of the text by changing nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc. You can also break long sentences into shorter ones, or combine short sentences into one long sentence.

  3. Try to make the text simple by reducing complex sentences into simple sentences, simple sentences to phrases, and phrases to words.

  • Now rewrite the main ideas and information in complete meaningful sentences. Combine the notes that you made earlier to create complete sentences. Use conjunctions like therefore, however, although, since, etc.

  • After summarizing, the last step is to evaluate your work.

  1. Ensure the purpose of the text is clear.

  2. Ensure that the meaning of the long text and small summarized text is similar.

  3. Ensure that style of writing is unique. 

Importance of Summarizing

Summarizing is of great importance for students to prosper in their career as it improves their vocabulary and grammatical skills. Students who can adequately summarize a long text are good at focusing and extracting the main ideas. This is why summarizing is important for students.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Define Summarize Meaning in English.

Answer: Summarize definition refers to the inclusion of the main ideas of a long text in a shorter write-up. Let's say a teacher asks a student to summarize the different events that happened during the civil war. For this question to summarise or summarize, the student summarizes or jots down only the facts and figures of the civil war and a brief detail on that. When a student is asked to summarize something, he or she only needs to collect the main and important ideas from the assigned text and create a shorter version of the text by using the ideas extracted. It is considered as an important skill that is used in school or at work. 

2. Why Summarizing is Important for a Student's Career?

Answer: Every student to prosper in his or her career needs a strong grammatical base so that he or she can face any challenges that come in the way. Summarizing is considered as one of the best ways of strengthening the grammatical base of a student. Through summarizing students learn the use of the noun, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, and also to interchange words by using synonyms without changing the meaning of the sentence. Students improve their focusing skills as they extract the main points from the assigned text that is to be summarized. Summarizing makes a student effective and productive to a maximum extent.