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Writing in Year 2 for Kids of Age 6-7 Years

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Last updated date: 16th Jul 2024
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An Introduction to Writing for Kids

Children of 6-7 years old start writing easy sentences as they gain some knowledge of spelling, punctuation and some easy concepts of grammar. Reading and writing are the activities that are helpful in understanding the concepts of grammar. Hence we should encourage our kids to write as well as read. The writing of kids can be improved if they remember some small things while writing.

In this article, the tips of writing for the kids of age group 6-7 years is given. Read the full article to know how to write properly.

Writing in year 2 for kids

Writing in year 2 for kids

Tips for Kids to Write Properly

In Year 2 writing a kid need to learn the following things to write correctly.

  1. The most basic thing a kid needs to know while writing is how to use punctuation marks, question mark (?), full stop(.), the exclamation mark (!), etc. The full stop (.) and comma (,) are the basic punctuation marks that are used in sentences. We can ask children to write sentences in their writing with capital letters and full stops and use question marks correctly when required.

  2. The next thing that should be used properly in writing is the use of present and past tense correctly and consistently.

  3. The use of conjunction in sentences is important. Conjunctions are words that are used to join two words or sentences. For example: and, or, but, when, if, that, because, etc., are conjunctions.

  4. The use of capital letters when needed, correct spelling, correct spacing between words increases the readability of the writing.

  5. Suffixes are groups of letters that are added at the end of a word to change the meaning while prefixes are added at the beginning of a word. The knowledge of using suffixes and prefixes will increase the quality of writing.


The above article is helpful for children who want to improve their writing skills. In year 2 writing kids are not able to write complex sentences and they often make small grammar mistakes that can be avoided with the use of correct concepts of grammar. The article provides tips for writing for kids to improve their writing skills.

FAQs on Writing in Year 2 for Kids of Age 6-7 Years

1. Why good writing skills are required for children?

Children are required to have the ability to use the right words to express their innermost thoughts. The writing skill helps kids to improve their communication skills as well. If a kid is focusing on the writing skills will also bring your child's attention to phonetics and reading comprehension. So good writing skills are required for every child.

2. How to improve the writing skills of our kids?

The best way to improve the writing skills of kids is to encourage them to do the regular reading of books, newspapers, knowledgeable articles. It will strengthen their writing skills. Essay writing, letter writing and story writing are also helpful to improve writing skills.