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Writing for Year 3 Kids of Age Group of 7–8 Years

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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Introduction to Writing for Children

As the children grow, they gradually develop the different strands of writing. They imagine ideas, what you are writing for a reader, the importance of good handwriting etc. Good writing skills can be developed with the help of correct spelling, proper use of grammar, and punctuation.

Writing for Kids

Writing for Kids

The best way for a kid to practice writing is if he writes for basic activities such as writing cards, leaving applications, letters or emails to friends etc. These can be motivating real-life reasons for writing. By doing such activities we can show children how useful it is to be able to write well.

In this article children will learn the strategy of writing and how they can improve their writing skills.

Strategy to Develop Good Writing Skills

The strategy to develop good writing skills in Year 3 writing is discussed below.

  1. Purpose of Writing

When we want to write something the first step is to know about the topic in depth.

There are different types of writing such as essay writing, letter writing, story writing etc. Every writer needs a well-defined purpose that we need to know before writing anything.

  1. Structuring

Structuring a write up is very important. We should take care of punctuations, paragraphs, and the organisation of sentences.

We should compose and rehearse sentences orally first before writing. It will increase the range of sentence structures.

It is important to organise paragraphs around a theme. The use of headings and subheadings is essential in writing.

  1. Evaluation

Evaluation includes assessing the effectiveness of writing and finding ways to improve the written content. We should take care of the grammar and vocabulary to improve consistency.

Wherever we feel any sentence or paragraph is irrelevant, we should either modify or remove that. Therefore, removing the part which we find irrelevant is important to the step of writing.

  1. Checking Spellings and Punctuation

In the end, the removal of spelling mistakes and punctuation errors in the write up is important to find out any small errors.


The above article discusses the points that a child of around 7-8 years old should be aware of before writing.

There are different aspects of writing such as handwriting, correct spelling, proper use of grammar, and punctuation. The strategy to improve writing is discussed in the article.

FAQs on Writing for Year 3 Kids of Age Group of 7–8 Years

1. When does a kid start writing?

Children observe their environment and they listen to discussion and words carefully. Writing in kids is developed by the daily vocabulary that they learn in their surroundings and reading as well. Children of 3-4 years old start writing letters. Gradually they learn spelling and the formation of sentences in upcoming years.

2. Why writing is important for children?

Writing and reading are essential for children. After going to school, kids start learning the basics of grammar. They know how to form sentences. Gradually they move towards writing where they can express their thoughts, creativities and ideas in words. There are different types of writing such as essay writing, article writing, letter writing and story writing etc. These are interesting as well as informative activities for kids.