Science Essay for Students in English

Essay on Science

In today’s world, science is just not a word, in every aspect of our life there must be some role that science plays. In every point of our life, we must use some machine, some scientific things which we do even not know that it is included in our daily ways. We must say that science came a long way from ancient time to the present day of our life. Nowadays, science has no limit. Science is a Latin word which means knowledge. Science has roots from Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia around 3500 to 3000 BCE. Science is the reason behind our success to reach on Moon, Mars and other parts of the space. At the present time, we are able to get the knowledge about various parts of the universe.


The term scientist was given by Willam Whewell in 1883. Scientist are the ones who conduct scientific research to extend the knowledge as per their area of interest. There are many scientists like Galileo Galilei (referred as the father of modern astronomy and the father of modern physics), Sir Isaac Newton who gave Newtonian mechanics, equation of motion and many more, Albert Einstein who gave us the theory of relativity which is one of the two pillars of modern physics and he also gave popular philosophy, Marie Curie, Charles Darwin, C.V. Raman, Srinivasa Ramanujan and many more.

Science in Communication

In previous time there was no medium of communication from one part of the world to another. But in the present time, there is a mobile phone, laptop, computers, satellite, etc. through which we can communicate with anyone at any time at any place.

The computer and laptops that we use today so travel friendly that we can carry laptops in our bags. But when the first computer made by Charles Babbage was introduced it was too large that we cannot move that computer. After many further invention leads to the modern computer, we use nowadays. In the case of computer, science came a long way. Mobile is another gadget which is a gift of science. Because of mobile, we are able to communicate through any person by our voice. Even because of this, any two-person can talk face to face sitting at their respective places. All invention is only because of science.

Once that was the time when if any person needs to travel, it just takes lots of time to reach the destination but at present because of the aeroplane, train it takes very less time to travel. In communication, these are the basics we use.

Branch of Science

There are various branch of science. These are physics, chemistry, biology, social science, and many more.

In physics, there are numerous branches which includes mechanics, optics, electronics and the most important astrophysics. Because of physics, we are now able to make cars, aeroplanes, house appliances and many others.

It is a gift of science that now we are able to cure any disease like cancer with the help of medicine and by doing operations.

Harmful uses of Science

Our science technology improves at such extent that in past human did not know that how fire catches but at present with just one matchstick fire catches in just a few seconds. Although science is very useful for us but for every time? Maybe not.

Harmful for Children

Although science technology like mobile is very useful in terms of communication but the excess use of mobile is not good especially for children. Laptop, computer and mobiles are losing interest in the outdoor game which is not good for children’s physical improvement. In fact, the excess use of mobile causes the loss of their mental growth.

Responsible for Loss of Life

Lots of invention in science technology led to the loss of life also. The inventions of bomb, weapon and many gadgets like guns etc. cause a loss of innocent lives. Suppose when a bomb is released by terrorist, thousands of innocent people loss their lives. Not only human but animal suffer also because of this technology. Because of mobile tower radiation birds experience electromagnetic force when they pass by the tower and this force is very harmful for them which causes the extinction of birds and bees from that area. Even these rays are harmful for human also. Some product which includes radioactive materials are very injurious for the human body and even cause cancer which led to the loss of lives.

Increase of crime

Many of science-related technology, a person can get other personal information online, which makes an opportunity for hackers to hack peoples account, do fraud things which increases the rate of crime.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

QUESTION 1- How science makes our life easy?

Answer 1- Science makes our life very easy in various ways:

  • We easily communicate and travel.

  • Because of science we easily cure any disease like cancer, malaria and another deadly disease

  • Science made easy for the farmer to save their crops from pests and many other problems.

QUESTION 2- How science improve our communication system?

Answer 2- Science improves communication in the way that at past we cannot talk to anyone face to face or by voice. With the help of mobile, we are now able to contact anyone at any place. The invention of computer and modification also very helpful in communication.