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Short Composition

Last updated date: 09th Apr 2024
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What is the Meaning of Composition?

The composition definition can be stated as compiling words and phrases to narrate a particular event or convey a certain message. Composition writing is a very easy method to get the point across and that too in a short amount of time. The composition can be easily understood because often they are written as a form of short composition. Some short composition writing examples are message writing, dairy entry, notice etc.



Composition Writing Format

The composition like a paragraph includes three main parts an introduction, body and conclusion. 

Introduction- This includes the definition of the topic if any and the meaning of the same. And if the topic is about informing something then the introduction includes the aim of the composition.

Body- The body of the composition includes more details about the topic and explains in a very elaborated way so there is a very clear idea about the subject the composition is conveying.

Conclusion- The conclusion paragraph should include supporting concepts covered throughout and give your last thoughts on the fundamental idea of the topic.


Write a short composition on ‘My Hobby.’

Kids Painting

Kids Painting

A hobby is an enjoyable activity that we engage in to pass the time. When we are not engaged in our daily activities, we do something we enjoy. Every one of us enjoys pursuing one or more hobbies. Hobbies allow you to stay active. Hobbies provide us with entertainment. They assist people in remaining energetic at all times. Drawing is one of my hobbies. I enjoy drawing using a variety of colours. It brings me joy to draw. My favourite time of day is when I go home from school because I have more free time to paint. On my notepad, I enjoy drawing photos of my mum and father. They're my favourite ones. Fruits like mango, orange, and banana are other favourites of mine to paint. My mother encourages me to keep drawing. Everyone at my school enjoys my drawings as well. My teachers always invite me to join in school competitions. There is a small room in my house that my father built. I've retained all of the drawings I've made in that room. I drew a mango, a pineapple, mountains, a cow and many more things. My mum and father are always ready to gift me all required art supplies. They are overjoyed that I do not waste time and sketch in my spare time.

Different Types of Composition Writing

Type Composition


Topic Examples


Composition Writing

This depicts something or someone by noting all important facts about the place, thing or person to provide the reader with a visual representation. 

Weekend Picnic

Narrative Composition Writing

It is a step by step explanation of certain events that establish links between the steps. This can also include dialogues and actions to give a graphic explanation.

My Bestfriend

Expository Composition Writing

This kind of writing also describes an incident in detail including a place, thing or person and anything present there but giving their own outlook about the event.

Singing Competition

Argumentative Composition Writing

It is a comparison and contrast exercise with logical reasoning of both sides and why one is better than the other.

Mode of Transportation

Practice Exercise

Write a short notice as the class monitor regarding the upcoming summer vacation dates and the summer camp schedule.

Composition Exercise

Composition Exercise

XYZ School

Date- 1-05-20XX


This is to tell all students that during the summer holidays, which will start soon from April 25, 20XX to June 15, 20XX our school will have a summer camp that will run from Monday through Friday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Many engaging activities in English relevant to studies, such as sports and exercise, will be available. You will be responsible for your own transportation. Those that are interested should contact their assigned teacher.


Class Monitor

Grade XX

Do it Yourself

1. Write a short composition on ‘A Weekend Trip’.



2. Write a short composition on ‘A fantasy world.’

A Fantasy World

A Fantasy World

3. Write a short composition on ‘ My Favourite Subject’.

Class of Students Reading

Class of Students Reading

FAQs on Short Composition

1. What is the definition of writing a brief composition?

These are short texts aimed at a specific individual who is not present at the time but will be in a short period of time, and the writer will not be present at that time. It can be used to send a crucial message to someone who will be arriving shortly at the location. For instance, write a notice for the upcoming story writing competition or update about the upcoming exam schedule etc. 

2. What's the difference between a composition and an essay?

Any creative effort, whether it's a short story, poem, essay, research paper, or piece of music, is referred to as a composition. As a result, the primary distinction between an essay and a composition is that an essay is a form of composition, whereas composition is any creative work. The other main difference between essays and compositions is the length of the two. While essay however short is a more detailed look than a composition which is short. 

3. What is the significance of composition writing?

Writing and composition are crucial tools in literacy, education, and, most importantly, communication. People can communicate ideas, feelings, emotions, opinions, debates, and many other types of information through composition and writing.