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Class 10 English Chapter Madam Rides the Bus

The Class 10 English Chapter- Madam Rides The Bus is written by author Vallikkannan. The prose is a sensitive story that revolves around an eight-year-old girl and her first very adventurous bus ride into a new and different world outside her village. Her journey to the world teaches her about life and death. Through this story, the author presents the world as a whole from a child's perspective. The little protagonist wants to explore the world and wishes to go for another ride in the future.

The class 10 Madam Rides The Bus chapter summary presented here, is designed for students to easily comprehend and understand the meaning and other literary connotations while preparing for their board exams. 

Introduction to the Summary of Chapter Madam Rides the Bus

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The chapter "Madam Rides the Bus" is a short story about a brave eight-year-old Valli who lives near a bus stop. She likes the hustle of the street, and the treasured part was the sight of the arrival and departure of the bus, and thus, she developed an unbeatable desire and courage to fulfil her urge to travel and enjoy the ride on a bus. For this purpose, all sorts of information about the bus journey were collected, reducing all her expenses to save enough money for the two-way bus fare. She even planned accordingly such that Valli reached home before her mother woke up from her afternoon nap. Throughout the entire journey, she wants to feel independent. Thus, the story tells us how innocently but responsibly Valli fulfilled her wish and experience on the bus ride. She also realises how an incident made her realise the reality of death. However, she still hopes to travel more, explore, and take another ride in the future.

Summary of Madam Rides the Bus

The Summary of Madam Rides the Bus illustrates a sensitive story about a little Tamil girl Valliammai, who is only eight years old. The little girl with no friends to play and curious to explore the outside world keeps looping in her favourite pastime of standing at the doorway and watches the happenings on the street outside lost in the wish to travel by a bus journey. She would watch people board the bus and travel between her village and the nearest town and rushing of the passengers filled her with a sense of eternal joy. She developed a strong urge to travel and experience the pleasure of a bus ride and started collecting all the necessary information about the bus timings through eavesdropping of traveller's conversations. Valli learnt that the bus travels to the nearest town, approximately six miles from her town and a thirty paise fare for one way. Valli started saving around sixty paise to take a ride on the bus.

Valli planned to take the bus and travel during one afternoon while her mothers as still napping. As the bus arrives, she tells the conductor she would like to visit the town, and the conductor jovially calls her madam and ushers her to the seat. She notices the green and white stripes of the bus with comfortable seats and luxurious. She gets amused how the driver blows the whistle when a young cow that runs wildly in front of the bus crosses the road, and to her, It was like a dream come true for her.

However, the landscape became her prime focus, and finally, when the bus started getting empty, the conductor asked her to get down too but to which she replied that she was there for the bus ride. Soon, the conductor asked her if she would like to walk around and explore the stalls in the town, but she replied telling him that she had limited money for which she needed to take the return bus ride. Valli collects her return ticket from the conductor, and on her way back she notices that the same cow that ran wildly in front of her bus during her onward journey to the town lay dead by the roadside. The sight of the dead bleeding cow made her understand the meaning of life in her terms and death and made her heart cry out. After the bus dropped her at the bus stop, she returned home and did not share a word about her adventurous bus trip that she had taken all by herself, without their knowledge.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Give a Brief Introduction on the Madam Rides the Bus Class 10 Chapter.

The chapter-Madam Rides the Bus is a sensitive story of a little eight-year-old named Valliammai. Valli finds the outside world all fascinating and charming, and she longs to experience the world all by herself. She eavesdrops on the traveller's conversation and saves sixty paise for a two-way ride and notices the illustrations on the bus and devours every scenic natural beauty with her eyes. Little Valli gets amused to see a cow running widely on the road ahead of the bus. However, while returning, she notices the dead bleeding of the cow that made her understand the meaning of life in her terms. She returned home in time, and no one knew about her adventurous journey.

Q2. Write a Short Brief about the Author Vallikannan.

Vallikannan is the pseudonym of R. S. Krishnasamy, a Tamil journalist, writer, translator, and critic from Tamil Nadu, India. Vallikannan pursued his dream of writing at a very young age and has published five books by the age of thirty. He wrote a total of 75 novels, poetry collections, novellas, plays and essay anthologies under other pseudonyms "Naiyandi Bharathi" and "Koranathan". He was awarded the Sahitya Akademi Award Tamil for his critical work on the modern Tamil poetry Pudhu Kavithaiyin Thotramum Valarchiyum, which means 'The birth and growth of Modern Tamil Poetry' in the year 1978. However, he also worked for magazines like Grama Oozhiyan, Cinema Ulagam, Hanuman, and Navasakthi.