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What was the most fascinating thing that Valli saw on the street?

Last updated date: 14th Jul 2024
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Hint: Valli, an eight-year-old girl who lives near a bus stop in a village, is the protagonist of this story. Valli develops a strong urge to take a bus ride. She would need to cut down on her spending in order to raise enough money for the two-way fair.

Complete answer:
The story "Madam Rides the Bus" is about a courageous eight-year-old girl who had a deep desire and the confidence to follow through with it. Her favourite part of the street was seeing the hustle and bustle, and her favourite part was seeing a bus arrive and depart. She developed a strong desire to travel by bus as a result. She needed all kinds of details about the bus ride, as well as to collect the bus fare and prepare her to return home before her mother awoke from her afternoon nap. As a result, the story tells us about how she satisfied her greatest desire in an innocent yet responsible manner, as well as her experiences on the bus trip. What makes her know the truth of death is an occurrence.

The bus that ran between Valli's village and the nearest town was the most interesting thing she saw while standing at the front door watching the street. It came and went through her street every hour, once going to town and once returning. Every time she boarded, she was ecstatic to see a new group of travellers.

Note: Author Vallikkannan wrote Madam Rides the Bus. The plot revolves around an eight-year-old girl and her first really exciting bus ride outside of her village into a new and different world. Her travels across the globe teach her about life and death. The moral of the story is that we should sometimes listen to our elders and what other people have to say to us.