Exclamation Mark

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The exclamation mark is used to express the surprise, shock or any other strong emotion. Sometimes it is also used to demonstrate an emphasis on a comment or phrases. The exclamation mark, also called as the exclamation point, looks like a period with a vertical bar over it(!) . 

There Are a Certain Different Ways to Use Exclamation Marks Correctly.

First let's read some examples-

  • What a lovely dress you have here!

  • That's perfect!

  • Kim, don't touch that!

Uses of Exclamation Mark

  1. An exclamation mark is also generally used after an exclamation beginning with what or how


What stupidity is this?

How beautiful can she look!

  1. You can also use an exclamation mark to show that a statement is very astonishing or surprising


He entered the graveyard to find a tombstone of his late uncle. It was not there!

She lost the match!

  1. Exclamation points may be used to communicate hyper emotion at the end of a question


What have you done? You have lost it!

What have you done! You have lost it!

In the first sentence, there is a question mark and then exclamation, and in a second sentence, both the time exclamation is used. Both are correct and acceptable. 

  1. Put an exclamation mark under Parenthesis after the word to stress on that word in a sentence


Harry saw his hands were completely(!) bruised.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Can We Use an Exclamation Mark After the Name?

It can be used in social media that you can use an exclamation after the name like Yahoo? Hi!five and many more. It is not advised to use the exclamation mark for the name of a human being.