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CBSE Class 4 English

Last updated date: 02nd Mar 2024
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Complete Guide for CBSE Class 4 English Kids Learning

Learning English is essential for CBSE Class 4 kids, and the right resources can significantly impact their progress. A complete guide to English, available at Vedantu, can help them develop their language skills in a fun and interactive way. The guide includes the CBSE class 4 English syllabus, worksheets, textbook solutions, notes, and other English grammar exercises to help children improve their English proficiency and communication skills.

So, get your hands on this invaluable resource for CBSE class 4 English, available for free download here!

CBSE Class 4 English Syllabus

CBSE Class 4 English Syllabus is divided into Literature and Grammar. The Class 4 English literature syllabus consists of 9 units which have stories and poems. 

The class 4 English grammar CBSE section includes topics like Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, Conjunctions, Prepositions, Interjections, Adverbs, Letters, Vowels, Story Writing, Antonym, Synonym, Comprehensions, Punctuations, etc.

Here is the list of units included in the Class 4 English literature syllabus.

Study Material for Class 4 English

Vedantu provides comprehensive study material for CBSE Class 4 English designed to engage Class 4 students and facilitate their English language learning. With Vedantu's study material for Class 4 English, students can improve their language skills, confidence, and communication abilities; get your’s here.

Class 4 English Grammar CBSE

The Class 4 English Grammar CBSE curriculum focuses on building a strong foundation in the English language and subject. CBSE aims to help students understand the basics of the language and develop their communication skills by including a variety of basic grammar topics in the syllabus. Class 4 students can improve their writing, speaking, and listening skills by mastering English grammar concepts. Get your hands on free class 4 English grammar CBSE material here.

The CBSE Class 4 English study material at Vedantu, including the PDF of the CBSE class 4 English book, is available for free in a downloadable format. These are excellent resource that will surely help students in CBSE Class 4 to improve their English and pass the class with flying colours. So, download them today!

FAQs on CBSE Class 4 English

1. Why should I study from Vedantu’s Class 4 English Revision Notes?

Vedantu’s notes contain all the chapters from all 9 units individually. The experts have curated separated notes for each chapter as per the latest exam syllabus. By referring to these, you can resolve your doubts, understand the context of a chapter, and, thus, completely prepare a chapter. These notes will help you focus on your preparation better.

2. What is the exam format of Class 4 CBSE English?

The Class 4 CBSE English is divided into different sections as follows-

  • Section A (20 Marks) - Contains two different reading passages.

  • Section B (30 Marks) - Contains the grammar and writing part. The first question is to write a letter, the second is to write a small story, and the third is a series of grammatical questions.

  • Section C (30 Marks) - Contains the literature part with questions based on various chapters and poems included in the syllabus.

3. How can I improve my writing skills for the Class 4 English CBSE exams?

To improve your writing skills for Class 4 English CBSE exams, start by reading more and practising writing regularly. Focus on using proper grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure, and try to write in a clear and concise manner. Practice writing different formats, such as stories, letters, and reports, and seek feedback from your teacher. 

4. Where can I find study material for Class 4 English CBSE?

Students can find the complete Class 4 English CBSE study materials in a free PDF downloadable format on Vedantu’s website or by clicking on the links provided on this page.

5. How can I improve my vocabulary for Class 4 English?

To improve your vocabulary for Class 4 English CBSE, start by reading regularly and keeping a diary of new words you learn. Look up their meanings and try to use them in sentences to strengthen your understanding.

6. How can I improve my reading comprehension skills for Class 4 English CBSE?

Work on your reading speed to improve your reading comprehension skills for Class 4 English CBSE exams. Then, focus on understanding the main idea of each passage and identifying key details. Take notes while reading and summarise the main points of each passage in your own words. In the end, practice answering the questions.

7. How can I improve my Class 4 English speaking skills?

Practising speaking in English regularly is the first step to improving your English speaking skills. Also, participate more in class discussions, reading aloud, or practising with a friend or teacher. You can also listen to English speakers’ videos and pay attention to their pronunciation and tone.

8. What common mistakes to avoid in Class 4 English CBSE exams?

Come prepared and actively participate in class discussions and activities to make the most of your Class 4 English CBSE classes. Take notes and ask questions to clarify any concepts you don't understand. Practice regularly from Vedantu’s resources to enhance your learning. Finally, seek feedback from your teachers for improvement and track your progress.

9. Why is it important to learn English in Class 4 CBSE?

English is an important subject in Class 4 CBSE as it helps students develop their communication skills and prepare them for higher classes. Students learn a range of skills, including reading, writing, speaking, and comprehension. Also, English is an important language in the global context, and proficiency in the language can open up a range of opportunities for students in the future.

10. Why should I choose Vedantu to prepare for Class 4 English?

Vedantu offers an excellent platform for Class 4 English CBSE students to learn, practice and improve their skills. With experienced and qualified teachers, customised lesson plans, interactive sessions, and regular assessments, Vedantu provides students with a comprehensive learning experience that helps them achieve their goals and excel in their exams.