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English Grammar Adjectives and Their Kinds for Class 4

Last updated date: 21st Apr 2024
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English Grammar Adjectives and Their Kinds for Class 4: Download Free PDF with Solution

In English grammar, adjectives are words that modify a noun or pronoun. They provide more information about people, things, places, etc. Having a firm grasp on adjectives enables young minds to describe a scenario more vividly, and thereby hone their writing skills. Moreover, adjectives and their kinds for class 4 students form an indispensable part of the overall English grammar syllabus, and learning them is essential to score good marks in examinations.

Adjectives are a vital element in establishing the foundation of English grammar for young minds. The best way to learn is by practicing worksheets and through examples. However, in today’s times, solely sticking to NCERT textbooks and exercises is not enough, and some extra hand-holding goes a long way. Parents and teachers should provide children with ancillary study material to broaden their horizons.

Importance of Learning Adjectives for Class 4

The 9th chapter of the NCERT English grammar is about Adjectives and their kinds. It entails the adjective definition for class 4 students, along with examples, and exercises. 

  • Learning adjectives is the first stepping stone towards advanced English grammar for young minds, as it enables them to aptly describe a noun or pronoun.

  • Adjectives make a sentence captivating, and is essential to enhance the answer writing skills of a student.

  • Learning adjectives is crucial in improving the communication skills of a student.

  • As adjectives compel students to add context to a particular word, their cognitive skills improve tremendously. 

Important Topics of Adjectives for Class 4 Students 

  • Descriptive Adjectives - They are used to imbibe attributes or qualities to a noun or pronoun.

  • Quantitative Adjectives - They reference the quantity of a noun or pronoun.

  • Proper Adjectives - We use them to summarize one complete thought in a single word. As the name suggests, proper adjectives are used in place of proper nouns.

  • Demonstrative Adjectives - They comprise words like ‘this,’ ‘that,’ ‘these,’ and ‘those.’

  • Interrogative Adjectives - They are used to ask a question.

  • Indefinite Adjectives - We use them while describing a noun ‘unspecifically.’ indefinite adjectives include words like ‘nobody,’ ‘several,’ etc.

  • Possessive Adjectives - They describe the belonging of an object.

  • Compound Adjectives - They are combined words that modify a noun.

All the exercises on types of adjectives for class 4 students should cover the following topics.

Examples of Adjectives for Class 4 Students

  • Sunita is a beautiful girl. (Here, beautiful is the descriptive adjective)

  • December is the last month of the year. (Here, last is the quantitative adjective)

  • She is your sister. (Here, your is the possessive adjective)

  • Whose sister is she? (Here, whose is the interrogative  adjective)

Interesting Facts about Adjectives

  • You can make adverbs from some adjectives by adding the suffix ‘ly.’

  • William Shakespeare invented a lot of the English adjectives that we use today.

  • An interrogative may look like an interrogative pronoun, but the former modifies a noun or pronoun, and the latter does not.

  • Superlative adjectives are those that show a noun is of the best quality. For example, ‘best.’ 

Learn Types of Adjectives for Class 4 Students with Vedantu’s PDFs 

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  • Vedantu’s PDFs containing adjectives exercises for class 4 students are free to download.

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FAQs on English Grammar Adjectives and Their Kinds for Class 4

1. How are adjectives used in daily life? 

Adjectives help in quickly explaining what you want or to describe the elements easily. Eg: The kind of book you want, like a fiction book. Or the types of places you like to visit, like a historical site. 

2. Is it necessary to use adjectives? 

Yes, it is essential to use adjectives as they are words, which allows us to frame the sentences easily by adding a proper description to them. 

3. Do adjectives help in improving communication? 

Adjectives allow for improving the quality of the information provided by an individual during communications.