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UPMSP Class 12 Physics Question Paper 2020

Last updated date: 28th May 2024
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Class 12 Physics UPMSP Question Paper 2020 - Free PDF Download

The Board of High School and Intermediate Education Uttar Pradesh for the Standard 10 examination (or secondary school level examination) and Standard 12 examination (or inter-college level examination) is Uttar Pradesh state government administered autonomous examination authority. It is situated in Prayagraj, India. In terms of the number of students this board has, it has the tag of Asia's largest board. For 10th and 12th standard, the examination is called the High school examination and Intermediate examination respectively. The High school and Intermediate examinations are conducted all over Uttar Pradesh annually. The Board holds the examinations for nearly 61,00,000 students and prepares their results.

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Competitive Exams after 12th Science

In 1921, the Board was set up in Allahabad by an act of the United Provinces Legislative Council. The first examination was conducted by the board in 1923.  A 10+2 examination system in India has been adapted the very first time by this Board. After 10 years of education, the first public examination is the High School Examination and after the 10+2 stage, there is an Intermediate Examination. Before 1923, the University of Allahabad was the examining body of these two examinations.


The Indian education system fundamentally consists of five years of primary schooling, which is followed by five years of secondary schooling. At the end of the term of study at the secondary school, SSLC must be obtained.

The student is deemed to have completed his basic schooling or basic education after obtaining this certificate. A student wishing to pursue their education further joins a course based on the specialisation they choose, after successful completion of SSLC, which gives them sufficient knowledge to enter a university for two years which is sometimes called a Pre-University Course (PUC). A student may enter a university for undergraduate studies after this period of study.

After obtaining the SSLC, a student may choose to attend an industrial training institute where he/she can be trained in necessary skills for technical occupations. There are other options like joining polytechnic for a three-year course of diploma in engineering and then further pursuing a degree in engineering. There is an option of joining vocational education courses after completing SSLC. Nowadays  SSLC (or equivalent) is required to obtain a passport under Indian government for employment purposes.

As a proof for date of birth, this SSLC certificate was being used as the primary form when registration of births and deaths was not mandatory in India. For those who were born before 1989 according to the MEA website for the Indian civil authorities, it is still a valid form of proof of date of birth to issue civil documents such as passports.

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Help by Previous Year Papers

Previous year papers are found valuable by exam candidates in test preparation. Question papers of previous years are to assess a student's brilliancy and capabilities. Students who generally prepare for competition exams are looking for past papers. To have an idea about the main exam, these question papers will help you. These past papers are generally found by students as websites like Vedantu.

FAQs on UPMSP Class 12 Physics Question Paper 2020

1. How to Analyse Previous Year Question Papers?

The paper's analysation is as important as solving the paper or reading anything else. One should devote more time in analysing the previous year papers first. Only after one has analysed the previous year question paper, that should start the exam preparation.

2. Can Questions get Repeated in the Board Exam?

In an examination, we know that the portion is the same so the questions can also be almost the same. Questions can be twisted in exams. In every exam, few questions get repeated every year.