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UPMSP Class 12 Chemistry Question Paper 2020

Last updated date: 16th Jul 2024
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Class 12 Chemistry UPMSP Question Paper 2020 - Free PDF Download

Students can find the Chemistry syllabus for UP Board Class 12 academic session 2019-2020. With this article, provided by Vedantu, students can access the complete syllabus of Class 12 UP Board Chemistry Syllabus along with other important details for Class 12 Chemistry subject.

Since the previous year 2018-19, students of UP Board class 12 were supposed to take two written exam of Chemistry subject where each paper carries 50 marks, but now due to the change of syllabus, the UP Board class 12 students have to give only one written exam, which comprises of 70 marks with 3 hours time duration.

Competitive Exams after 12th Science

UP Board Class 12 Syllabus Details

  • All the subjects of UP Board will have the NCERT books except for some subjects like Vyavsayik (Business Studies) and Krishi (Agriculture) for both class 10 and class 12.

  • Previously, there were two papers as, Paper I and Paper II, on which each subject in class 12, and now, the new change taken by the UP Board will make a change in the pattern will reduce the time of examination.

  • From this new session of Class 12 Chemistry Paper 2020, there will be only one paper for respective subjects in the final board examination and one paper of all subjects in the plus two for all streams.

  • The UP Board syllabus comprises all the topics to be taught in an academic year, which has been divided as per the academic session. Also, the students can make proper study plans with the help of the syllabus.

Marking Scheme of Class 12th UP Board Syllabus 2020

  • Students first should understand the marking scheme of the UP Board for class 12, which is followed by the board for standard evaluation.

  • Doing this will not only help the students to write an answer according to the scheme given by the UP Board but also help them to manage the writing speed in the examination effectively.

  • There are three streams under the Class 12 UP Board - UP Board 12 Commerce, Arts, and Science.

  • Students should have a look at the Class 12 UP Board marking scheme and the new pattern of UP board for Class 12 for all the subjects in every stream.

UP Board Syllabus Exam Preparation

Let us discuss the syllabus of the Class 12 UP Board for the academic year 2019-2020.

  • The Syllabus for Class 12 UP Board Syllabus Chemistry given in Vedantu will help the students to get a clear idea of the paper and expected questions.

  • The UP Board Exam Preparation Tips helps the candidates to get a good score in board exams.

  • These question papers are designed according to the syllabus prescribed for the current session.

  • Students are advised to make a strategy to prepare for the UP Board Class 12 Chemistry exam.

  • This will help them in preparing themselves for the final examination with a good range of confidence and maturity levels.

Highlights of UP Board

Name of the Exam

UP Board Intermediate Class 12 Exam 2020 or Uttar Pradesh Board Class 12 Exam 2020.

Conducting Authority

Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik Shiksha Parishad, UPMSP.

Mode of Exam

Offline Mode

Level of Exam

State Level

Weightage of Class 12 UP Board Exam

The weightage of the Class 12 UP Board can be given as 70 marks for the written exam and 30 marks for the project work and internal marks. It is advised that students should consider their internal and project seriously.

To get a clear idea about the exam pattern, students can download the Class 12 UP Board model question papers from the official website of the UP Board or from the Vedantu too.

Why Choose Vedantu?

Students, by selecting their learning partner as Vedantu, can get the benefits as follows.

  • Students can avail the academic information such as Question Papers, Question Papers of Last 5 Years, Revision Notes, Exam Pattern, Notes on various Subjects and Topics, and much other information.

  • All these can be downloaded from the official website of Vedantu ( at any time and with free of cost.

  • Student can also attend for the online interactive sessions conducted by the expert and senior-level professors of different subjects.

  • In addition to these, candidates can also get merit scholarships by answering to the questions asked by the teachers after the interactive sessions.

  • The only thing students are supposed to do is to get registered with Vedantu and following the frequent updates.

Preparation Tips of UP Board Class 12 Chemistry

Let us look at some points on how to prepare for the UP Board Class 12 Chemistry.

  • Before going to the main exam, it is advised that students should solve some of the previous year’s question papers.

  • Solving these question papers will make the student more prepared and confident without getting tensed at the time of their examinations.

FAQs on UPMSP Class 12 Chemistry Question Paper 2020

1. Write About the UP Board Class 12 Exam Pattern 2020?

The Class 12 UP Board exam is conducted every academic year in the offline mode. It is to note that there have been a few changes in the UP Board syllabus and UP Board Class 12 exam pattern from the year of 2017-18.

2. Discuss the Changes in Class 12 UP Board Syllabus?

The UP Board (UPMSP) has introduced the NCERT textbooks for all subjects. Due to this implementation in the curriculum, the latest syllabus of 2020 has become shorter compared to the last year. The reason why the UP Board has implemented the NCERT Textbooks is to make sure that students from UP State Board can also compete with the CBSE students.

3. How to Crack the UP Board Class 12 Exams?

It is easy to crack the UP Board Class 12 exams such as Chemistry and other subjects if they have made a strategy to prepare well. Those will be like preparing notes on the important points, formulas, and any other important information, going through such notes twice or thrice before going to the exam or a day or couple before the exam.

4. Mention Some Sites to Download the Previous Year Question Papers of UP Board Class 12?

Students can download the previous year question papers either from the official website of the respective state board, or by directly from, by applying the search filters at the home page.