UPMSP Class 12 Chemistry Question Paper 2020

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Students can find the Chemistry syllabus for UP Board Class 12 academic session 2019-2020. With this article, provided by Vedantu, students can access the complete syllabus of Class 12 UP Board Chemistry Syllabus along with other important details for Class 12 Chemistry subject.

Since the previous year 2018-19, students of UP Board class 12 were supposed to take two written exam of Chemistry subject where each paper carries 50 marks, but now due to the change of syllabus, the UP Board class 12 students have to give only one written exam, which comprises of 70 marks with 3 hours time duration.

UP Board Grade 12 Chemistry 2020 part-1
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Write About the UP Board Class 12 Exam Pattern 2020?

Ans: The Class 12 UP Board exam is conducted every academic year in the offline mode. It is to note that there have been a few changes in the UP Board syllabus and UP Board Class 12 exam pattern from the year of 2017-18.

2. Discuss the Changes in Class 12 UP Board Syllabus?

Ans: The UP Board (UPMSP) has introduced the NCERT textbooks for all subjects. Due to this implementation in the curriculum, the latest syllabus of 2020 has become shorter compared to the last year. The reason why the UP Board has implemented the NCERT Textbooks is to make sure that students from UP State Board can also compete with the CBSE students.

3. How to Crack the UP Board Class 12 Exams?

Ans: It is easy to crack the UP Board Class 12 exams such as Chemistry and other subjects if they have made a strategy to prepare well. Those will be like preparing notes on the important points, formulas, and any other important information, going through such notes twice or thrice before going to the exam or a day or couple before the exam.

4. Mention Some Sites to Download the Previous Year Question Papers of UP Board Class 12?

Ans: Students can download the previous year question papers either from the official website of the respective state board, or by directly from vedantu.com, by applying the search filters at the home page.