TSBSE Class 12 Economics Question Paper 2018

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Class 12 Economics TSBSE Question Paper 2018 - Free PDF Download

HS exams are a pivot turn in one’s career and life. This is where students prioritize their ideal subject and delve further in studying the same in their graduation and masters. They attempt to score the deserving marks in order to secure their foundation in their respective field. The previous year question papers act as a guide for students and help them to build self-confidence. To know the type, the pattern and the correct answers expected by the board, one must surely study these question papers in a full-fledged mode. Download TSBSE Class 12 Economics Question Paper 2018 on Vedantu.

TS Economics- 2018 part-1
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Can I Use the 2018 Question Paper as a Part of My Study?

Ans. Yes, you can take the guidance from the 2018 paper to know the portions the board majorly covered from. Also, this is a previous year question paper hence they can use the same to practice the subject. The paper will set a replica of the upcoming examination paper. Hence, the 2018 paper can be included in the study of the subject.  

2. Is the Question Paper of 2018 Lengthy and Tough?

Ans. Talking about the length of the question paper, this is the usual set pattern that the board follows. If the students find the paper lengthy and impossible to complete, then they should practice writing with the same kind of lengthy question paper with the same examination time to practice writing faster.

Rest, to talk about the toughness of the paper, nothing is actually tough if studied with concentration. The quality of the paper is quite standard for an HS exam.

3. Can I Study Economics in My Higher Studies?

Ans. Economics can be studied at the graduation level as well as in the masters level. The subject is quite lively, and the future of studying this subject is beneficial. The students must understand the base of the subject in their high school studies, like in classes 11 and 12, this will help them to enhance their knowledge based on this stronger foundation.

4. Are Diagrams and Graphs Mandatory after Each Answer?

Ans. The diagrams and the graphs are required to be drawn only in those answers which demand a good explanation with heavy marks. Wherever diagrams are necessary, the students can include the same, as this carries a lot of importance.

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