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TSBSE Class 12 Zoology Question Paper 2020

Last updated date: 12th Apr 2024
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Class 12 Zoology TSBSE Question Paper 2020 - Free PDF Download

BSE Telangana is also known as Telangana Board of Secondary Education or TS BSE. This is an independent department operating under the Ministry of Secondary Education, Government of Telangana. The board is in charge of conducting SSC/OSSC public exams as well as some other minor exams. It also manages the Secondary Board High School.

Competitive Exams after 12th Science

Details of TBSE

  • Board - BSE Telangana

  • TS BSE Full Form - Telangana State Board of Secondary Education

  • Languages - Telugu, English & Urdu

Structure of TNHSC Zoology Question Paper

Before preparing for any exam, understanding its structure is very important. Therefore, let's first understand the structure of TNHSC Question Paper of Zoology which will comprise three sections namely A, B and C. It will cover the zoology course and the paper will be of maximum 60  marks. The time duration given to attempt the question for students is 3 hours. Every year, the TS board Zoology Class 12 question paper pattern is the same.

On the first page of the question paper, students are given a few instructions on how to attempt the TS BSE Zoology question paper. This includes using blue/black ink to write and underline and using pencils for drawing diagrams as the subject Zoology will be easier if defined with diagrams. Also, students should check whether the question paper they have received is fairly printed or not, if there is anything blurry or unclear, they should immediately inform the hall supervisor.

Sections of TS BSE Class 12 Zoology Question

Let’s know more about all the parts of the TS BSE Class 12 Zoology question paper 2020:

  1. Section A consists of very short answer type questions. Having sample papers in PDF format will help students to practice and gain a perfect understanding of the upcoming examination. Each question carries 2 marks. Every answer should at least be of 5 lines.

  2. Section B will consist of short answer type questions. Each question carries 4 marks Every answer should be of at least 20 lines.

  3. Section C will consist of long answer type questions wherein each question carries 8 marks. Every answer should be of at least 60 lines.

Importance of Referring to TS BSE Question Paper

Going through the previous year question papers of TS BSE Zoology Class 12 will boost student’s confidence to attempt the exam in a calm manner. As Class 12 board examinations are very important for a person, it is vital for students to practice the papers from all previous years. It helps them to know what kind of questions are asked and which sections they should focus more on.  Practising and getting up to date with all the questions and answers from the previous year question paper PDF will help students to perform the best. 

Vedantu makes available free PDFs to download for the students.Candidates can study it offline without the internet too. It includes TS BSE Zoology Class 12 past years question papers. It includes a set of sample papers with questions of all the parts, instructions, options, etc. If you wish to score well,  just download Vedantu's PYQP pdf now.