TSBSE Class 12 Commerce Question Paper 2019

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Class 12 Commerce TSBSE Question Paper 2019 - Free PDF Download

The fear of the board exams is natural when a lot is left to be prepared in a short period.  Looking for concise study materials online becomes a major challenge in a short period. However, you made the right choice in visiting us. At Vedantu, you will find solutions to the TSBSE Class 12 Commerce Paper 2019 and also for the previous years’ question papers.

The solutions to the previous years’ question papers increase the student’s ability to understand each step. Students can catch all the concepts with ease. The solutions prepared by our subject experts are ideal for quick and continuous board exam preparation. 

TSBSE Class 12 Commerce Question Paper 2019 part-1
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the Minimum Pass Percentage in the TSBSE Class 12 Commerce Paper?

  • The minimum pass percentage required in the Telangana intermediate board exams is 35%. 

  • The percentage of passing marks in each subject is 35. Students need to get 28 marks out of 80 to clear the theory exam.

2. Explain the Role of Entrepreneurship in Economic Development.

The important role of entrepreneurs are:

  • To set off economic development by starting new businesses 

  • Creating jobs

  • Offering contributions to modifications in the following key roles:

  1. GDP

  2. Exports

  3. Standards of living

  4. Skills and community development

3. Define the Term Legacy.

Legacy is an amount of money or property left to someone in a will.

4. What Are the Tips to Prepare for the Class 12 Commerce Paper?

Our faculties suggest the following tips:

  1. The students must be well-versed with the exam pattern, syllabus, marking scheme, which is available on our website.

  2. The students must stick to the timetable and the study plan.

  3. The students must practice the previous years’ question papers daily because practicing sample papers enhances your preparation level and time management skills.

  4. If you want to download the pqyp of all sets and the sample papers for free, you may register on

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