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TSBSE Class 12 Economics Question Paper 2017

Last updated date: 22nd Jul 2024
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Class 12 Economics TSBSE Question Paper 2017 - Free PDF Download

We at Vedantu have consolidated all the TSBSE Class 12 Economics paper for all the previous years. This article is particularly about Class 12 Economics Board 2017 for Telangana board. 

We have broken down the structure of the examination paper for the students to grasp it quickly and practice accordingly. This question paper is divided into three sections and each section has separate sets of questions.

Class 12 Economics TSBSE Question Paper 2017 - Free PDF Download

Benefits of Solving the Question papers-

  1. Time Management

Students can practice and learn the art of time management and never leave the paper unattended sue to lack of time. However, you would agree that practising for exams is a daunting task, the content is so widely spread and a plethora of resources to read and learn from.  Students generally read everything and then in the exam they give more time to the first half crafting the answers slowly and the other half is then haphazardly done. Solving previous year question papers with a stopwatch will help the student understand the time allocation to each question. 

  1. Confidence

Sometimes just the pattern of the question paper leaves the students overwhelmed and it impairs their performance. Solving question papers make them well aware of the various patterns in which questions are asked.

Points to Remember Before Exam

  1. Marks allotted- 100

  2. Time allowed - 3 hours

Format of the Question Paper

Section A


Section B

5x 8

    Attempt any three

Question 1- Question 5

  • The questions are long answered type and must be answered in 40 lines.

Attempt any eight questions.

Question 6- Question 17

  • The questions are short answerd type and must answered in 20 lines.

Section C


Attempt any fifteen questions

Question 18- 37

  • The questions are very short type and must be answered in not more than five lines.

Why Choose Vedantu?

Vedantu has always been keen to learn better ways to understand the students mind and provide content accordingly. Our subject matter experts have come up with a theory that the more students practice the previous year papers and sample papers perform well in exams. Then we did not leave any stone unturned to collect all the questions papers and our experts have designed sample paper based on the researched data. 

We are constantly trying our best to reach out to maximum students and give them a relying shoulder during the exam stress.