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Chapter-wise CBSE MCQ for Class 10 Social Science

Last updated date: 16th May 2024
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Solve CBSE Class 10 Chapter-wise Social Science MCQs

Class 10 Social Science has an elaborate syllabus covering different topics and fundamental principles related to economics, geography, history and political science. Preparing all these chapters will need a list of multiple-choice questions designed for all the chapters. Download chapter-wise PDF files of MCQ for Class 10 Social Science here and complete your study material. Complete preparing one chapter at a time and solve the relevant MCQs to check your progress.

All the questions in these files have been framed by following the latest Class 10 Social Science syllabus to cover all the chapter-wise topics. Solving these questions will help you focus on the important topics of Social Science and help you prepare for the board exam.

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CBSE Chapter-wise Class 10 Social Science MCQs

There are different types of question patterns followed in the CBSE Class 10 Social Science exam. One such type is the multiple choice question (MCQ). There are four options provided in one question. One of the four options is correct and the rest are incorrect. Students will have to choose the right option to score the full marks allotted for each question.

It is clear that MCQs are not open-ended descriptive questions that demand for elaborate answers. Here, the answers test the ability of a student to remember even the smallest detail of a Social Science topic taught in the Class 10 syllabus. This type of question is set to measure how the students have grasped the wide span of knowledge and objectives of the subject.

Download the MCQ questions for Class 10 Social Science with answers to practise at home and make significant progress. You can use this efficient process to measure your capability and preparation level for this subject.

CBSE Class 10 Chapter-Wise MCQs for Social Science with Answers 

Q.1) Who was the leader of the movement for the unification of Italy?

a) Giuseppe Mazzini

b) Otto von Bismarck

c) Count Cavour

d) Garibaldi

Ans: d) Garibaldi

Q.2) Which among the following countries did not have a colonial presence in Indo-China?

a) France

b) Britain

c) Spain

d) None of the above

Ans: c) Spain

Q.3) Who was the founder of the Indian National Congress?

a) Mahatma Gandhi

b) Jawaharlal Nehru

c) A.O. Hume

d) Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Ans: c) A.O. Hume

Q.4) The term "Globalisation" refers to:

a) The process of creating a global government

b) The process of increasing interconnectedness of the world's economies

c) The process of spreading a particular culture around the world

d) The process of establishing world peace

Ans: b) The process of increasing interconnectedness of the world's economies

Q.5) Which industry was the first to be established in India during the British rule?

a) Textile

b) Iron and steel

c) Jute

d) Sugar

Ans: a) Textile

Q.6) The painting "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon" was created by:

a) Vincent Van Gogh

b) Pablo Picasso

c) Claude Monet

d) Paul Cézanne

Ans: b) Pablo Picasso

Q.7) The first printed book in Europe was:

a) The Bible

b) The Canterbury Tales

c) The Divine Comedy

d) The Prince

Ans: a) The Bible

Q.8) The novel "Robinson Crusoe" was written by:

a) Charles Dickens

b) Jane Austen

c) Daniel Defoe

d) George Eliot

Ans: c) Daniel Defoe

Q.9) Which of the following is a non-renewable resource?

a) Solar energy

b) Wind energy

c) Coal

d) Tidal energy

Ans: c) Coal

Q.10) Which of the following is a biodegradable waste?

a) Plastic

b) Glass

c) Paper

d) Metal

Ans: c) Paper

Q.11) What percentage of the earth's surface is covered by water?

a) 20%

b) 40%

c) 60%

d) 80%

Ans: d) 80%

Q.12) Which is the most important food crop of India?

a) Rice

b) Wheat

c) Maize

d) Millets

Ans: a) Rice

Q.13) Which among the following is not a fossil fuel?

a) Coal

b) Oil

c) Natural gas

d) Uranium

Ans: d) Uranium

Q.14) Which of the following is not a criterion for measuring development?

A) Per capita income

B) Health facilities

C) Education facilities

D) Number of political parties

Answer: D) Number of political parties

Q.15)What is meant by Human Development Index (HDI)?

a) A measure of economic growth

b) A measure of human rights

c) A measure of gender inequality

d) A measure of overall development

Answer: d) A measure of overall development

Benefits of Practicing CBSE Class 10 Social Science Chapter-wise MCQs

Here is the list of benefits you can add to your Class 10 Social Science preparation by practising solving MCQs.

Precision Level

By solving the MCQs, you can prove how efficiently you can remember the topics and concepts of Social Science precisely. It is clear that the probability of scoring full marks for each question is 25% as there are four choices. Hence, 1 out of 4 answers will be correct. It all depends on how precisely you remember the topics.

Escalate your Confidence

Increase your confidence by solving MCQs. The more you score the better you will feel about your preparation. These MCQs designed for all the chapters of this subject will help you develop confidence in the syllabus portion you have studied. Such confidence is not delivered by any open-end questions. Practising solving MCQs will develop a positive attitude to tackle the questions asked in the Class 10 CBSE board exam.

Focusing on Crucial Topics

As mentioned earlier, MCQs are the precise versions of questions that ask for exact answers. There is no step marking. It means you can either score full or no marks at all. This is why preparing for an MCQ test will make you focus entirely on the crucial topics covered in the new syllabus. This is why students download and practise solving MCQ questions for Class 10 Social Science CBSE.

Familiarise with Question Pattern

Get accustomed to solving MCQs at home. Complete one chapter of CBSE Class 10 Social Science at a time and download the respective MCQ PDF file. Solve the questions at home and familiarise yourself with the type of questions asked for the particular chapters.

Work on your Mistakes

Identify the mistakes you commit during solving MCQs beforehand. Practice and work on recovering from these mistakes to be better at solving such questions. Remember, MCQs offer the chance to score full marks and take the cumulative score higher.

Identify Preparation Gaps

Another brilliant benefit of solving MCQs is to identify the gaps in your preparation. For instance, you have a few chapters in an exam syllabus. Follow which questions are causing difficulty in answering. Check the topics from where these questions are set. Revise the chapter and focus more on those topics to make your preparation better.

Download CBSE Class 10 Social Science Chapter-wise MCQ PDF

Find the list of MCQ questions for Class 10 Social Science PDF chapter-wise here and complete your study material. Download the free versions of these MCQs for respective chapters and practise solving them at home. Focus on the development of your concepts by checking the preparation gaps. Work on your concepts and develop a strong command of the chapters of CBSE Class 10 Social Science. This is how MCQs can help you prepare for this subject well and score more in the final exam.

FAQs on Chapter-wise CBSE MCQ for Class 10 Social Science

1. How can I check my preparation for a Class 10 Social Science chapter?

For a quick assessment, try solving the MCQs given here. Take one chapter and solve the questions in the respective file. Compare your answers with the solution and check your preparation level.

2. Where can I find the answers to these MCQs of CBSE Class 10 Social Science?

The solution can be found in the respective files. The correct answers are mentioned under the questions. In fact, the reason or description behind the correct option will also be mentioned.

3. Will I be able to learn time management by solving Class 10 Social Science MCQs?

Give a time-bound test by solving an MCQ file. You will learn to manage your exam time efficiently.