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RBSE Class 12 Physics Question Paper 2020

Last updated date: 16th Apr 2024
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Class 12 Physics RBSE Question Paper 2020 - Free PDF Download

Students who are looking for the best preparation in Class 12 board exams need to realize the consequence of the marking system and the quality and level of questions in exam papers.

  • Vedantu offers the RBSE Class 12 previous year question papers to their aspirants.

  • We, at Vedantu, are the best source that delivers students with the organized marking plans and questions along with answers. The previous year papers and other study materials are helpful for students appearing in the Rajasthan Board Class 12th exam.

  • All these kinds of information are available on the official website.

Vedantu is also providing many articles related to the exam details, etc. that are available on our website for the convenience of the students. We are offering sample question papers for subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

The link is provided below for the students so that they can avail the Physics Question Paper 2020 by visiting our website.

Competitive Exams after 12th Science

Insight to Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education

Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education, as known as RBSE, was established in 1957. RBSE is recognized for its finest liberal record in upholding an excellent level of education in consort with the perfectly progressive prospectus for each class.

The textbooks provided as per the guidelines of the RBSE surely signify the standard of the board. For each class, subject-oriented books are prescribed as per its syllabus and the course is quite enough for the development of knowledge among students of RBSE.

No matter how advanced technology has got, many students still choose textbooks for learning. We understand the importance of textbooks in gaining knowledge and hence, help students to avail quality PDFs of the solutions provided on our website which is completely based upon the syllabus of the RBSE and the textbook oriented concepts.

What Does Vedantu Offer?

At Vedantu, we have set a goal to offer our students with all the essential support for accomplishing the best in their examinations. On our website, we have provided the Rajasthan Board textbooks in PDF format.

Students can access those pdfs by downloading them. Also, by visiting our website, they can prepare for the exams online. We also provide the Rajasthan board 12th exam practice question paper on our website in PDF format.

Why Choose Vedantu for RBSE Class 12 Physics?

Here, at Vedantu, we provide students with the RBSE sample papers. These sample papers consist of different patterns of questions that may be asked in the board exams.

  • The sample papers practice will surely help students to get over their fear of exams and develop confidence while appearing in the exams with a more affirmative mental state.

  • We are working our best for the betterment of students with an excellent level of teaching along with perfect concepts regarding Physics. We appeal to our students to practice the sample papers of Physics which will also help them score higher marks in the board exams.

  • We are completely devoted to the preparation of the RBSE 12th model paper 2020. These are planned according to the pattern of the board exam. Practising the model paper continuously will surely help to determine the difficulty level of questions that will be asked.

Salient Features of RBSE Syllabus

There are numerous benefits to avail study materials from Vedantu’s online platform. We believe in the work of excellence. In this competitive era, students are required to be guided properly so that their knowledge can hold them firm.

Following are the salient features of our materials that prove that we give the best for the RBSE syllabus.

  • Improve the Ability to Manage Their Time: The more you practice the model papers, the more you will be acquainted with time consumption. Efficiency and time management can thus be improved.

  • Take a Step for the Revision: There is a way to revise the total physics course by solving the sample papers.

  • Quality Education: Perfect concepts are given in the PDFs.

  • Gain Confidence: Continuous practice can help boost the student’s confidence level.

Salient features of RBSE syllabus are:  (Table will be updated soon)

RBSE Syllabus for Class 12 Physics


Sub Topics


  • Electric Circuit

  • Gauss's Law and its applications

  • Potential for electricity

  • Capacitors

Current Electricity

  • Electricity Current

  • Electric Circuits

Magnetic effects of Electric current

Magnetism and Properties of Magnetic substances

Electro-Magnetic Induction and Alternating Current

  • Electro-Magnetic Induction

  • Alternate Current


  • Ray Optics

  • Wave Optics

Photoelectric effects and fluid wave

Atomic and Nuclear Physics

  • Atomic Physics

  • Nuclear Physics


  • Electronic Gates

  • Electronic Devices

Electromagnetic waves, communication, and modern physics

  • Modern-day Physics

Ideas on the RBSE Physics

In the first chapter of Physics Electrostatics, we provide PDFs along with the definition, concepts and solved examples. For a glimpse of the concept, Electrostatics deals with the study of stationary electric charges or electric fields.

FAQs on RBSE Class 12 Physics Question Paper 2020

Q1. What do you Mean by Electrostatic Charge?

Ans: The electrostatic charge is a shortage or surplus of the electrons which happens on insulating or ungrounded surfaces. The production of electrostatic charge is with the help of the triboelectric charges. These charges can be produced by friction in-between two surfaces.

Q2. What do you Mean by Optics?

Ans: Optics can be defined as a division of physics that helps to learn about the tendency and properties of light. It also includes the connections with matter and the creation of tools that are used to distinguish it.

Q3. How to Show that Electric Current Generates Magnetic Effect?

Ans: The electromagnetic effect can be developed by the magnetic effect of electric current. When we bring a compass closure to a current-carrying conductor, the compass’s needle gets deviated due to the flow of electricity. This method is meant to show that the electric current produces a magnetic effect.

Q4. What are the Benefits of Vedantu’s Learning Method?

Ans: Vedantu has introduced some aspects that are beneficial for students. These points are as follows:

  • Time relevant study.

  • Assurance of the good results of a student.

  • Build a firm and confident mind regarding the exam.

  • Access our website anytime and read from anywhere via mobile or laptop.