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RBSE Class 12 Chemistry Question Paper 2020

Last updated date: 17th May 2024
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Class 12 Chemistry RBSE Question Paper 2020 - Free PDF Download

RBSE class 12 chemistry question paper 2020 is of great importance for the students preparing for the Rajasthan board examination. This will help students to prepare for the upcoming examination of the Rajasthan board. Practicing questions will help students to clarify the concepts and will also help students to manage the time for solving the questions. This question paper will give students an idea about the number of questions asked from a particular topic and also the weightage of the chapter. RBSE class 12 chemistry question paper 2020 will also help students to know the pattern of the paper and can prepare accordingly. Students can download the free RBSE class 12 chemistry question paper 2020 pdf from Vedantu.

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RBSE Class 12 Chemistry Question Paper 2020

The Chemistry exam for Class 12 under the Rajasthan Board comprises 100 marks, with 30 marks are for the practical and viva paper and 70 marks are for the written exam, which lasts three hours. Solid-state, solutions, electrochemistry, chemical kinetics, surface chemistry, s block, d and f block, coordination compounds, haloalkanes and haloarenes, alcohols, phenol and ethers, aldehyde, ketone and a carboxylic acid, amines, biomolecules, polymers, and chemistry in daily life are among the topics covered in Class 12. Organic chemistry chapters have a high weightage of about 18 marks among these topics. Solving the previous year's paper, which students find difficult to collect, is needed to cover these important topics and understand how they are divided among the question paper. That is why Vedantu is here to assist students with the RBSE class 12 chemistry question paper 2020 so that they can focus on solving the question paper rather than looking for it.

This collection of question papers is an invaluable resource for revising relevant topics and gaining insight into the patterns of questions posed over time. Students will gain faith in their learning and training by practicing RBSE class 12 chemistry question paper 2020. You can try to solve this question paper by downloading it in pdf format, which is attached to this document.

Why Should You Solve the RBSE Class 12 Chemistry Question Paper 2020?

The solving of previous year papers is extremely necessary for students who are preparing for the exam for the following reasons:

  • It assists students in understanding the trend that is followed in board exams. The students gain a thorough understanding of the weightings assigned to various topics, allowing them to devise a study strategy based on this information.

  • Students may practice the RBSE class 12 chemistry question paper 2020 to see what types of questions are asked for each subject. Some topics may be used to ask conceptual questions, while others may be used to ask problem-based questions in exams.

  • Knowing the structure and pattern of the question paper ahead of time by studying previous year papers such as the RBSE class 12 chemistry question paper 2020 aids us in solving the paper smoothly on the exam day and increases and manages your writing pace.

  • Through the RBSE class 12 chemistry question paper 2020 and other papers, you will learn about some key areas that are commonly asked in exams, and you will be able to learn those key areas extensively so that you do not miss any questions related to them.

  • Solving board exam papers from the previous year would help us gain confidence. This is because if we can answer the questions that were asked in previous years, we can solve the question in the examination. After that, we feel well prepared for our tests.

  • Most significantly, completing the actual question paper will assist you in self-evaluation, allowing you to see where you are weak and where you need additional training.

Best Method to Practice

Regardless of whether you are taking your final exam this year or next, the value of the previous year's paper cannot be overstated, particularly in Class 12 Board exams. Since Class 12 is so important for passing with a good grade, and chemistry is both a theoretical and practical subject, you'll need a lot of practice. Practicing questions that occurred in previous board exams would greatly assist the training. You can go over previously asked questions while reviewing the syllabus to see when and how questions are asked, and you can also practice the whole paper for self-assessment and revision at the end.

Along with the previous year's article, you can include revision notes, mock tests for each chapter, and sample articles. This approach to learning this subject in Class 12 will undoubtedly aid you in gaining more information and improving your grades.

Some General Tips For Chemistry Exam

  1. Before you begin your preparation, go over the most recent chemistry syllabus for the year.

  2. Examine previous year's papers to learn about the exam's difficulty level and types of questions.

  3. Each chapter's principles should be thoroughly understood, and each chapter's questions and mock tests should be completed separately.

  4. Give each topic equal weight at first, then divide the topics and your studies according to the weight and value of the topics.

  5. Before taking the final board exams, read all of the directions and keep track of the time limit so that you don't miss any sections of the test.

  6. Before submitting your paper, make sure you've written the question number correctly and that you've double-checked it all.

  7. Step by step, solve the practical problems, and draw diagrams or write formulas where possible.

  8. When you're working on a previous year's paper or a sample paper, treat it as though it were a final main exam in chemistry, and take it seriously and honestly because that's the only way you'll be able to test yourself.

  9. Do not use more than 3 hours to complete the paper because this is the amount of time you will be given in exams.


Students should practice RBSE class 12 chemistry question paper 2020 for a better understanding of all the topics. Practicing more and more questions will make students score good marks in the board exams and will help students to get admission to a better university. This will help the student to know the pattern of examination and also the weightage of all the chapters in class 12. Students can find the previous year’s question paper on the Vedantu website in pdf format. They can download the RBSE class 12 chemistry question paper 2020 free of cost.

FAQs on RBSE Class 12 Chemistry Question Paper 2020

Q1: How to Prepare for the Rajasthan Board Exam?

Ans: Students must read thoroughly all the chapters and for more clarification, they should practice the previous year’s question papers. Also, they should go through the weightage of the chapters given and then prepare accordingly.

Q2: Which is the Most Difficult Chapter in Class 12 Chemistry?

Ans: The organic chemistry of class 12 includes the chapters: haloalkane and haloarene, Alcohol phenol and ethers, aldehyde, ketone, and carboxylic acids and amines. These chapters contain a lot of reactions and thus require a lot of practice.

Q3: What Makes Chemistry so Difficult?

Ans: Chemistry is difficult because it requires a good memory and problem-solving abilities. People who excel in subjects that require memory work, such as biology and history, exist. Another group of people excels in subjects like math and physics that require critical thought and problem-solving skills.