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RBSE Class 12 Economics Question Paper 2019

Last updated date: 29th Feb 2024
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Class 12 Economics RBSE Question Paper 2019 - Free PDF Download

What Does RBSE Stand For?

The full form of RBSE in Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education. It conducts school level education in the Indian state, Rajasthan. It is the state agency of Rajasthan Government with its headquarter in Ajmer. Like all other boards, RBSE Class 12 is an important grade where students put their best foot forward to score the best results. While preparing for the exam, students must practice previous year question papers regularly and get acquainted with the pattern of various subjects. We’ll talk about RBSE Class 12 Economics question paper 2019 in this article so that students will have prior ideas on the kind of question papers they will be facing during examinations.

The instructions provided on the top of RBSE Class 12 Economics question paper 2019 include: all questions are compulsory, students must write each question in the given answer book only and mention the correct student’s roll no. on the question paper. 

The Pattern of RBSE Class 12 Economics Question Paper 2019

The time allotted for Rajasthan Board 2019 Grade 12 Economics question paper 2019 was 3 and a half hours. It was conducted for a total of 80 marks and consisted of 30 questions. The RBSE 2019 Economics question paper has four sections, namely section A, section B, section C and section D. 

  1. Section A includes Question nos. 1 to 10  with 1 marks per question. The word limit of answering these questions is 10 words. Some of the questions asked in this section are about the branch of economics that performs the study of individual units, production possibility curve, the meaning of economy, the meaning of cost, meaning of production, the definition of market, names of two intermediate goods, the meaning of the barter system, the meaning of national income, etc.

  2. Section B includes Question nos. 11 to 18 with 2 marks per each question. The word limit of answering these questions is 20 words. Some of the questions asked in this section include two assumptions of economic analysis, indifference map, monopolistic competition, gross domestic product and its formula to calculate GDP at market price, difficulties in the measurement of national income, aggregate demand, deficit budget, two modes of cashless transactions, etc. 

  3. Section C includes Question nos. 19-27 with 4 marks per each question and the word limit of answering these questions is 30-40 words. Here, the questions are to mention the two features of indifference curve with the help of diagrams, calculation of average revenue and marginal revenue, perfectly competitive market definition, the concept of market equilibrium with the help of the imaginary table, four features of national income, four functions of money, macroeconomic equilibrium with the help of a diagram, marginal propensity and calculation of investment multiplier, objectives of budget, etc.

  4. Section D includes Question nos. 28 to 30 with 6 marks per question and the word limit of answering these questions is 28-30 words. These also have internal choices per question. In this section, the questions included two elements of demand with diagram, price elasticity of demand with diagram, the equilibrium of a firm by total revenue and total cost approach with the help of a diagram, three quantitative methods of credit control, etc.

Knowing the pattern of RBSE Class 12 Economics question paper 2019 is critical. With this, students can now easily understand the structuring of question papers in the upcoming year. Accordingly, they can prepare, practice and build their confidence while appearing in the exams. 

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