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RBSE Class 12 Accountancy Question Paper 2017

Last updated date: 25th May 2024
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Class 12 Accountancy RBSE Question Paper 2017 - PDF Download

RBSE i.e Rajasthan Board Class 12 Accountancy is an important subject for the Commerce stream as per the exam point of view. If your all concepts are clear then you can easily score above 90+ marks in accountancy. RBSE is a state-level board exam and the Syllabus of Class 12th Accountancy subject has five units. Vedantu has provided the solved Accountancy 2017 Question Paper in a detailed manner. 

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RBSE 12th Accountancy 2017 Question Paper - Free PDF Download

We all know Accountancy is one of the challenging subjects of the commerce stream. In every student's mind, there is a fear of calculation and whether their answer is right or wrong. RBSE board students have to put their efforts so that they can get a good percentage in their Rajasthan Board exam of Class 12th. So, download the PDF of the 2017 Class 12 RBSE Accountancy Question Paper and kickstart your preparation. 

Tips to Prepare for RBSE Class 12 Accountancy Exam

In class 12th you all have to appear in board exams along with various competitive exams and many college-level entrance exams but most important among them is Class 12th board which is not that much easy as well all think, getting satisfying marks in board exams is not that much easy as we all think, scoring well is not everyone’s cup of tea but yes you can make this dream alive by making perfect strategy and working hard. well in class 12th board you have to put all your efforts in accountancy as it always creates terror in your mind. Like its name, accountancy always looks like a complex and struggling puzzle full of mathematical calculations like a balance sheet which we all find too difficult to solve.

Apart from clearing your concepts on different topics, you have to practice more number of set papers which will allow you to develop a standard answer forming skills in order to make your answer more attractive and illustrative and apart from this you will also learn time management i.e how much time should be given to that particular question. Students should devote their full concentration to accountancy subjects as it has so many puzzling numericals which make it more difficult in getting them, so the only way by which we can grasp all these concepts easily is by going through all the concepts or topics every day.

Importance of Solving Previous Year Papers

Practice makes a person perfect, so to make yourself perfect in accountancy you have to solve more and more previous year papers along with practice papers. Vedantu provides you with solved Previous Years’ Accountancy Papers along with many solved practice sets.  You can solve more and more practice papers along with previous year papers as all these are available in both offline and online mode. These practice sets are uploaded on Vedantu along with the 2017 Accountancy Question Paper and you can solve it in both online and offline mode.

Pattern of Class 12  Accountancy Question Paper of RBSE Board

Class 12 Accountancy Question Paper marking scheme for Rajasthan Board includes 80 marks for the theory part and 20 marks for internals. The Accounting paper is divided into two parts. Part A is compulsory for all the students. While part B includes two portions with 7 questions in each portion. Consistency or command in the subject is a very important part of preparing Rajasthan board exam.

Why Vedantu?

We at Vedantu provide you with several study materials which will really help you in motivating yourself regarding exam preparation so that you can plan the best time table for you. As soon as you start your preparation for the board exam at a certain point you face several challenges so to overcome all these challenges you need a mentor so we provide you with all our best mentors, who will help you in dealing with these challenges. 

FAQs on RBSE Class 12 Accountancy Question Paper 2017

Q1. What is the Pattern of the RBSE Accountancy Class 12th Question Paper?

Ans. Accountancy Class 12th paper of Rajasthan board has two sections; they are section A, section B. In section A you have to attempt all five questions, they are totally MCQ based, in section B you have to attempt only seven questions from the given questions in all two sections you need to be more particular and should have proper time management as all sections need different time duration based on their marking scheme and word limits. 

Q2. How to Download the Previous Year Accountancy Solved Paper?

Ans. You can download the Accountancy Class 12 Previous year paper from the link on this page and practice as many questions as you want, this will increase your accuracy and writing skill and by doing this, you will score good marks in the Class 12th board exam. Best educators of Vedantu have prepared the practice set paper for you as they give their best to bring the quality of questions in practice set paper. Download the Vedantu app and get ready to practice. Candidates can click on the link provided to download the question paper of 2017 along with solutions. 

Q3. What are the Benefits of Vedantu Previous Year Solved Papers?

Ans. Our top educators have solved the 2017 Accountancy Question Paper in a very concise and descriptive way. From the solved paper you will know how to frame answers in a very concise and descriptive way, which will help you in scoring well in the Rajasthan Board exam. Please note that the solutions provided here may not match your answer as every student writes in their way but the concepts of correct answer are always the same. So keep practising and learning from the Vedantu app.