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RBSE Class 12 Economics Question Paper 2020

Last updated date: 16th May 2024
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Class 12 Economics RBSE Question Paper 2020 - Free PDF Download

What is the Full Form of RBSE?

RBSE stands for Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education and the examinations are conducted for school level education in Rajasthan. RBSE is a state agency of Rajasthan Government which has its headquarter in Ajmer. For every board, Class 12 is an important stage where students put their efforts to perform their best. At this stage, it is best to do regular practice of previous year question papers and be adapted to the pattern of various subjects. RBSE Class 12 Economics question paper 2020 will be explored in this article so that students shall be familiar with the structure and the kinds of questions they can face in the next year’s question paper.

Structure of RBSE Class 12 Economics Question Paper 2020

Students were given three and a half hours to complete the Rajasthan Board 2020 Grade 12 Economics question paper. The paper was for a maximum of 80 marks and comprised 30 questions.

  • The first eleven questions i.e. 1 to 11 were short answer questions such as the meaning of supply, stock, depreciation, Gross investment, balanced budget, limitation of sources, etc. Each correctly answered question would fetch 1 mark.

  • Questions No. 12 to 18 of RBSE Class 12 Economics question paper 2020 were for 2 marks each and students could answer it in a few sentences. Questions related to the subject asked in this section were drawing a budget line diagram, two features of perfect competition market, calculation of net national product at factor cost from net national product market price, the concept of aggregate supply, supplementary budget, BHIM app, etc.

  • Questions No. 19 to 27 were for 4 marks each. Some questions were divided into two different parts with 2 marks each i.e. 2*2. Some questions were not split into parts, the marks being 1*4. Examples are the explanation of the induced investment with the help of a diagram and explaining any four limitations of credit creations. Other questions asked were the importance of budget as an instrument of economic policies, a step taken by the Government under the fiscal policy, definition and formula of gross domestic product at market price, four features of monopolistic competition, the equilibrium price in the shun-period market in perfect competition with the help of a diagram, etc.

  • The last section (Question no. 28 to 30) of RBSE Class 12 Economics question paper 2020 was for 6 marks each, also divided as 2+2+2 or 4+2. Some of the questions in this section were about the demand curve and shift in the demand curve to the right and left with the help of diagrams, complementary goods and substitute goods, explanation of the effect of the increase of price on the demand of these goods with the help of diagrams, the long-run average cost and long-run marginal cost with the help of diagrams and three functions of the central bank.

This is all about the pattern of RBSE Class 12 Economics question paper 2020. By having a look at this, students can easily understand the structuring of question papers in the upcoming year. Thus, they can work on exam preparations and attain confidence for appearing on the final day of exams.

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