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RBSE Class 12 Economics Question Paper 2018

Last updated date: 12th Apr 2024
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Class 12 Economics RBSE Question Paper 2018 - PDF Download

Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education (RBSE) gives affiliation to the students of Rajasthan. The state board conducts exams in two modes: English as well as Hindi. In 2018, the board conducted its usual Class 12 boards examination for Commerce students. The access to the 2018 question paper is allowed to every student so that they get help from this. The board highlights academic excellence for the last four decades and thus it is recommended to students to pursue their study from this board.

RBSE Class 12 Economics Question Paper 2018

A determined student will always attempt to solve previous year question papers before the exams. Commerce students can get easy reach to the 2018  2018  question paper of Class 12 economics. This question paper sets a measure for their preparation level. Students should be well acknowledged about the question pattern and the type of questions to be asked by the RBSE. As this is a high standard paper, the board claims that the questions may get repeated in upcoming examinations to be conducted by the board. Without further ado, let us know about the question pattern followed by the board in 2018 and also other information related to the examination.

Question Paper Pattern

  1. The question paper is divided into 4 sections.

  2.  Section A contains 10 questions of 1 mark each.

  3. Section B consists of 8 short answer questions of 2 marks each.

  4. Section C has a total of 9 questions, 4 marks each (all the questions are compulsory to attain).

  5. Section D is an opt-out question set of 3 questions; students need to attempt only one question from each set. A student must attempt 1 question (from each set) and that will be a total of 3 questions from section D.

  6. Section D has 3 long answer type questions of 6 marks each. (3x6=18)

Checklist Before Exam 

Students are suggested to follow a list of things to do before the exam, which will enhance their preparation

  1. Study From the Textbook: Students should first study their main textbook to know the subject matter extensively.

  2. Learning and Practicing: Students should learn and practice together in order to keep the lessons fresh in mind. They can include solving question papers in their studies.

  3. Revise: A student should revise what he has learnt so far and check his ability to solve the question paper. He/she can take the question paper as a measure to check his solving capability and this will fulfil the task of revising.

  4. Solve Past Question Papers: Students must solve the question paper before the exam so that they get to know the question pattern before-hand. This is a necessary step to follow for every student as this will boost up their confidence before the exam.

How to Attempt the Question Paper

The question paper should be attempted by students with utmost practice. The question paper is pretty lengthy and students need to complete the paper comprising four sections within 3 and a half hours. Students need to write their answers appropriately and neatly  in the exams. Students need to improve their writing speed. They are advised to study the previous year papers and try to solve the complete paper within the prescribed time so that they can learn how to manage their time in exam. Before answering the questions, students should fill their correct roll no. on the question paper. 

Students are further instructed to continue the other half of an answer from the main answer itself rather writing them separately and losing marks. The question paper also mentions if there is any contradiction in the questions translated in Hindi with the same questions translated in English, the Hindi translation shall prevail in that case. This simply means a student should consider the Hindi questions if in doubt of the questions in either of the two languages. Lastly, approximate word counts are also mentioned  in the question paper that have to be maintained by students while writing the answers.

FAQs on RBSE Class 12 Economics Question Paper 2018

1. What is The Passing Criteria in This Exam in The Year 2020?

The board has kept the minimum passing marks to 33% in each subject to pass the examination. This was declared by the board’s grading system on 13th  July 2020, as per the sources.

2. What is The Crucial Factor to Be Kept in Mind Before Sitting for The Exam?

A student should be well-equipped with their writing speed in particular. Also, they should have the ability to complete the 6 marks long answer questions properly. This can be achieved with a lot of writing practice and also referring to the past year question paper to know the pattern and the questions as well.

3. Is RSE Class 12 Economics 2018 Paper a Standard Question Paper to be Followed by the Students in 2020?

This is definitely a standard question paper to be followed in the upcoming year. This is a standard question paper with chances of questions getting repeated, as claimed by the RBSE board.